Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 2 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.93 - Indiscriminate Parking of Lorries in Residential Area

Lorries Casually Park at Jln Rhu 2. Bandar Botanic.
-Residents Complaints

Despite the enforcement officers from MPK and even from JPJ coming to issue summonses, the owner of these lorries is still adamant and continue to park his lorries in Jalan Rhu 2, Off Jalan Kiara 9. Together with several neighbours, we have approached the owner but he just do not bother. Can't the guards stop the lorries from coming in? Can anybody recommend what action can be taken against this stubborn owner/resident? Please don't suggest burning the lorries, for I have thought about it on a number of occasions but then common sense prevail.


Dickson said...

I suggest you take down the lorry registration numbers and their respective particulars, that is the owner and address written on each lorry. Take a photo of each lorry and then write a letter to,

Pengarah Negeri Selangor,
Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan,
Padang Jawa,
Shah Alam.

These lorries need to go for a routine inspection at Puspakom every 6 months prior to paying their road tax and JPJ is empowered to black list them. In fact JPJ can also issued a notice to the owner to send their lorries to JPJ for an inspection. This will definitely be a more effective action against the adamant owner.

Patricia said...

What Dickson has suggested is the correct and effective way to handle difficult lorry owners. It will cost them money, much hazzle and time. In fact, JPJ should even cancel the permit and that will be a very expensive lesson to this adamant (stubborn) lorry owner.

I noticed from the photos that these lorries are used to transport ice. Called up the company concerned and speak to the management. I am sure the said company would not want to attract bad publicity. Do this and I am sure the problem will be resolved fast.

Rada said...

Without question, the resident should be hauled up by the Police for being a nuisance to his Kiara neighbors. What kind of man does such things to his fellow residents. Call up the ice company and asked the management to cancel this contractor's contract. He has no business doing business.

Azli said...

Call the Police to tow the lorries to their compound and charge the owner accordingly. This type of people would not listen to reasoning and must be made to pay the maximum fine. Continued persecution will ensure this resident wake up.

Saras said...

My sympathies to the house owner for having such a difficult neighbor. If given a choice, we will pray hard to avoid neighbors who are indifferent and inconsiderate but most of us do not have the opportunity to chose neighbors. God bless you and I pray that your difficult neighbor come to realise his mistake soon.

Selva said...

Aiya! You have got major problem and the only thing this thick skin neighbor of yours is going to remove his lorries else where is for you and BBRA to continuously pester the authorities to take action. I suggest you seek legal advise and sue that owner for disturbing and disrupting your peace and serenity. Make that awful owner pay and he will change his attitude, otherwise .....

Banjit said...

The earlier comments are spot-on. Report it and let the authorised departments take up the issues with the difficult neighbour.
We need tough actions in order to send the message across to our fellow residents.
Compared to Phase 3, the pictures shown are a delite as the situation here is much worse especially on week ends.