Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Sunday, 26 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.107 - Open Dialogue between the Police and the residents of Bandar Botanic.

Dear Residents,
The Splendour of the Police Force -
at the Bandar Botanic Open Dialogue between the Police and residents of Bandar Botanic on 24th April,2009 at Town Hall, at 8.30pm.

Matters brought up and discussed were:
Heavy vehicles parked indiscriminately at homes.
Heavy vehicles parked indiscriminately at highways.
Polis Pondok fencings to be partially opened up within a month.
Police to work alongside MPK Enforcing units to bring peace ar the lake.
Drugs and gangsters cases can be reported at the police pondok.
Illegal racings and mat rampit
BBRA monthly meeting with the Police can be made in weekly meeting to gather information.

The following persons brought up the issues:
Mr Jacob Mathews (Vice President)
Mr Ng Seen See (Secretary)
Mr Ben Phang(Committee Member-Jenaris)
Mr Ong HC (Asst Secretary)
Mr Rajan Member BBRA
A Resident

BBRA member Mr Rajan brought up some issues.

Vice President Mr Jacob Methews brought up some issues

BBRA Asst Secretary Mr Ong HC brought up some issues.

BBRA Committee member Mr Ben Phang speaks

BBRA Secretary Mr Ne Seen San speaks

Residents of Bandar Botanic listening patiently.


Ben Phang said...

The Police had explicitly stated that the motorcycles and cyclists in the park are matters for MPK to resolve. The haphazard parkings and lorries in our residential area are also matters for MPK to resolve. The Police however will assist whenever possible.

Sunny Ho said...

Thanks for the updates and also attending the the Open Dialogue. Hope the authorities will work together to resolve all this issues.

Lim said...

Lets hope we will see an end to the 6 unit of lorries parked at the junction of Jalan Kiara 9 and Jalan Rhu 2 within a month, say end May 2009.

MPK's enforcement officers must constantly come in the evening and keep issuing summonses to these lorries. I am confident with the many summonses issued, the owner will find it more economical to rent a piece of land to park his lorries. In the end the money consideration will make sense to him as nothing else will.

Jacob said...

Dear all,

It looks like PDRM is very keen to work with communities and RAs to ressolve the crimes around. Our residents must be together in facing the crime issues in BB.

For your information, in Bungor, there was a house break in last Sunday at 4 pm. 2-3 thieves tied the owner when he back home. The owner lost Laptop, Play Station, money etc. This is 6th or 7th break in Bungor area.Please ask our residents around to be more alert.

Jimmy said...

PDRM is keen to work with residents and RAs. Police patrol regularly visit Jenaris Precint. KKS patrol car back in business after break down. Burglars break in (not down) houses at Bungor and Jenaris. These are the No. 7 or 8th break ins of late.

How did the burglars came in? By car through the main entrances where the sentry guards must have waved them in or else how to take away the 42" TV, laptop, etc. The sentry guards must have waved them goodbye when the burglars left. What a joke?

Ironically, the Police want to help and co-operate, the security guards want to do something but do not know where to start? Residents (most of them) just want to forget the incidents and hope it will go away. Sorrylah, it won't and given the ease of such break ins, you can be assured there will be more and the burglars will be bolder next time.

We have decent level headed people in BBRA who wants to pursue the matter objectively. Residents of Bandar Botanic, ITS UP TO YOU.

Dickson said...

Cakap Cakap Sahaja.

The lorries parked along Kesas Highway just before the entrance into Bandar Botanic continue to cause traffic jams and posed a danger to other road users. Sorry to report that every evening the situation is the same. No sign of ASP Rosli and his traffic police team.

Is this going to be one of those things that attract plenty of comments and then slowly fade away.