Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.115 - Open Burning affecting Bandar Botanic residence with haze.

An Open Letter from a Resident to YB Charles office of MPK, with copy YB Ronnie Liu and to BBRA.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 8:46 AM

To: "mpklang" <>
Cc: "liu.ronnie" <>,
Dear Yang Berhormat Mr Charles,cc: YB Ronnie Liu,cc: Andrew Sum (Bandar Botanic Residents Association)

Hope all is well.

I write to you in hope that something can be done with the rampant open burning that has been taking place on a daily basis at early mornings at Kg Johan Setia and Kg Kebun, area in Klang. Since last week, the daily burning has started at around 5am and ends by 8am.Everyday as I traverse KESAS from Bandar Botanic to Petaling Jaya at 7am, a thick plume of smoke is visible at Kg Johan Setia.

Now that the dry spell is in, the situation has worsen as wind directions have blown the smoke to Bandar Botanic and its vicinity. It was so bad today that I woke up this morning thinking that my house was on fire. For your information, I have made a telephone report to En Azman, from DoE, at 8:15am this morning. He said he will look into the matter but could not promise any outcome.

Please help us and this state rid irresponsible farmers and plantations of open burning for good! The hazards that open burning causes to the environment may already be irreversible!

A Concern Bandar Botanic Resident


Lim said...

The Rancangan Kehijaun was put forth by the previous state government where land plots of 1 to 2 acres were given to so called settlers or farmers but as can be seen, after more than 10 years, most owners did not plant anything. Most have sold off while those who who hold on do not even know where their land is. Many of these lands have been 'occupied' by foreigners who cultivate the land and burn the harvested crop in preparation for new planting. It is just a real shame that matters like this are happening in Johan Setia.

Ang said...

Hi Lim,

Thank you for the brief history on the shady land deal in Kg Johan Setia. I read something similar a year ago in the papers when it was also burning during the month of May. It is indeed a sad and sorry state that they choose to operate in.

But what I cannot understand is how come the TRUE villagers have not raised any objections to this blatant health and environmental hazard caused by open burning? Are they happy to live like that? Considering that if they are from the poorer background, surely there must be some way to help them?

Lim said...

Seriously, there is a limitation to what the MP for Klang or Adun for Pandamaran and Port Klang or for that metter, MPK or JAS or any other authority can do. Year in year out, the illegal farmers will continue to burn the land for recultivation.

The Federal Govt. and Immigration must introduced stiff penalties like "whipping before deportation" while the State Government must confiscate all "burning" land from owners. Such drastic penalties will ensure the stopping of any further burning. We should not deemed this situation lightly as it is not just a case of trespassing but an "invasion" by foreigners on our soil and burning our land and "gassing" Malaysians.

Ben Phang said...

It always the same old story said and repeated over and over again. It not that the authorities are helpless to act but what's the point in arresting the illegals and give them a free ticket home. They have a nice balik kampong holiday and the same illegals are back again in a month or so cultivating the illegal land.

The land in Johan Setia were given out by the previous government for the sole purpose of cultivation or farming. Since the lucky owners did not used the land for the purpose the land was given, the present PR government should take back all the land and award to Malaysians who genuinely would cultivate the land. Its the right and proper thing to do, that is if the new PR government is up to it.