Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 5 June 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.127 - The 4th Cordial Visit to TMO

The 4th Cordial Visit to TMO
Contributed by Andrew Sum

On 4th June,2008 at about 3.45pm in the afternoon, I made another cordial visit to Mr Goo of TMO. The following were discussed amicably:

The Low Concrete Wall at Phase 8: We have discussed about the concrete wall to be built. According to Mr Goo, a quotation has already been given out and he expects the contractors to come back within 1-2 weeks time. Then they will proceed with the construction. Mr Goo then took me for a site visit to Phase 8. The concrete wall will be about 2 feet high; there will be steps on both sides for the residents of Low & Medium Cost Flats to cross. Residents can also easily carry their bicycles across using the steps. But motorcycles are too heavy to be carried across. Facing the Lake, to the right will be show low mounds of earth. To the left of the concrete wall is a drain. The concrete wall is between both. Mr Goo says the steps are placed conveniently at the lowest lever for easy access for residents.

4 Lamp Posts next to basketball court not functioning: I have spoken to Mr Goo on resident Mrs Teh FL’s highlight in the BBRA Notice Board. Mr Goo says those are metal halie bulbs. No problem, his workers will look into it. Also, this morning at 6.20am when I went for a morning walk, I went to inspect the Basket Ball court and found that out of 5 Court Lightning, only 1 is working and rightly as Mrs Teh FL pointed out, yes 4 are not functioning.

Barren Orchard Plots: As discussed with Mr Goo in my last visit, he has already met BBRA Mr Choo and has identified the plots and the types of plants. Mr Goo has also written to the officer in MPK in charge of Landscape and Recreation Park and has got his approval to replant the area with suitable plants, The new soils and plants to be provided by TMO, but MPK workers has to see to the watering and fertilizing eventually. This morning when I went to inspect the area near the Tai Chi, indeed I have found that TMO has already delivered fresh earth there to several plot and some TMO gardeners are there too tendering to the area for planting.

The No.2 Pump at Rock Garden: Mr Goo said tender has already been given out to contractors and he expect the Rock Garden No.2 Pump to be ready by end June,2009.

The blackish filthy lake at the end near Phase 8: At the lake site he pointed out that the caused of the blackish and slimy color of the lake’s water there is due to the culprits at the Phase 13A shop lots and restaurants further down the road. After I have pointed out the condition of the lake to Mr Goo in my 1st and 2nd visits, TMO has taken action and written to MPK to check the cause of the blackish pollutions. They open up all the vents covering the piping that lead to the Phase 13A shop lots and found that most of the shops there had modify their outflow pipes that leads to the lakes instead of to the sewerages. MPK has issued summons to these shop lots and demand that they take out those modified piping. Mr Goo pointed out that now the water is more presentable. However, Mr Goo is quick to point out that once these shop lots have change their pipes flows back to the original, then only TMO will undertake to clear up the blackish pollutions inside the lake. This is reasonable I added.

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