Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 23 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.105 - TMO has started planting young trees along the highway.

Thank you, Terima Kasih, TMO.
Yes, TMO has started planting young trees along the highway.
We never have a dream come true….but this morning, on my way to work, I found my dream turning into a reality. Yes, TMO has started planting young trees along the Bukit Tinggi-Bandar Botanic Highway. Sometimes it is useful to look back to our dreams. The relationship between the residents and TMO is a strange and funny thing. The realities happening in Bandar Botanic is that it is all a part of us. Nothing can change that. TMO, because of you, we dare to dream again. After all this, will TMO always be with us?
Young trees ready for planting.
Transplanted trees near the JJ round-about.
The concrete fenders... how nice if they are used for the illegal U-turns.
Quite a long stretch of concrete fenders.
Workers at work planting trees.
Workers laying grass on top of yellow earth.
Part of the young trees ready to be planted.
View of the highway from afar.
Look at the planted trees on the right.


Lim said...

The choice of trees planted may be unsuitable and the number of trees planted inadequate. Certain stretches of Persiaran Botanic are quite wide and more trees should be planted. The sizes of the trees planted should preferably be larger.

Harum Intisari should do more to promote greenery on Bandar Botanic as they have many more developments in this area. More effort should be made to promote the shops and the gardens. After all, Harum Intisari as the developer will have much to gain in the future.

Ang said...

Thankfully there is still some life in the developer. It could have been worse you know. Though I am curious to know why did they drag their feet and wait for BBRA and others to bring up the issue before taking action? Can they please also start to put some dividers to prevent ignorant people from making illegal u-turns?

Sunny Ho said...

At least there are some trees being planted now. It will take a while before these trees really produce the branches for shades and etc. Nevertheless, it is still something good, although can be better, but this will need all your help as residents to work together. At the meantime thank you to BBRA as well.

Pillay said...

It boils down to responsibilities rather than dreams. We have paid for our dream homes and it is for the developer to deliver on what was promised. I agreed with Lim that the trees planted could have been larger more developed ones and definitely more trees should have been planted.

How about BBRA organising a plant a tree campaign? I am sure many residents will be able to donate the trees. Our Central Park sure need more trees for shade.

Andrew Sum said...

Donating a is a good idea. Perhaps BBRA Committee Members should discuss over this at their next Committee Meeting on Mr Pillay's idea, and see how we should go about doing it. I for one dont mind donating a FRUIT tree, so that the residents can eat free of charge.

Sunny Ho said...

The tree donating campaign is a good idea but then if it is not controlled, then it will be rojak. This needs to be organized properly.

Ben Phang said...

Donating a Tree is a grand idea and I will raise this suggestion at the coming committee meeting. I will consult a landscape or park consultant and request a study for more trees (suitable ones) to be planted on selected locality and also the placing of concrete benches at suitable areas in the central park for residents and visitors to sit, relax, view and enjoy the activities in our park. The current kite flying enthusiasm is a wonderful sight at our park every evening.

Lim said...


Please do go ahead with the project for donating trees to be planted in Bandar Botanic. I will donate a tree to start off the campaign. Count me in.

Sunny Ho said...

Count me in as well.....I am all for it....

Jacob said...

Dear Ben,

Count me in for planting the tree in BB. Let me know what type of trees and how many trees you wanted me to donate ans plant. I can adapt few trees until they can grow themself.