Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 22 June 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.144 - Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the Peace – BB Police Swift Response.
- Andrew Sum

Don't you disorderly people get that we don't NEED ILLEGAL INVADERS that come to our Bandar Botanic homes to violate our laws, breathe our air, drink our water, take our resources and occupy our lovely garden and causing disorderly conduct . Disgusting, shameful, despicable and highly barbaric. Yes, these are the words I would use to describe those alien outside people. Is this what their parents preach? It is another example of how arrogant and without reason these people are.

What we do need are people who come here, contribute and assimilate to our Society and become upstanding citizens.

Gone were the days where people had uttermost respect for the elders.

Gone were the days when people acknowledged the old and the fragile and gave them space to rest.

A few days ago on 19th June,09 , almost midnight(Friday) some vehicles of young girls and boys school students assaulted our Bandar botanic gardens and drove their cars after cars right into the badminton court to have BBQ party and loud Music near the homes.
These outsiders’ aliens did not get permission or authorization from the Residents Association but just assume that they can just come in and disturb the peace in the middle of the night.
Some worried residents called me and indicating their outrage at their act.
The resident friend, who called me, would be among the first to stand by my side to help protect this, his adopted garden, in the event of a disturbance by ILLEGAL INVADERS, that is the kind of guy he is. His sms to me was urgent. His second sms signaled more cars driving in. I contact the President of the BBRA, who informed the police.

In the words of the President of BBRA,
Saturday, June 20, 2009 12:55 AM/ e-mail.

Dear all,
I received SMS from Mr A at 10.30 pm today(19-6-09) informing about a group of non resident gathering and also driving their car to the badminton court.
Immediately I called Koperal Awie from pondok polis BB to investigate the matters. He is not available becoz doing his 'Operasi' in Sentosa but promised to send his men to the site immediately. Less than 15 minutes he called me to informed that the group consist of young boys and girls from the school nearby and having bbq. they were given warnings about driving the car into the green area and also asked to stop all activities by 12 midnight.
At 11pm, I went to the site to do my own checking. The car has been moved back to roadside and the group consist of boys and girls of Indians and Chinese are still having their bbq party.
At 11.50pm, Koperal Awie called me again to say that he already arrived at the site and giving the group 10 more minutes to move out from the area.

I was really impressed by the prompt action by him and the team. I believe many of us can do the same by directly calling them. By fostering good relationship with them, we would be living in a better place.

Thanks again to Mr A and his 'BB neighbour' and also bravo to our pondok Polis BB team.

In the words of BBRA Blog administrator:

I would like to give credits to where credits should be rightfully due namely:

1) The Giver – He is the alert and responsible resident who sms me frantically & urgently. In his final sms the next day, he says “I just want to do my part and hope that no bad things happened to the resident, as well as our own family. Sorry if I have disturb you last night. Happy weekends. Cheers.’ and ‘ haha, as rakan cop always say, they r short of man power for the patrol, so I just do it for them.” (His name is Mr K… of Jenaris. I would like to keep him as anonymous in order to protect good residents like him and his family).

2) The Receiver – The BBRA President who immediately alerted the Police and too personally went out to make a spot check.

3) The Enforcers – The Police, who did a good job maintaining peace and non violence.

Residents - What is your opinion of these outside influences, be they hooligans or school students.

Should we residents allow them to come into our garden or chase them out?

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