Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 12 June 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.133 - Alam Flora

Dear Residents,
-Andrew Sum.
On the request of residents, I have written and spoken to Alam Flora and they have come back with some very positive reply and actions: Here are 2 letters one pertaining to working hours and the other pertaining to rubbish dirty water/liquid spills.

11th June,2009 Thursday.


Recently residents have requested to for us to speak to you, to instruct your sub contractors to come for rubbish collections as per your schedule time table that is at 7.00am to 5.00pm and not earlier than than.

Recently, your contractors have been coming into Bandar Botanic at around 3.00am - 5.00am and have been disturbing the residents which causes the dogs to back and they find it difficult to sleep. Many of them needs a good night sleep before they wake up again at 4.30am to go to beat the traffic rush.

Actions Taken: Encik Mohd Fauzi of Alam Flora called me yesterday and assured me that the correct schedule for rubbish collections is from 7.00am up till 5.00pm every day for residential areas only – thus Bandar Botanic included. However, I told him that as long as his sub contractors gives the residents some time to sleep from 10.00pm till 7.00am, then it is okay their sub contractors can come at any time.
Encik Fauzi further ask me to give a letter to the KKS to now allow the rubbish van to come in during this time, I told them that it is best if Alam Flora can give us an official letter to this effect, so that we can on forward to BBRA and the KKS.


I do have one suggestion though regarding the garbage collection.After collecting some garbage, the driver activates a mechanism to compactthe litter, causing foul smelling liquid to pour out and spill onto theroad.This compaction is done indiscriminately; many a times right in front ofour houses. It takes quite a rinsing from the garden hose to flush awaythe leacheate/smell.There is no denying the need to compact the garbage, but can we requestAlam Flora to instruct their drivers to carry out this activity outside thevicinity of residential units.

Actions Taken: Yesterday evening Encik Fauzi called me at 6.00pm and told me he will be arranging the Alam Flora water van to wash the area off spills tomorrow at 7.00am starting from Bungor area and then proceed to the whole of Bandar Botanic.
This morning, they were there washing the Bongor 1, as promised. Encik Fauzi was personally there and I had a short conversation with him and thank him. He will be getting his sub-contractors to repair the leakage rubbish van for long term measures. I hope the residents are happy and satisfied over this explanations by En Fauzi.

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Jacob said...

Good work Andrew. We need more residents like you in BB.