Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 11 June 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.131 - More Haze Alerts

Haze Alert II

Article One
I received a letter from a Resident & friend in Phase 6:

Hi Andrew,

Some updates to the haze from Johan Setia.

Yes, there is a haze from Sumatra, but that one seldom causes a smell so suffocating like the ash we breathe that comes from Johan Setia. The pictures attached (except for the "haze way" or Kesas) are taken from MPK's website on their daily monitoring reports on open burning in the area.

Look at picture below. If the authorities are aware who the farmer is, an arrest should be made to deter the next farmer from openly burning his waste. Just like the Ah Long cases, the authorities have full knowledge who they are but are dragging their feet to make an arrest. Something should be done.

The additional picture (not included) is the Kesas or Haze-way taken two Saturday mornings ago. Notice how bad visibility is and that the sign board on the left that says Exit to Kg Jawa, Kg Jln Kebun, Kg Bkt Kemuning, is almost unidentifiable. What is wrong with things here I wonder. Regards.

Resident/Phase 6

Article Two

The Star Newspaper, Thursday June 11,2008
Close watch on farmers to check open burning

PETALING JAYA: Farmers in Kampung Johan Setia, Klang, are being kept under 24-hour surveillance to prevent them from conducting open burning of jungle waste.
The state government has also ordered the Klang Municipal Council to pay close attention to the farmers in view of the worsening haze situation, especially in Klang and Shah Alam, in recent days.
State environment committee chairman Elizabeth Wong said the government has declared Johan Setia a zero burning zone to check the haze.
“The situation is under control with the council, Department of Environment and the Fire and Rescue Department monitoring the farmers,” she said.
Wong said the authorities were also prepared to face peat fires in the area as Johan Setia was prone to such fires during a drought.

Article Three

The Star Newspaper, Thursday June 11,2009
Less hazy over Klang Valley

PETALING JAYA: The hazy sky over the Klang Valley has improved slightly while the air quality in the country generally ranged from good to moderate yesterday.
As at 5pm, 18 air quality monitoring stations recorded “good” readings while 32 stations were in the “moderate” region.

A reading of between zero and 50 is considered “good”, while 51 to 100 indicates “moderate” air quality.

Readings from 101 to 200 are “unhealthy”, 201 to 300 “very unhealthy” and any indicator beyond 300 means that the air quality is “hazardous”.

Tanjung Malim had the poorest air quality, recording 94 on the scale, followed by Port Klang with 82.

Four other stations in Selangor also registered moderate readings, with Kuala Selangor recording 78, Shah Alam 66, and Petaling Jaya and Kajang 64.

Other places on the moderate list were Jalan Tasek, Ipoh, Bukit Rambai and Muar – all recording 67, Pasir Gudang (66) and Cheras (65).

DOE said it would increase air and land patrols to monitor and prevent open burning, especially in fire-prone areas.

“Enforcement on smoke, gas and dust discharged from motor vehicles and industries will also be increased to control air pollution.

“The people are advised not to conduct open burning and ensure that their vehicles are well-maintained to reduce the discharge of black smoke, while industries should ensure that they adhere to standard environmental rules,” it said.

Bayan Lepas, Prai and Butterworth in Penang were also among the places affected by haze yesterday.

A Meteorological Department spokesman, who declined to be named, said the situation was acceptable in these areas as visibility was at 10km. The condition would be considered poor if visibility was reduced to less than 3km.

He said afternoon showers were expected in the inland areas of Peninsular Malaysia over the next few days.

“We are experiencing dry weather especially with the south-westerly winds blowing. If visibility drops to 2km and persists throughout the day, we will issue a public warning,” he said, adding that the department was monitoring the situation.

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