Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.121 - Concrete walls to deter motorcyclists.

Dear Residents,
On 11,May,2009, we have written to Mr Goo of Gamuda to request them to block off the entrances and bridges to deter motorcycles from entering.
On 27th May,2009, Mr Goo and his managements were at the sites for some inspections, and to study on our request.

In the words of our Vice President Mr Jacob Mathews:Attached are the few pictures of meeting held at the BB park by senior office bears from TMO and MPK at 1030 am today. I was curious about the gathering and joined the discussion on behalf of BBRA. This meeting was the result our letter to TMO for blocking the bridges and entrances for motor cycles. Also can be considered as follow up from the last BBRA meeting with TMO and MPK.
Initially MPK was concerned about the movement of wheel chair for handicap people. Later after open discussion for a while, the MPK and TMO had close discussion to conclude the meeting at the park. I am not sure what was the out come.
On behalf of BBRA, I have insisted the 2 extreme ends must be blocked for motor cycle movements. I think, both parties gathered there may not have enough xxxx to implement the our suggestion. We are posting these pictures in our blog with above information for residents awareness.
Jacob Mathews, Vice President-BBRA
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 2:55 PM
What our letter dated 11th May,2009 to Mr Goo of TMO says:

Hi Mr Goo Chee Kang,
Property Management,
Harum Intisari Sdn.Bhd.
Monday, May 11, 2009 2:29 PM
Dear Mr Goo,

Re: BBRA's request to bult a concrete wall at the western end of the lake and bollards at the 3 bridges. These is with reference to the Minutes of the Lake Meeting on 28th March,2009 with the relevant authorities.

With reference to my friendly visit and our cordial conversation pertaining to the above issues on 7th May,09 at 0900 hrs , I on behalf of BBRA would be like to request TMO on the followings:

1) To Construct a Concrete Wall.
To construct a concrete wall 2 feet high (1 feet would be too low) at western end of the lake, to deter motorcyclist from entering the path-walkway. Since you are constructing a 2 feet high concerete wall, I think that it is not necessary for an open entrance with a double horizontal iron bars. Instead, a better idea would be to built a few concrete steps at the concrete wall for citizens from the flats area to walk over. This would save extra costs on the horizontal iron bars.
2) To construct concrete bollards at the northern and southern ends of the 3 bridges.

To construct concrete bollards to deter motorcyclists from crossing from the northern side of the bridge to the southern side of the bridges. This would ensure the safety of the residents who uses the 3 bridges.

On behalf of the BBRA, we wish to thank you for your good cooperations and hope the above two items can be fulfilled by TMO.
Andrew Sum-Blog Administer-BBRA.


Ang said...

Did I read your posting right?

"I think, both parties gathered there may not have enough fund to implement the our suggestion." Two parties here meaning MPK and TMO have not enough funds?

TMO has not enough funds? This is the biggest joke and an insult to their organization, GAMUDA LAND! The company who can spend on many, many advertisements when they want sales. Even putting a giant BILLBOARD (both sides) heading and returning along the north south expressway after Sg Besi Toll.

But not enough money to erect simple walls and bollard? Please BBRA, show them that it does not take much to erect bollards at our park and PUBLISH the bill.

This is ridiculous. Shame on you Gamuda Land!!!

Andrew Sum said...

I am glad that TMO Mr Goo acted on my letter and gets his Managements and MPK to have a look at the site. I would surely like to believe that it is only an assumption as it is only hearsay,the word...'I think' is noted. I still have my faith in Mr Goo, that even if MPK backed out, TMO will go ahead and implement.Lets wait and see.

Jacob said...

I agreed with Andrew's comments. TMO is taking the intiative for solving the Motorcycle problem in BB park and we all should give them some time to work with MPK for solutions.
The comment posted was based on assumption that budget contrains do exit in most of the organisations especially during world economic recession.

Andrew Sum said...

I have visited Mr Goo at TMO this morning. As promised, TMO will go ahead to erect a concrete wall at the lake end near Phase 8 to deter motorcycles from entering.TMO will soon be giving out the tenders for this constructions. Its good news indeed.
With regards to the concrete bollards at the 3 bridges, it seems there is opposition from MPK who wants to free the bridges for handicap persons in wheelchairs to cross. Having bollards would obstruct the wheelchairs from entering. This bollards matter is still being discuss and temporary set aside pending consideration of other options.

Andrew Sum said...

I would like to sincerely thank resident Ang for being concern about this issue. It is a natural and good thing to do.BBRA needs more people like you to be alert and reminds us when the needs arise. Sometimes, BBRA too have a little dusks in their eyes and needs a 3rd party to clear them up so that they can see more clearly. Then actions can proceed. I consider it good cooperations from a resident.Best regards.

RICKY said...

Dear All,
Am strongly support to put concrete walls to block any motocycle flow in the jogging track...because...
1)Safety of people who r jog on the track must be protect...
2)We must caution to security guard use bicycle instead of motocycle by entering the track---the 1st action we must initiate...
3)Caution board must be putting in several entrance as a standard procedure.

We hope the process by process to tackle this problem is long term,is not a short time becuase we must consider after putting the concrete walls maybe there are still motocyclist using other way to enter...!!!keep up the good job!

My Kiasu said...

Seriously, would the concrete wall deter motorcyclist from entering the Park? May be through that section, it would succeed but there are so many entrances, legal and illegal that motorcyclists can access the Park. Why then put up the concrete wall? The negative impact will be the impression given to residents in the low and medium cost flats that they are not welcome to the Park. The Berlin Wall has come down and here we have the high and mighty trying to segregate the haves from the have-nots. Advisable for TMO and BBRA to rethink this.

AU said...

Dear My Kiasu. Surely TMO had their plan for erecting the concrete wall and flats residents accessing of the park had been taken into considerations. BBRA need to view the plan and put in more suggestions to TMO on other entry points (legal or illegal as you put it). The main purpose for the wall barricates is to prohibit motorcycles from accessing the walkway/jogging track to avoid accidents & mishaps. It is only 2 ft high and look at the bright side, residents can sit around the concrete wall for chatting too. Be more supportive and think safety for residents and your family members when they are using the park.

Andrew Sum said...

I am willing to speak to Mr Goo of TMO to cancel the concrete wall if Mr My Kiasu or anyone can come up with a better plan to deter dangerous motorcyclists using the Walkway Path. No problem with me.
The cost of building the concrete wall is not cheap and MPK has rejected having a share in it, indicating Costs. Much time and energy has been spent on getting Mr Goo to agree to building the Concrete 2 feet Wall. The wall will have suitable steps on both sides to cater to the low and medium costs residents there and allow them to cross. I had specifically asked Mr Goo to prepared the steps as the low and medium cost residents are also part of Botanic garden. I assure you we have in no way left out those low and medium costs residents knowing that a lot of them are now coming into the path for a walk. Personally, I have also met some of them and they say they are against the motorbikes speeding into the walkway.We are also thinking of their safety too.

I am open to suggestion. There is still time as tender have not been given out yet to contractors by TMO.