Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Sunday, 17 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.116 - CRIME WATCH - Suspicious slow moving car.

From the Desk of A Resident.
Dear Residents,

The Truth.
This morning my lovely neighbours looks out of their window and saw a modified white car moving very slowing around the neighbourhood Jenaris Precint around 9.30am (Saturday 16th May,09) and immediately sms to me:

"Pls contact botanic guard or whoever, to inform one modified car, white colour, number AAA XXXX or XXXX. This car keep surrounding our housing area with a super slow speed. Be alert of this car who surrounding around."

I immediately contact Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral, as well as my bosses in the BBRA (The President and Vice President & Other Committee members). Then I took a drive back home from my office and wrote out the suspected car's registration number on pieces of papers and passed to the guards at the Jenaris and Angsana Precint. Already the guards told me they have received the numbers via Walkie Talkie from their Center, and have already sent their fellow members to rounds all the areas. Even one guard (on his rounds signing the Clock in Book at another resident's house) which I stopped to pass on the information, told me that this should be the correct way. All residents must be alert and proactive to inform them of anything suspicious. They need residents support and information too and fast. He thank me for informing him. He says he is already aware with calls from his HQ.

Later my BBRA Vice President Jacob Mathews inform me at about 11.50pm that the KKS Mr Veera have located the suspected car and is found to belong to a resident of Bandar Botanic. He then told me to ignore the alert, but continue vigilant for suspicious car moving in Bandar Botanic.

It is a Wild Goose Chase after all - but how are we to know it is another resident's car and why it is slowly circulating around our houses behaving very suspiciously. Is it possible that a thief could have stolen a neighbour's car? Or is it possible that all of a sudden after all these years, the residents suddenly wants to admire the other residents' houses. Crazy isn't. With all these houses break-ins recently, residents like us are apprehensive and fearful of strangers.

Personally, I have also sms a number of other residents around my areas as well as other Precints areas to inform their family to be alert.

I would consider this exercise "not a waste" as it serves to reminds us continue to be alert at all times not only for ourselves but also to our good and silent neighbours near and far.

I would like to advise all residents to be alert for suspicious cars like the case above. Do not care whether they are the real thieves or not, just call the Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral or BBRA Committees or the police and they will responds fast. In my case I call KKS and BBRA. The BBRA immediately also called KKS and the Police. You will not accuse of giving false information as it is an alert and you are doing your duty as a responsible resident. I believe the BBRA will support you and back you all the way. Give the KKS and the police some work. They loves catching the thieves. It's their duty.

The Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral Numbers are: 03-33748783 or 012-6333521

The BBRA Vice President(Mr Jacob Mathews):012-2020369

Be Alert Always


Ben Phang said...

I say this for a fact. Many a times I drive my car slowly round our Bandar Botanic neighborhood looking at houses and their renovations. I really hope the guards do not mistake me for a 'suspect'.

Saras said...

Dear BBRA,
I enjoyed driving my car casually and very slowly around our area and I would be alarmed if the guards were to stop me. You just cannot generalize and tell the community to behave in such a hostile manner. On the contrary, you should allocate more articles to encourage good neighborliness rather than posting such negative suggestions.

Andrew Sum said...

Saras,Of course the guards would not stop you as you are a respectable lady. Even if 2-3 burly men were to be driving around, the guards would not stop them. Perhaps they took note, perhaps. This is an open gated community, as they would all say. The guards would not have checked if not for the urgent sms received from another frighten resident lady. With continuous houses break-in, I don’t blame the frighten lady. Preventions are better than throwing cautions to the wind and risk another break-in. Those who have not experience any robbery does not know the real fear, hurtful, and sorrowful feelings deep down in their heart. Some houses which the robbers broken into, the residents cried due to helpless fear and deep sorrow. I have been to their houses to console them, I know. The house in Bungor, the residents were tied up. Luckily the robbers did not hurt them.These are the truth of life, and the truth hurts sometimes. Let us be more aware not only for ourselves but for our neighbours near and far.

Selva said...

Sorry BBRA but such truth and proposition is really in bad taste. Calling for fellow residents to be on the watch out is correct but we have to be careful in not spreading distrust and disharmony. In trying to sow good we need to be mindful of the pitfalls in calling for careless assessment and sowing hatred.

Charlie said...

I agree we all must be alert but we must let common sense prevail and not be sicken to the extent that we live in constant fear and be paranoia. This was a case of mistaken identity and the VP confirmed it, yet you still maintained righteousness regardless and continue to vouch for such action. Can BBRA rightfully support such action? Giving false info without checking facts can be detrimental to our neighborhood. Please exercise caution.

Ang said...

Sincerely, it must be a sad story publishing for this blog. Damn if you do, damn if you don't. Some folks don't like to read negative stuff, while some do want the whole truth. Some want it to be rosy, maybe they can quickly sell their property once the value is up. Some have already made this their retirement home and have no where else to go. Some do not even care as long as it is not them who get robbed or house broken in.

As for me, I would like to know the truth as I can judge for myself what to do next. It is better I know that something is happening than living in a state of denial imagining it is all rosy. You may not share this view, but please respect it as mine own. If a community member lives in fear, and needed to confirm a "suspicious car" circling the neighbourhood, what is wrong if we check and ease her or his worry? For those who do not wish to help, please ignore your neighbour's plight. Similarly, as a neighbour I too will not entertain your "queries" one day.

What comes around goes around. Andrew, you are very helpful indeed and I would be happy to highlight any irregularity to you just to confirm that a housewife like me can ease my faint-heart!

Banjit said...

There are always pro and con to a subject. Differences in approaches and interpretation will always be there. At the end of the day, it is morality, sound mind and pure common sense that will prevail.

Nobody is denying that we residents should be on the alert and neighbors should watch out for one another BUT should we be paranoia or panicky to the extent that the writer is suggesting. It was a false alarm and yet he continue to justify and urge others to be in that bad state of mind. If BBRA can honestly support such irrational thinking, then I believe Bandar Botanic residents really really need HELP.

Louis said...

Your point well taken. Though some may take it as paranoia, the main message is loud and clear. We have to be on the alert for suspicious characters and even if mistakes are made, hard luck. It is better to be mistaken than sorry. I share and support your stand even if others have their right to differ.

Ben Phang said...

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
Your comments and concerns noted and appreciated. What is important is the honorable and well intention of this article. Andrew is BBRA's blog administrator and as fellow committee members, we will stand by his posting. As residents, it is incumbent of us to watch out for one another and be alert for our fellow neighbors. Together we will overcome.

Sunny Ho said...

Dear friends and neighbours,

This is how i look at it. To me this action taken by our fellow friends and neighbours are good. This means that we still care for each others safety. With all of us working together, not only leaving it to the security guards, and when this type of information is spread out and known, people will think twice before they do something in our neighbourhood. To me, I would say thank you and everybody please keep you the good work.

RICKY said...

Dear BBRA,
I'm support the move of BBRA & securities to alert on this those who comments and complaint what if the real incident occur???Is too late to take action already!!!WE SHOULD BE MORE ALERT AS WELL AS GIVE SOME GOOD IDEA FOR THE NEIGHTBOURHOOD GOODS.....NOT JUST COMMENT AND LEAVE IT TO BBRA AND SECURITIES....!!!WE SHOULD HAVE RESPONSIBILITY IN OUR HOME IN THE GARDEN 'BOTANIC'...!!!

Charlie said...

Well said! Ricky.
Stand out and be counted. Hopefully more residents will come forward and support BBRA. We all know too well that we have responsibilities but how many residents will stand out? However if comments are fair and constructive, why not. Its the negative and nonsense ones that we must ignore.