Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 4 June 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.125 - An open letter from a resident

An open letter from a resident to the citizens of Bandar Botanic.
We have recently received a letter from an anonymous resident and we wish to publish it to shows that we are open and the committee post is for anybody who are willing to sacrifice their time and energy the least. Lets us see what will be the comments from the resident.
- BBRA Management.

Dear Residents,

Recent issues have surely got all of us heated up and running for cover. Some have even started to blame others for things that are beyond their control. I would like to urge all residents to stand up and be counted, instead of throwing stones when they themselves are not perfect. Remember the saying, "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones".

On hindsight everyone can have a chance to act as a genius. But before that no one takes any decision or says anything about the situation, which is typical of Malaysia. Take Botanic for example, every one has their opinion but when asked to stand up and be counted, 90 percent complaint that they have family issues, time constraints, health problems, and blah, blah, blah! Some even 'kiamsiap' or 'kedekut' to pay RM20 for entry and a further RM24 a year.

Use your right and elect proper people to represent your area, your community, your state and country! If you are not happy now, don't blame others if you never exercised your right to vote for office bearers! People should understand that there is an AVENUE for everything. Talk is cheap what more even cheaper to gossip. If your area rep is not performing, voice it out, get him to answer to your residents! But please do not just send negative criticism that two sen cannot even buy an ice-cream potong.

Some people are now unhappy that their office bearers are not up to their standard. But who elected and voted for them in the first place? All decisions made by them are voted for by the majority, standard procedure to any association. You can by all means do a check on the issue and I am sure this matter on barricades would be there in one of their minutes.

Water always finds its level. What goes around comes around. To those people who want to see changes, come, let's do it, I also want to see change. If you can go round-up the neighborhoods and with your new majority go and call for an EGM meeting then why wait, quickly change the committee lah! What so hard.

Let's be realistic. There is only one Residents Association in Bandar Botanic. If the residents do not want to even join and exercise their right to whom should represent their community, what is there to talk? We get what we deserve: a divided community that is easily torn up. You can boycott, gossip, do what ever you like but it will only reflect on your failure to exercise your right and more obviously a mirror of your "Me, Myself, and I" first attitude?

So who's the selfish one now? Me who tries to get your vote for a better tomorrow or you who do nothing but blame others? Ask yourself what would happen if every BBRA committee member did the same? Criticize and do nothing?

Don't waste your time trying to change others. You must be the change you wish to see in others.

Resident of Bandar Botanic
Tuesday, June 2, 2009 17:09:37


AU said...

This is a good comment from "resident" and would fully support the comments. Would urge and invite this "resident" to come forward and serve in BBRA committee to do the "walk & talk".
Just to mention, in Bandar Botanic, we have at least 4 groups known to me currently representing the citizens of BB. 1st our BBRA, second is a self group under Mr George of P2 called BBRCC, 3rd we have those residents in Palma flats called PPPP - Persatuan Penduduk Pangsapuri Palma and lastly on the forming is PPAB - Persatuan Penduduk Ambang Botanic. I don't know about the midium costs flats or apartments whether have they also formed their own associations.

Jimmy said...

I think there is another one at Phase 9. So many leaders but sadly so very few followers. By-standers plenty. Its a fact of life.

Ang said...

Five RAs. So does that mean the RA that envelopes the lake has to shoulder the responsibility of the lake and park?

Residents of phase 1 to 6 cannot get into the gated communities of Ambang, phase 9 and the MCA (medium cost apartment). I do not think they would want to go to the LCA as well. But all can get in to phase 2 to 6 through the park.