Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 1 June 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.123 - Clearing Rubbish By the Lake.

Life Like That….
An Interview on Mr Choo by Andrew Sum.

It is disgusting the way people just discard food wrappers and tin cans. These blows into our gardens lakes and makes the area look neglected. Bags of rubbish were found lying along the lake after a good weekend. The overfilled of some MPK Rubbish bins looked as if they have not been removed and cleansed for months. Rubbish was found all over the place. The drains were filled with stagnant water - a perfect breeding ground for the anopheles mosquitoes.

The photos demonstrate the level of competence of the council people. The MPK sweepers are very hard working but the residents from outside are like beasts! Keep throwing & throwing. How can one sweeper sweep the litters threw by 1000 residents and outsiders?

Yeah… the residents are at fault too but we do not used to have a no litters campaign. What happened to it? If we keep pointing fingers, there is no ending in the conflict of who is right!

Bottom line, as long as there is people, there will (lots of) rubbish.

The way I look at the heap of rubbish at the lakes and housing areas, it doesn’t seem to be common trash but outsiders’ rubbish – KFC wrappings, beer bottles. Does it really falls under town council jurisdiction.

Choo extraordinary volunteering work is well deserved. As part of his work he wakes up early at about 6.30am every Saturday and Sunday and started picking rubbish along the lakes and around housing areas near the lakes and puts them into plastic bags. Once filled, he will place the plastic bags into MPK Bins. I followed Choo on his rounds.

Choo says that there are disadvantages such as red ants or fire ants which have strong mandibles and vicious tail stings from their poison glands and his fear of snakes. The leaf cutter ants are abounding plenty around leaves. From bushes and crowded plants, he uses a 7 feet long stick or pole to removes the rubbish. Where there are beer bottles, soft drinks bottles, there are abound to be plenty of ants. Sometimes ants’ bites on him are not uncommon.

He has been at this quietly for more than 2 years. There is no self glorification in doing this. He enjoys and takes pride in his work.

All he can say is…”The making of a clean park and rest areas has improved the local community spirit by helping and inspiring residents to enjoy their local area and take pride in their township.”

I would further add to Choo’s statement that…”Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Personally, I hope all the residents would help out.

(Choo is single and is a resident from Kiara)

Rubbish at Angsana housing area.

Beer bottles thrown by outsiders during a weedends.

Leaf cutter ants which can bites deep into the flesh.

Red ants which are very common.

Red ants on a MPK dusbin.

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BBRA KLANG said...

Anybody in favour of us organising 'gotong-royong' to clean up the neighbourhood?