Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.129 - Throwing rubbish into the lake.

Do song birds throw trash, bottles and plastic into our lakes?
-Andrew Sum

People living around the lake have become helpless spectators over the lake.
My wife and I take frequent early morning walks around Botanic Lake with song birds delighting our path. Fresh air and early morning dew and colorful flowers compete for our attention everywhere along the path. Cool breezes play across the water with a sprinkle of designs. It’s always a beautiful and holy time for reflection.
Unfortunately, every time I walk around Botanic Lake, I pick up a dozen or more cans, bottles, plastic containers and various forms of paper in the form of cups, tissue and fast food wrappers. I cannot help but wonder what human beings pass through that beautiful area set aside for nature—and tossed their trash.
Are they callous, stupid and ignorant; of their actions and without wilderness appreciation? How could they walk through natures finest, yet toss a can or bottle into the lake or leave a bag of fast food wrappers on the ground or in the water?
How could squirrels, mice, cats, dogs, birds, monkeys and other creatures inhabit that lake for years and not toss one paper wrapper, not one bottle or plastic container? But you give humans a week and they trash it.
And those that smoke cigarettes on the benches? What’s up with tossing your butts everywhere for others to tolerate? What about the dog owners that doesn’t pick up after their animal’s feces—even with plastic bags provided around the lake for dog-waste pick-up? Pathetic low-grade human misbehavior you invite diseases via your actions. Talk about third world behavior! Where did you go to school and can your parents be proud of you? Not!
For those of you that care, thank you for picking up the trash with me. For those of you that walk right by the trash, take a few moments and pick it up. Ponder for a moment.
You’ll leave the scene clean! And, you can be proud of yourselves for making a difference in our world.


Herley said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for sharing an indeed wonderful yet a source of indescribable exasperation on the reflection of human's no-grade-misbehaviour.

Truly, your story should lead to a renewed mentality among the residence to really now revert back to old days. Gone are the modern days of non-interference. Let's go back to jaga tepi kain orang. We should practice intervention on scene and just tell off the culprits as can be easily caught red-handed if you really take the walk as what you Andrew has been diligently doing.


BBRA KLANG2 said...

Welcome to Klang!

Open burning and littering are the norm (perkara biasa). There are dustbins but people simply do not want to throw their rubbish in them. Instead they prefer to leave it there for "someone" else to pick up.

Has our schools failed our youth? Is family no longer a valid institution when parents themselves throw rubbish openly in front of their children? Maybe this is the way of life here.

It is high time stricter measures are proposed by YB of Klang to curb littering. Start by issuing on the spot fines. Repeat offenders should be made to do public service by picking up rubbish at badly littered areas.


Sunny Ho said...

Sad to see Bandar Botanic, a young lake and park is coming to this stage.

I might not be a daily person around the lake but when I do my rounds, I tried very much to pick up some rubbish here and there. Hope the residents will do the same as well. Everybody do a little, things can get better.