Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 18 June 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.137 - The 5th Cordial Visit to TMO.

The 5th Cordial Visit to TMO.
-Andrew Sum

On 15th June, 2009 at 11.30am, I paid a cordial and friendly visit to Mr Goo of TMO and discussed on the followings:

1. Courts Lightnings – 4 Lamp Posts at the Basketball courts are still out of order and not functioning. I reminded Mr Goo on this. He says he is aware of this.

2. U-Turns at Main road – The plastic blocks needs replacements with concrete blocks , I reminded Mr Goo on this. He says he is still looking for a Heavy Lift Clamps to move the concrete blocks up from other areas.

3. Concrete 2 feet Wall – The concrete 2 feet wall, Mr Goo said that this will be built by local contractors. Tenders is not necessary. Me Goo is aware.

4. Orchid Plots- Mr Goo said that the replanting of new young plants is not possible during hot weather. He will have to wait for a more cooler weather. However, this morning on 18th June, I notice some of the plots are being planted already, in view of the rain the last few days.

5. Pump No.2 – The proposal is already up. It will be fix by the end of this month.

6. Transplanted trees along highway-Many dead and dried trees are being dug up by TMO sub-contractors and already replanted with new fresh young trees by his contractors. Mr Goo says it is part of the Contract of tender to his sub-contractors. He assures the residents not to worry.

7. Littering- I advice Mr Goo to sent a letter to the Town Councils MPJ to complaints of littering of rubbish such as plastic wrappers and empty liquor bottles into his lake, in order to protect TMO interest. He says he will do so, and cc a copy to BBRA.

8. U-Turns at 99 Supermarkets- His contactors had already trimmed the plants there so that the drivers can see. However, he will get his contractors to clear the plants about 10 feet away from each corner.

9. Police Pondok- Mr Goo has already received the letter written by the Police, with the help and joint affort from BBRA Vice President Mr Jacob Mathews and BBRA Treasurer Mr Jacob Thomas, on the request for help to remove the zinc partitions, on 17th June,09 (Wednesday). This was discussed in the Police meeting the residents, at the opening of the Bandar Botanic Police Pondok. Understand from Mr Goo, he has already seen the Police Officer En Daud and had already discussed the arrangements to open part of the zinc partitions. Mr Goo will act on it.

10. TMO Hall for monthly BBRA meeting- Corrections, as a token of appreciation and BBRA being a registered association, TMO permit the committee to use the hall free of charge for the mutual good cooperations.

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