Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.108 - The Ecological system in Bandar Botanic (retention) Lake

The Ecological system in Bandar Botanic (retention) Lake Early signs of environmental damage and recovery.
Green sea weeds in our lake are in fact ecological friendly as they produce abundance of oxygen for the fishes. But throughout time, pollutants like oil, households chemicals like detergents, soaps, curry and sauces, are being trapped by them and they die. When the sea weeds die off, they need to be removed away or else these oil will gradually grow to large patches and damage the environment of the lake.

Most Bandar Botanic residents are becoming increasingly aware that the natural environment is fragile. Some are beginning to regain an understanding of the importance of respecting the trees & plants, the water and the earth. We realize it will not be easy to restore these values – but are we headed down the right path?

The news media have reported on many instances of environmental changes affecting man, animal & fish life, often as a result of pollutants from human activities. Recent News reports in other (retention) lakes areas in the country have focused on declines of birds and fish because of oil, pollutants and disease, fish contaminated with pollutants that may cause cancer and reproductive disorders.

These events may be omens that other forms of life, including people, could become threatened if environmental conditions continue to worsen. But how much worse must conditions be before wildlife and human life are in danger? Or are they in danger already?

Clearly, better methods are needed to predict the probability of future environmental and health problems based on present evidence. Information too could guide environmental regulators like us and decision makers in taking actions in time to minimize damage to the environment and human health.

Residents of Bandar Botanic, please take heed that unless we residents become proactive and collectively ensure that we ourselves do not pollute the retention pond through our own selfish acts and pursue to tell others to help us in ensuring the cleanliness of our environment, we residents will bear the blunt and stink of a polluted retention pond surrounded by a badly maintained environment and neighborhood.

REMEMBER THE FIRST STEP STARTS WITH US, THE RESIDENTS. All forms of contributions, assistance and help will be most welcome by the Bandar Botanic
Residents Association (BBRA).


Lim said...

This is about the best write up todate. My congratulations. The article clearly show what can happened to our environment and residents should not take our environment for granted. It is shocking but yet revealing for all residents to be fully aware that they are responsible for their own doings. Neglect your own and you will reap what you sow.

I wonder how many of our good residents ever visit the BBRA Blog except those who have offerred comments.!

Ben Phang said...

Well said. The apathy and leave it to others to resolve attitude by the large majority of Bandar Botanic residents will eventually lead to further deterioration of services and amenities. While it is impossible to attain 100% support from residents, all BBRA need is a stronger support of the majority of the residents and we should be able to overcome most of the under lying problems.

The main issues pertaining to the park and retention pond can be resolved through joint efforts with MPK and Township Management more through dialogue, co-operation and contribution from all parties.

Ang said...

Good post! If only the awareness can be brought to all residents thru a bulletin or newsletter.

Andrew Sum said...

Awareness can be done through the Suara Warta once in every 3 months. This is a positive suggestion. I believe the BBRA will take note.

Ben Phang said...

Members of BBRA have resolved at the recent AGM to come out with their Suara BBRA once every 3 months and I am confident residents will see its 1st issue by latest July, 2009.

From those photographs posted, we can see workers entering the pond to clear the weeds. It will be a big sin if they stepped on broken glass bottles and get hurt or be subject to skin disease because of contaminants by irresponsible people. Have a heart. Please help to keep our environment clean.

Jacob said...

Dear all,

For your information, the park users are still throwing empty bottles and rubbish in to the lake(pond). It was evident from the debris around in last 2-3 days.

The awareness is one of the best way for prevention . Can we get 2-3 banners with simple message for enviorment and hang around the BB park for everybodies awareness. I am sure that it is effective.But not sure about the implementation part. We can share the cost for the banners.The main reason for the above proposal is that the real calprits( majority) are nonresidents and they are not accessing our blog . Appreciate the feedback and support from the intersted parties.

Jacob said...

Dear all,

As per developer, the cleaning of the lake is scheduled for every 2 months. The developer also has a interest in the cleaness in BB as they have opening the new phases 7 & 8 for sale soon. I guess the sale for phase 7 already opened.