Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 6 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.96 - The Tour of The lake Minutes of The Meeting.

Minutes of the Meeting held at the TMO Office between
Bandar Botanic Residents Association (BBRA), TMO, MPK, Polis, & Alam Flora
on Saturday, 28th March 2009 at 10.30 a.m.
(Note: Those who needs a copy of the Minutes of the Meeting or Photo Report(45 pics) via email can write in to Andrew Sum at


BBRA President John Lim
Members Jacob Mathew
Selvaraj G. Rathinam
Jacob Thomas
Nor Halim
Ng Seen San

TMO Representative Goo Chee Kang

MPK Members Muhammad Hijaz Sanusi
Andry Arman Masrom
Zulkifli Bin Alias
Shahabudin B. Ali
Hazizi B. Husin
S. Manimaran
Noor Azlin Othman
Maizan Hasan
Abd. Kadir Ngachuan
Hamzah Mohd Ekjim

Balai Polis Bk Tinggi Srg. Manogaran Muniandy
Pondok Polis Bandar Botanic Srg. Zawawi B. Ibrahim

Alam Flora Usanishah Bahaanshah

Summary of Discussion

Welcome address by BBRA President

Mr. John Lim, the President of BBRA started the meeting at 10.30 a.m. by welcoming all the officers of MPK, the Police, Alam Flora, TMO office representative and BBRA members who have taken the time to attend this meeting.


Copies of the Agenda and data relating to the meeting were circulated. Photographs of various issues were also enclosed in the data circulated.

The 4 main issues to be discussed are:
a) The Environment in Bandar Botanic
b) Security
c) Alam Flora
d) Others

The Environment in Bandar Botanic

The lake and its surroundings (Info)
The issue was brought up that the lake (retention pond) is generally not well maintained as residents have complained of stagnant, oily surface and sometimes filthy conditions of the lake. Algae and cut grass can be seen floating on it.

TMO Representative said that part of the problem lies with the residents who have not followed the procedures set by Harum Initisari Sdn Bhd in doing their house renovation. The resident’s contractors are required to have the outflow from the extended kitchens’ and bathrooms connected directly to the sewerage system and not to the drain outlet which flows to the retention pond.

BBRA members raised the issue as to who should be held responsible as RM1k is paid by residents to Harum Intisari Sdn. Bhd. to start the renovation work and MPK gives the CF when renovation is completed.

Is MPK going to re-inspect all these houses again to check for compliance?

Are the commercial shops which operate restaurant’s and car workshops following the same requirement of their water discharge? Is there enforcement in these areas?

Harum Intisari Sdn. Bhd. Representative was informed to check the source of the problem of the polluted lake.
John Lim, BBRA President, requested that BBRA be given in writing what communication has been passed on to which authorities in order for BBRA to be in the know and also to assist authorities in disseminating useful information. (Action by: TMO)

Landscape at the park (Action by: MPK)
The care of the landscape lies with MPK. Grass cutting in the lake area and the football field is undertaken by MPK. Grass cutting is generally done every two weeks. Currently the area is zoned into 3 phases. New contractors will start in April 09. MPK will inform BBRA of the zones and the contractors involved. It has been suggested that these contractors’ staff and vehicles be given some form of identification such as uniforms and tags for them to be easily identified.

Grass cutting in the lake area needs to be improved as some residents have complained that sometimes cut grass in plastic bags are not removed regularly. Grass cuttings are found floating in the lake. MPK will look into this.

It has been suggested that more garbage bins be put in the park area.

BBRA member has suggested that designated areas within Bandar Botanic be set up in order for residents to throw bulky garbage. Currently a few residents have resorted to dumping their bulky garbage such as old mattresses near TNB substations. This is not possible according to the Alam Flora representative. Alam Flora suggested that residents who wish to get rid of old items can contact them to collect it from them for a reasonable fee. Grass cutting in the vicinity of the houses in Bandar Botanic lies with Alam Flora. Their services are good.

2 Types of rubbish bags : (Action by: TMO)

Yellow plastic bags relates to Alam Flora waste and
Clear plastic bags relates to MPK waste.

BBRA member wanted to know when the lake area will be handed over to MPK completely. The TMO representative was unable to confirm any particular time frame.

The pumps relating to the lake area will be handed over by the end of December 2009 to MPK

Bandar Botanic Security (Info)

The residents of the community have expressed dismay and unhappiness on the state of the security in and around the lake area.
There are motorcyclist and bicyclist who use the walking path. There are times when they speed around the lake area.
There are repeated cases of people who consume alcohol in these public places and throw the broken bottles and cans in the vicinity.
According to the Police representative, they have gone around and given warnings and have issued several summonses to those who have fallen foul of the law.

There are cases of vandalism at the common areas of the park. There are also cases where metal parts have literally been stolen from the equipment at the sports stations.

BBRA member wanted to know who is in charge of security in the park. (Action by: BBRA/TMO/MPK
TMO representative suggested that BBRA request that MPK and TMO have a meeting to trash out this matter.

It was suggested that the authorities put up some form of barrier at the various points of entry into the park to make it difficult for motorist and cyclist to enter the area. Some form of barrier or ziz zag device to make it difficult for these vehicles to enter through the wooden bridges. MPK or Township does not have a budget for it at this time. MPK Representative has asked BBRA to indicate the areas where the barriers and gates should be placed to curtail the above problem.
Alternative is to do more patrolling. (Action by: BBRA/MPK)

The lightings and fittings in the park are under the responsibility of TMO. There should be more checks done by TMO as fused and damaged lights are replaced regularly. (Action by: TMO)

BBRA member highlighted the problem of sand getting trapped in gutter outside homes which has resulted in some areas being flooded when it rains.
Can MPK get involved in removing these gutters on a periodical basis?
MPK and Alam Flora to check and revert back. (Action by: MPK/Alam Flora)


BBRA member wanted to know, who is responsible for the blue hoarding and the open area in Phase 6 near the De Palma Apartment?
TMO Representative to check and revert to BBRA. (Action by: TMO)

Lorry, tankers and buses parked in the vicinity of homes
Currently there are individuals who park these vehicles at corners of their phases. Request was made to find an alternative parking area for these heavy vehicles. Can TMO assist in this area? TMO representative said that they will look into it. (Action by: TMO)

Dual Carriage way (Action by:TMO)
The original plan and the actual are different. The designs of the current U Turn at Phase 2 and Phase 4 have not been made known to residents. Currently there are people who are making illegal U Turns at these places which have resulted in accidents and near misses.
TMO Representative has suggested a meeting with the Consultants who designed it, as the roads are still under the TMO.

BBRA member suggested that some form of concrete barrier be placed at places where the illegal U Turns are made. The Jaya Jusco road into the Bandar Botanic roundabout is now back in the picture according to MPK Engineering representative. However the residents in Phase 1, 3 and 5 will need to go to the U Turn at Phase 2 to get access to Jaya Jusco. In view of this, there are fears that some people might decide to go there using the new intended single entry road from Jaya Jusco, as what took place earlier. BBRA member wants TMO and MPK Engineering department to have a meeting to resolve the above issues. (Action by: TMO/MPK)

Nursery at the dual carriage way (Action by: BBRA/MPK)

The new nursery at the dual carriage way is causing concern for residents as part of the road side is blocked when people visit the nursery. It is a potential accident area. It was suggested that the entrance to this nursery be sited at the Bukit Tinggi area. MPK Representative requested that BBRA write in to voice their concern.

Stalls and small business operations operating in and around the vicinity of Bandar Botanic (Action by: MPK)

1) There are a few stalls operating in the vicinity of the Super 99 store in the commercial district which is causing some traffic problems. Can these stalls be sited at a place more convenient and less traffic hazardous? We do not want to harm any person’s rice bowl. We are just concerned for everyone’s safety.
2) Stalls at the Kesas Highway have contributed to rubbish being piled at the roadside.
MPK Representative said that they will look into this matter.

Kindergartens and nursery at Phase 4 (Action by MPK)
Currently there are about 6 kindergartens and nurseries at this phase. Some of them operate within 30 metres of each other. Residents there want to know why so many kindergartens are located within a small area. Have they all been approved by MPK to operate in the same area? MPK Representative says that some have been approved, while others are awaiting approval. MPK Representative will act on this immediately.
BBRA member suggested that should it deem necessary for any of these businesses not to be given the right to operate here, then in the interest of the children and parent’s concerned that it should cease at the end of the school term at the end of the year.

Renovation by residents not in line with MPK (Action by: MPK)
It has been reported that some residents have taken it upon themselves to beautify the area surrounding their house by encroaching the land close to jogging paths and some playground areas. MPK Representative said that they are aware of this and has taken action against the residents concerned by issuing the notices.

MPK – Jabatan Pembangunan will look into houses where extensive renovations have been done without concern for the surroundings.

The meeting adjourned at around 1.30 p.m.

BBRA President thanked everyone for their active participation in the meeting.

BBRA members and a few MPK Representatives along with the TMO Representative then went over to view the general lake area by buggies provided by courtesy of TMO Office.

About 50 minutes was spent around the lake area to highlight the issues brought out earlier at the meeting.

Minutes taken by
Jacob Thomas
(28 March 2009)


Ben Phang said...

Aha, we residents sure have so many things that can keep us busy and occupied. Come on, for those retired residents, your services are really needed here. You are the best candidates to assist as you are definitely more matured, more patience, less egoistic, definitely less hot headed and most of all, have more free time.

Of course, the young and furious (hopefully not so fury) will need to contribute their part as the better future belongs to them.

Jimmy said...

I find it a bit odd when reading the minutes on Bandar Botanic Security .. who is in charge?

Surely the lake and gardens are deemed a public park and the Police is the authority to enforce the law. Those who are a public nuisance, destroyed public property, motorcyclist who ride inside a prohibited area should be duly apprehended without fear or favour. The Police must be seen to be doing their job. MPK enforcement officers can only assist once in a while.

This matter should be raise directly to the OCPD Klang or higher up in order to get the attention it deserved.

Andersson said...

Please be a bit wary on the hand over date of the lake and the facilities. TMO rep was unable to confirm but at the same time said the pumps will be handed over in December 2009. What is this, handing over part by part?

Many residents have claimed that the lake and facilities should only be handed over 10 years after completion of development. Suggest that BBRA check on this claim and pursue the matter with Harum Intisari and MPK for documentary substantiation.

Rada said...

John & The Committee,
Are you all checking with Harum, TMO or MPK regarding confirmation of the actual take-over date? It is important as the developer would have included the costs of maintenance and upkeep of the facilities in the pricing of houses in Bandar Botanic. If that be the case, it is only fair for the developer to use such funds for the purpose it was collected. This is quite similar to sinking funds for condos and apartments.

John Lim said...

The maintenance of the lake is still Gamuda responsibility. Gardening and landscape has been handed over to MPK. BBRA will be informed the date to handover will take place.

I am unsure of the 10 yrs period. Perhaps someone can shed more light on this matter.