Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 28 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.122 - Barriers and Barricades to stop motorcycles.

Barriers and Barricades to stop motorcycles.
(Contributed by A Resident from Phase 6)


Below is a clipping of today's article in NST's Street's section. It features the use of Barriers and Barricades to stop the menace of motorcycles entering side lanes to prevent snatch thefts and muggings. It was erected by the Bangsar Baru Residents Association (also BBRA). We would like to highlight it as a measure that we can adopt for our Park to prevent crazy motorcyclist from using the park as a race track.

No barrier to residents' joy
2009/05/25 The New Straits Times - Dawn Chan

KUALA LUMPUR: The barricades are up in Bangsar Baru and residents are happy with them.
The Bangsar Baru Residents Association (BBRA) has given City Hall a pat on the back for responding swiftly to their request to put up the barriers at the side lanes to prevent snatch thefts and muggings.Association honorary secretary Prem Kumar Nair said City Hall workers started installing the barriers early last week, a mere two months after the association came up with the proposal.A total of four side lanes connecting Jalan Telawi and Jalan Terasek 4 are no longer accessible to traffic. Streets had reported on April 9 about plans to turn Bangsar Baru, one of the city's most popular neighbourhoods, into a tightly-guarded and gated community.The move, which includes the closure of some of the lanes, has been proposed as one of the ways to curb snatch thefts and muggings in the area, especially in the side lanes and back lanes around the busy Jalan Telawi business centre.The BBRA security committee had put forward four proposals to combat the rising crime rate following discussions between the police and residents.The other proposals include having an additional permanent closure of the entry point into Jalan Telawi 7 and 8 and Lorong Terasek Kanan from Jalan Telawi. It was suggested that gantries should be installed with guards manning them round the clock. The committee also proposed barricading eight entry points in Jalan Terasek, Jalan Terasek 7 and 8, and Jalan Telawi 6, 7, 8 and 9, with gantries placed at each of these entry points, including one in Lorong Terasek Kanan.There were, however, concerns that some of the proposals would cause further traffic congestion and add to the parking woes in the area.


My Kiasu said...

Do TMO or MPK read our BBRA news? Would not a simple letter or an email to them be more effective?

Lets not link the issue at Bangsa Baru to Bandar Botanic. The only thing in common is we have the same abbreviation, BBRA. In this article the barriers and barricades were put up in the entrance of back lanes along the busy business centers. In resolving the problem, another problem arises - further cause of traffic congestions and parking woes.

"No barrier to residents joy" is more appropriate. In resolving a problem, lets be mindful that we do not create barriers and barricades to segregate the community.

Asst Admin said...

To My Kiasu,

You have some fair comments on not placing barriers to prevent motorcycles from entering the park. But you have not shared your two sen as to how to prevent motorcycles from racing in our park?

You sound like you have a lot of energy to burn. Why not offer your assistance to the community through BBRA? We would love to tap your ideas for the betterment of all Botanic residents.

AU said...

The article posted here is just an example. The situation with Bangsar and Botanic may be different but the aim is the same to prevent & reduce accidents and mishaps. By putting the 2 ft wall barricade at certain illegal entry points does not "segregate" residents from using the park but to prevent motorcyles racing on the walkway causing uneasy feelings and accidents to the users. Residents and non residents of Botanic can still enter the park and enjoy it. I see no reasons to cry foul over the wall barricades for the betterment of Bandar Botanic residents.

Andrew Sum said...

Dont worry Mr My Kiasu, we will listen to your direct and honest views. Any suggestion is always welcome. BBRA,TMO & MPK always have the low & medium cost residents in mind as they are also part of the Bandar Botanic Garden. The 2 feet high concrete wall at Phase 6 will have some safety steps on both sides for the residents there to cross safetly as many low cost & medium cost senior citizens and residents are coming into the lake for a walk, which is a healthy and happy sign. We welcome them most happily. We are all in one big family. No doubt about that.

My Kiasu said...

Dear Andrew,
It takes a good writer to look things in a positive manner and I salute you. All things considered, the proposed wall at the far end of Phase 6 is a good thing purpose built to encourage motorcyclists to use the proper entrances when visiting the lake. Viewing things in perspective will be a positive sign for the BBRA Blog and will encourage more visitors.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Mr My-Kiasu, a thousand prayers and a thousand thanks to you. I am only a small man in BBRA. You are very honourable and honest and frankly direct. I appreciate that quality. All I can ask is do give my bosses in BBRA some time.They are planning something which cannot be mentioned in the blog.