Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.148 - A page from the Diary of A Resident.

A Page from The Diary of A Concern Resident on 21-JUNE,09

Sunday 21-JUN-09: 0800 hours

A concern resident decides to write about what has happened in Bandar Botanic.

Damaged Lamp Post on the southern shore.
Vandalism of TMO lamp posts
This morning at 8.00am, I went for a walk around the Botanic Lake and proceeding from Jenaris, I went anti-clockwise directions. After the Phase 4 bridge, I was dismay to notice two TMO Lamp Posts broken down by vandalism and laying on the ground, on either side of the river banks. The Halon lamp covers and electrical wirings were all broken out and detached.
Damaged lamp post on the northern shore.
Vandalism of TMO Gazabo bench
Further down the pathway, at the Gazabo, I noticed some wooden planks of the Gazabo benches were broken and missing, again by vandalism. I construed that vandalism is an environmental crime.
Graffiti on the floor of the Gazabo
Looking for high class arts entertainment? Well, not here in Bandar Botanic. Grafitti, the urban art of the people is a crime. To me it is bad culture of uneducated urban people. I stop and take a moment and found this on the floor of one of the Gazabo. Spray-painted sprawl on the floor. The message of these cryptic writings have no meaning to most people. It is the language of graffiti writer/s and gang member/s. Disgusting indeed as it will cost taxpayers money to clean it up.
Vandalism to TMO Sign Post
Again, further down in from of Angsana Phase, I was very angry to see one piece of wooden sign of the Wooden Decorative Sign Post broken and on the ground.
Rubbish thrown by hooligans last night’s party
I did an anti-clockwise, and cross the basketball court and badminton court and notice lots of rubbish papers, empty bottles thrown by last night people who were having a party there. After the party, they do not even have the sense of responsibility to pick up all the rubbish.

Ruffians Cyclists from Bukit Tinggi
I did notice there are about 4-5 ruffians cyclists enthusiasts cycling very, very fast on their sports bicycles round the lake’s pathway, oblivious to the old men, women and children walking there. These cyclists would just rings their sports cycles and speed pass you at very high speed.
They are becoming ridiculous and annoying. They are also endangering others path walkers. Perhaps they should be required to take a test and have insurance because they could cause accidents and they get away with it.
Points of interests
As usual on a Sunday morning, there were many Joggers young and old, of many races and religions. I noticed that quite a many are also Muslim from either the botanic garden and some are from the Low and Medium Costs Flats. There are also a couple of stroke residents who literally had to drag their leg along. They told me it was the most pain ever just to sit or stand, getting out of bed was extreme pain. Just imagine how they would have to stop to avoid those ‘mad’ cyclists from Bukit Tinggi. Nowadays, you will also notice many dead fishes around the lake. Empty liquor bottles and rubbish are plenty.


Ben Phang said...

Syabas for this well presented article which is most concise and direct to the point. There are a lot of day to day problems and vandalism but as much as the authorities want to catch the culprits, they are too short handed. We the residents must assist by giving information and evidence, preferably with photographs for the authorities to take appropriate actions. One do not need a spy camera as most of our hand phones are equipped with a relative good camera.

Take photographs of the offence, record the date/time and make a report either to MPK or the Police. Alert BBRA of the report for follow up action. With such co-operation, we residents will see a solution to the problems and vandalism in our beautiful central park. It is up to us - the residents of Bandar Botanic.

BBRA KLANG2 said...

Dear residents,

Especially those facing the park.

Please REPORT vandalism or damage to park properties to our BBRA Committee Members. An SMS or phone call is not too much to ask for, is it?