Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 3 April 2009


Indiscriminate & Inconsiderate Parking of Cars By Residents Who Have No Feelings For Neighbors At All.
contributed by a resident

We are supposed to be a upper middle class neighborhood but the pictures of a road in Kiara Precint & others depicts more of a scene in a low class slump area. As long as we have selfish neighbors who think nothing of parking their cars in a haphazard manner, we will continue to have situation like this. Residents must be considerate and discipline when parking their cars and it is from this practise that we will be able to incalculate a sense of good neighborliness among residents.

In our present day where each household has a minimum of two cars, some 3 to 4 cars and a house designed to park 2 cars, there will be more cars than parking spaces. Residents should ensure that they park their cars inside their compounds and for those with extra cars, try to park at the end of the road where a few cars can be parked. Lets not make the situation worse by parking our cars almost 5 feet into the road and when our neighbors do the same, the road will be too narrow for 2 way traffic. We all have to "tolak ansur" with one another and it should start by being neighborly to your neighbors first.

Ladies and Gentlemen, which car belongs to you? Can you have them parked properly before the MPK or Police issues you a summon.

The following are citizens who care for their neighbors and parked their cars in a proper and orderly manner, so that others can easily moves through.

Excellent parking at the end of the road.

These are thoughtful neighbors.

Good and proper parking.

Proper parking.

Proper parking, leaving space for other
cars to move.


Rada said...

Right On. Long Overdue.
Residents should be ashamed of themselves for parking their cars in a haphazard and inconsiderate manner that brings ill repute to the whole neighborhood. There is no point having a beautiful home and nice cars when you can't even have the common decency to behave as good human beings. Parents should set a good example to their young ones to always maintain safety first and what better way than to start at your own neighborhood. Life is Precious.

Azli said...

Good Presentation & Write Up.
If residents after seeing these photos still cannot understand the goodness in parking their cars properly, then they are either blind or downright unfriendly or inconsiderate.

Lets present more pictures to highlight this problem and invite more neighbors to visit our blog to drive the message through as many residents as possible. After a while, BBRA should call in the MPK or Police to come in and issue summonses to the hardcore residents who continue to park their cars in a haphazard and dangerous manner.

Saras said...

Good and relevant posting.
Hope the pictures will be educational to residents on how not to park your cars, thus being a nuisance to other residents. It is not only impolite but dangerous too to our children and drivers.

Selva said...

The manner we park our cars will reflect our character. Sadly quite a number of our residents are badly reflected as ill brought up Malaysians who never care for their neighbors and who arrogantly parked their cars in a manner that is not condusive to good culture.

It is also equally responsible for residents to ensure their visitors parked their cars properly so as not be a hindrance to neighbors. This is similar to parking procedures in condominiums where parking lots are designated. In our open residential style, the norm should be the place in front of our houses are our respective parking area. Corner houses by virtue of their design has additional parking areas.

Ramli said...

If we parked our cars properly and our immediate neighbours do the same thing, then our neighbourhood would be pleasant for all. All it takes is consideration for others and we will easily achieve.

What is the point of having nice houses and cars when we cannot be decent to our own neighbours? Our children will learn from our bad habits and attitude and god forbids what our bandar will become when our children grow up,

Banjit said...

Good presentation but will it reach out to our fellow residents. Just from the bloggers on both side of the divide, I see not more than 20 members.

Jimmy said...

If all parties spend more time in resolving problems, more could have been achieved but much time is wasted in duplicating one another's work.

I reside in Kiara where we have many leaders, sometimes too many for comfort. We have leaders who sit in their comfortable arm chairs and talk, comment and give out directions on what is good for the community and those who are politically incline who want to mix with the YBs and the Tuans but when it comes down to actual work more closer to home, they are missing in action.

Look at Kiara, look at the haphazard parking situation, the poor safety factor caused by parking of cars without consideration for others. Have any of the leaders took upon themselves to talk to the residents concerned? No.

Lim said...

If haphazard parking of cars is bad, how about the lorries that continued to be parked in front of my house. They are a sore eye and blocking my good fung shui from the lake. Hi.yah, I am getting too fed up and frustrated over the none concrete action taken by the respective parties.

Andrew Sum said...

Its all education lah, education. I always insists my childrens to park their cars properly and to be aware of neighbors feelings. We have to respect one another. When my neighbors sees me taking the extra efforts to park properly, they appreciates and soon follow.

Sunny Ho said...

Other then education, this is also mentality. We have neighbours who likes to part at other people's place but not on their own premises. If you tell them, they get angry. So again, I this comes back to mentality, character and attitude.