Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Sunday, 12 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.99 - The Official Opening of the Bandar Botanic Police Pondok.

Open Dialogue between Police and Residents on 4th April 09 @ 0830 pm.
Venue: Township Hall.

Dear Residents,

Good News!
Bandar Botanic Residents will now have their own Police Pondok on 24th April,2009

Yesterday (11th April,2009 Saturday) the Chief Police Inspector of Klang, Tuan Hairmi Miskan, has invited the BBRA, as representatives on behalf of all the residents of Bandar Botanic, members as well as non-members, to attend a meeting with him and his officers, to discuss on the official opening of the Bandar Botanic Police Pondok, which will be on the 24th April,2009.

The BBRA Committee Members who have attended this meeting from 2.00pm to 3.00pm were:

1) Jacob Thomas – Committee member/Treasurer of Jenaris Precint
2) Ne Seen San – Committee member of Kiara Precint.
3) Steven Chia – Committee member of Cassia Precint
4) Ong Hai Ching – Committee member/Secretary – Bidara Precint
5) Andrew Sum – Blog Administer/camera man - Jenaris Precint

There were other guests invited to the meetings from the other residents associations of Bukit Tinggi I and II, Rukun Tertangga Sentosa, Sekolah Bukit Tinggi , Sekolah Jalan Dato Hamsah, and Kindergartens, etcetera.

Matters discussed were:
On 19th April,2009(Sunday):
8.00am - Aerobic Dance (Semanrobik) at Pondok Polis.
On 23rd April,2009 (Thursday)
Evening - Setting up of tents at Pondok Polis.

On 24th April,2009 (Friday):
– Official Opening of the Bandar Botanic Polis Pondok by YDH Dato’ Khalid Bin Abd Bakar, Ketua Polis Selangor.

8.30pm – Open Dialogue between all the residents of Bandar Botanic and the Police- YDH Ketua Polis Daerah Klang. The Venue will be at the Township Hall (near Post Office). The venue will be set up by the BBRA. As this is a golden opportunity of RESIDENTS MEET THE POLI CE DIALOGUE, it is advisable that all residents attends and let know your problems. The BBRA was requested to arrange about 15 tables and chairs for the Police group.

25th April,2009 (Saturday):
This is a Police getting to know the residents programmed.
8.00am - 10.00am : The programs are
Pertandingan Mewarna (colouring competition)
Tug of war (tarik Tali)
Basketball, Footsal,
Pameran PDRM (Muzium PDRM Kuala Lumpur) Exhibition from the KL Police Dept.
Pertunjukan Unit Berkuda (Display by the Police Riding Unit)
Pertunjukan K9 (Unit anjing Pengesan) Exhibition by police trained dogs
Pertunjukan Pasukan Gerak Khas dan Bomba (Display by Emergency Squad and Fire Brigade)
From 20-4-09 to 25-4-09
Monday to Saturday
Every Night 10.00pm - 12.00pm (Ronda with the Police)

All are invited to attend.


Lim said...

The name in the picture clearly show, Pondok Polis Bandar Botanik and residents should be proud that we have one of the best designed pondok polis in the country. Come 24th, residents will look forward to seeing more police presence in our neighborhood in particularly our central park and lake areas.

Oh yes, it is not the beauty or size of the pondok that matters but the duty and dedication of the police personnel assigned to our neighborhood. BBRA officials and residents must extend their warmest welcome and co-operation to the police personnel to get better results.

$Selamat Datang pihak Polis

Louis said...

Hurrah! finally our very own Polis Pondok will be opened. So what's news? Will we be seeing more police presense or is it going to be the same 2 police personnel to cover an area where more than 4000 houses are sited. Goodness gracious, it will take more than 2 supercops to cover such an area not to mention the central park, lake and the various mini parks in between phrases.

Use the opportunity on the 24th to present some figures to the Police Chief. He will surely realise that Bandar Botanic is in need of more than a Pondok Polis. The building and facilities are there and all we need is more police personnel to upgrade the premise to a Balai where reports can be taken. Over to you chaps at BBRA.

Sunny Ho said...

Let's hope that the police will use this facility to the fullest where it will benficial to both the police as well as the residents in Bandar Botanic.

I also do hope that it is a full fledge police station, rather then just another police pondok that provide them a facility just for them to come and go.

Hopefully also not a place where they come to do their kenduri only.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Residents,
This is to inform all residents & good neighbors of Bandar Botanic that I have already tendered my resignation as Blog Administrator and my last day would be on 18th April,2009. My resignation is due to severe work constraints. I have had a long discussion with my current office Branch Manager and he wants me to fully concentrate on my office work.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the President of BBRA Mr John Lim as well as the other dedicated Committee Members and ex Committee Members for their valuable advice during my short term in office. Lastly but not least, I would like to thank the good residents Charlie, Lim, Ben, Rada, Asli, Ramli, Sunny, Louis, Lee Huat, Ang, Jacob, Andersson, Selva, Jimmy, Banjit, and our two ladies Patricia and Saras, for all their valuable comments and goodwill. To those whom I have steps on a few toes in the course of my work, I too would like to offer my deepest apologies and I sincerely ask for your forgiveness. Minta ma’af.
However, I will not completely vanish from the BBRA scene, as I am still a member and forever will be a member. I will still be sending my letters of complaints, on my own personal level, to the various authorities for the improvements of this township, as well as information from time to time. Those who wish to obtain this information can write in to me at Thank you.

Andrew Sum said...

Recently the residents of Jenaris 8 who filled up the compalint forms provided by Ben, received individual letters from MPK telling them to be present at the hearing pertaining to the 5 illegal Kindergardens issues on 21st April,2009 at 2.30pm and not the BBRA? The 6 kindergardens were told to be present. I believe this should be the responsibility of the BBRA to represent the issue and not the individual residents themselves, as the residents have signed on good faith from request from the BBRA. The residents are very annoyd at why the BBRA is not representing the case. None of the residents would attend.

Jonathan said...

The BBRA or Bandar Botanic Resident Association should attend on behalf of the busy residents, as they are being elected by the residents.They are the ones who ask the residents to sign.

Sunny Ho said...

Strange that the letters are to the individuals, and not addressed to the representative of Bandar Botanic for this issue or maybe BBRA. Is it that the letters signed by the residents are just passed on, without any proper note or cover letter by the representative?

Andrew Sum said...

I have just heard from Jacob Thomas, the Jenaris committee member that the MPK sent similar letters to all houses in Jenaris Precint.Jacob Thomas did not sign any protest letter. I think those who did not sign also received. Therefore those residents who are affected, are strongly advise to attend the MPK meeting on 21st April @ 2.30pm.

Sunny Ho said...

If this is the case, then it is fair on what MPK is doing, getting all the residents in that area to attend the meeting. Nevertheless I think a main representative is still required to attend so that there is proper action and follow up.

Ben Phang said...


Do you not agree that we should get our facts correct before shooting off our comments,

"I believe this should be the responsibility of the BBRA to represent the issue and not the individual residents themselves, as the residents have signed on good faith from request from the BBRA. The residents are very annoyd at why the BBRA is not representing the case."

"They are the ones who ask the residents to sign."

"Jacob Thomas did not sign any protest letter. I think those who did not sign also received."

On 5th Feb, on the request of John, and as a resident of Jenaris Precint, I email to MPK protesting the many kindergartens in Jenaris.

On 25th Feb, Andrew wrote and posted on the BBRA Blog, an article (No.57) on Complaints on kindergardens in housing area.

On 26th Feb, Andrew wrote to Tuan Muhd Hijaz, Director of Parks & Recreation, MPK regarding the kindergardens in Jenaris.

I subsequently emailed to members of BBRA in Jenaris calling them to send in their letters of objection to MPK. The more objection letters we have will better support our cause. I gave Andrew and Jacob some standard objection letters for residents who do not have email to voice their objection. Nobody was coerced and I assumed those residents who signed do so on their own free will.

Andrew and I submitted the letters to John who then submitted in the letters together with BBRA covering letter.

On 30th March, the reply from MPK was posted on the Blog under Article 87 wherein it was stated that none of those 5 outstanding applications will be considered, therefore rejected and notices were given to these 5 centers to stop operations immediately.

There were suggestions to distribute copies of the MPK letter to incoming traffic into Jenaris and the decision was before the BBRA committee which is still pending.

On Sat 18th Apr when I was aware of this meeting, as informed by Andrew, I immediately email MPK and our 3 YBs with copies to BBRA committee to request MPK to postpone the meeting until our new incoming committee has sufficient time to discuss the matter.

MPK is the culprit for not informing BBRA but it is quite normal given the politics and underhanded tactics practised by certain parties for reasons best known to them. It is apparent that MPK has been influenced to reconsider the applications and we just have to be wary and follow through constantly to obtain the desired results.

Needless to say, it can be very discouraging to see unpleasant and prematured remarks and passing the buck by our fellow residents. I thought we are all in this together as none of us owe each other any obligation except to collectively pursue an objective. If that is the stand of the residents as mentioned by Andrew, then I can only feel sorry at this type of attitude and I will not be a party to such folly.

Sunny Ho said...

Hi Ben,

Good for you. At least you are taking things and controlling it.

With this blog, at least there are more communication among the members nowadays. Let's hope things get better.