Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 4 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.95 - AGM Reminder.

The AGM Meeting- Final Reminder.
In the words of Mr Ong, Secretary.
"Ong, HC (Klang)"
Friday, April 3, 2009 4:16 PM
Dear Andrew,

Can you please put up the above attached Notice and Agenda for BBRA AGM 2008 on the BBRA Blog.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
H C Ong.


Banjit said...

Good enough notification already.
Now please ensure we receive the actual notice in accordance to our constitution.

Ramli said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jimmy said...

Is this meant to be a Notice for members to attend the AGM? Where are the Annual Report, Committee Report, Auditted Accounts, etc.

Ramli said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John Lim said...

Dear Ramli,

I was told by MPK to attend a meeting on Thursday afternoon. I was not inform who will be attending. When I asked for the agenda, I was told it was about solving the problems in BB. I was given some papers on some complaints that BBRCC has raised. Some issues as we discussed on Sat (28/3).

My first reaction was not to go but when I was informed that the president of MPK wanted BBRA and TMO to attend, I ought to give face and respect our Majlis.

Truth being told here, I was surprise to see the group there. When we introduced ourselves, I mentioned that I am the YDP of BBRA. President of MPK then asked what is BBRA? I replied, "We are a legal association from BB." The meeting proceeded with the group asking questions and MPK replying.

The issues are the same as what we have discussed and also make a tour on last Sat. MPK and TMO have agreed on their responsibilities. They have signed acceptance to the minutes and Andrew will post it out soon. I have done my part in accordance to the committee decision.

In this meeting the group raised their queries and the MPK/TMO responded. If it is for the good of BB, why not? To me, there was nothing new and the faster the relevant authorities responded the better it is for all BB residents. I always believe that whoever wants to do good, he/she is always welcome.

As I don't have the agenda for the day, and no question was posed to me, I respectfully allowed the chairperson (MPK President) to lead the meeting. As a legal association we respect protocol and we tackle issues amicably. MPK/TMO/Alam Flora/Polis have agreed to carry their responsibilities on last Sat meeting (28/3), and that's it. We should give time to them to implement.

I am always willing to contribute but in this meeting I was not asked to. Not to go? Well, there wont be any legal representative and this is a personal jemputan from MPK. For a moment I thought it was matter about our last meeting. And it wasn't be.

As BBRA President, I must carry myself with the people present. I was told of the criticism from the other group. Well, I take it in good spirit. However, MPK/TMO/Alam FLora officials told me they like the way BBRA committee handle meetings. And I must ensure that we have long term good relationship with these parties. We need them. And also for the new-incoming committee. We must not jeopardize the good relationship.

I hope I have clarify and gave a picture of what transpire on that day. Have you not heard, "Silence is golden." In being quiet we make a point. Let's see what will happen next.

To those whom informed me, thank you for your concern. I appreciate it. If the comments are for improvement, by all means, I am ready to change. If not, lets move on. We volunteers have a lot of other things to do too. Thank you.
John Lim

Ben Phang said...


Thank you for the clarification.

What was written and posted in the BBRCC net was completely different and might have been taken out of context. It is a sad episode and BBRA must write in to MPK, TMO, Police and other authorities to set the record straight, that is we cannot be dealing with splinter groups. If we do, then whenever there is disagreement, another splinter group will surface and if that be the case, we may end up with each phase having at least 1 splinter group and it will be chaotic for the authorities. At the end of the day, nothing will be resolved because we will be too busy burying each other.

As an association we are bound by rules and regulations and if members are engaged in activities contrary or disrupting the association's work, then the Committee must take appropriate action in accordance to our Constitution.

For non-members, we have to study other appropriate actions and I suggest we consult a lawyer and try to get a restraining order, may be sue him for damages. It is out in the open and he and his friends will be reading this. Lets make them responsible.

Andrew Sum said...

Jimmy, you have to ask Mr Ong the Secretary.I have not got any of these from Mr Ong or Mr John and hence cannot post it into the blog.

Banjit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ang said...

Dear RA reps,

I think that John did exceptionally well and handled the splinter group issue in a very amicable way. Kudos to him and his team!

However, as to the AGM reminder, I find it rather strange that many residents that I meet feel that they cannot part with RM44 (one time member fee and RM24 for annual subscription) and claim that it is too much. Many of them do not even pay security fees. They live like an island, leeching off their neighbors who pay.

One of them even asked me what is the percentage of residents who joined and only if it is good, will he consider. I find this very selfish and annoying, but as a human we must persist in carrying on.

Of course, I did ask the resident that since he feels comfortable if volunteering work should be free, I asked him if I could nominate him and he worked for free? The smile wiped out his face like a fire that had no oxygen.

I hope that office bearers will continue with their good work and I as a paying member will support them with whatever way possible.

Please do not let small and narrow minded people derail your efforts.

Lim said...

We have all sorts of characters in our society. The genuine volunteer workers, the publicity grabbers, the position seekers, the constructive critics, the dampeners and the worst of the lot, the hypocrites. We just have to take them as they come and in some instances, ignore them.

Ben is right in that if members of an association becomes counter productive and work against the association, they should do the right honourable thing and resign. BBRA as an association will be better off without these type of members.

Look at other resident associations around and you will note that having 400 members is an accomplishment. How many members can the splinter group claimed to represent. 20 or 50, mostly from Phase 2 and yet they behaved as if they can rightfully represent all the phases in Bandar Botanic. Its their prerogrative really and we members of BBRA should not be bothered.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear residents, some of your comments has been removed with the authorization of the President himself. John would like to forgive and forget and moves on. John would like to thank you all for giving your support and confident in him.
Blog Administrator.

Ramlisan said...

Dear Andrew & John,
Just a departing suggestion that you program your blog to be like BBRCC, that is comments shall be posted after authorization.
Best Wishes & Good Bye
Ramli Hassan

Andrew Sum said...

The 2008 Annual Report and audited Financial Statement are ready to be circulated or distributed to members. Kindly collect them from your respective Phase. Thank you.

Andrew, guess we will only distribute the Reports to members. It’s quite unlikely for you to put the whole report, which consists of over 20 pages, on the bog. Thanks

Best Regards,
H C Ong

Rada said...

To be fair to all parties, it is within the blog owner's rights to remove any comment that he finds in bad taste, not condusive and or not appropriate. Similarly blogger who finds such deleting curtailed for the wrong reasons will stop visiting. Its a double edged knife.

I find it rather peculiar that you deleted Ramli's comments and then left John's reply intact. How will bloggers know what was Ramli's question? Common sense dictates that John would not have bother to reply to Ramli's "distasteful or inappropriate" comments.

We have to be consistent, least we lose support and interest from our resident bloggers.

Banjit said...

Dear Andrew,
What did I wrote that needed to be removed and needed John to forgive and forget? As far as I am concern what I wrote is frank and factual.
Anyway, please delete all comments that I have made in the BBRA Blog as I will move on.
Thank you & No Regrets.

Sunny Ho said...

Dear Members,

Well, just for your info, I am one of the person who attended the meeting held by YDP MPK.

First of all, most of us actually attended the meeting just as a guest nothing more. Since we are the guest, we are also entitled to voice our opinions and suggestions, but what voiced out are just Band Botanic issues and suggestions, nothing more.

I am also sad to hear and read about all these personal issues and attacks that has been going on which shouldn't be happening at the first place. It is actually bad for our society and especially bad for our neighbourhood.

Most of us were helping to better BB and we need everybody’s help whether it is BBRA or BBRCC. Approaches are different, the goal is still the same so everybody needs to work together and that is why I always stress that information needs to flow so that we know where to help or when to get involved.

Again, the team who attended the meeting with YDP, basically the main reason was to get updates and also follow up and put pressure on MPK or the developer for most of us do not know what was happening. Since invited as a guest, we attended and that was all. I think John knows that as well. Even before that, we were asking whether internal updates were updated especially on the Lake Tour so that it will be a more fruitful meeting. In the meeting, issues were brought up and discussed.

Since I have some time now and not too busy with work, I will help when invited, whether it is BBRA or BBRCC, it does not matter to me as long as we can help and give some opinions. Bandar Botanic is our home and I have been involved since 4 years ago, not very active but when I have the time and when invited, I will contribute. When invited for meetings, I will try to attend unless something urgent comes up.

Basically I too do not want to see chaos among the residents because once the residences are divided, then we are finished in a way where nobody will take us seriously.

I guess the next step for all of us will be to put all the past a side and try to start a new, and again make the Bandar Botanic a good place to stay. We need to work together. Let’s continue to have a common goal.

Andrew Sum said...

Rada, I think you are right. I will post back Ramli's comment but not after some re-editing. Thanks for the advice. I am still not a good blog administer, I must admit.
However, I am open to suggestions.

BBRA said...

Ramli said...
Dear Bloggers & Residents,
Please visit ……………… and read the comment from Mr ….. If you still feel fine, I salute you as a fellow resident and or as a member of BBRA.
To me that guy has been looking for a ..... for some time. He and his friends, Mr. T, Mr. S , Mr. & Mrs Q and Mr. R may be honorable in wanting to do good for Bandar Botanic but to ridiculed our sitting President, Mr. John Lim is to ridicule and show disrespect to all members of BBRA and he is not even a member.
He and his group is creating disharmony and division among all residents of Bandar Botanic and if BBRA office bearers and committee members keep silent, I will not ashamed and continue being a member.
05 April 2009 14:42
(This comment has been re-edited)

BBRA said...

Ramli said...
That man at ……….. has come to his senses and amended his posting in the ………. net. Its proper of him to amend, rectify and move on.

As for our BBRA men, sorrylah, you are still sleeping and so unfocus. John, with all due respect, you should not have attended the meeting between MPK and BBRCC without your team. What were you thinking? You were completely suck in by that man from your same Kiara Precint. Jagalah sikit.
05 April 2009 19:33
(This original comment has been re-edited)

BBRA said...

Banjit, if you can re-post your comment but do not mention names, then it will be accepted. Sorry, I did not copy and file your comments. I am open to suggestions.


BBRA said...

Residents, I know your honorable and well intentions, but do please keep your comments in moderation. As a blog administer, I do not want to see seditive materials or direct personal attack on another residents whether it is within BBRA or another splinter association. Harmony should be foremost in our minds of all Bandar botanic residents.

Ben Phang said...

Dear Fellow Resident Bloggers,
I believe Sunny Ho's explaination is clear and that the uncalled for remarks was the personal opinion of an individual and not the group.

Lets not waste our time indulging in the matter. Lets move on to more interesting matters that warrant our undivided attention and that is to ensure follow-up actions on the many matters that is mentioned in the minutes of the meeting held on 28th March, 2009.

Together we will overcome and above all, our life will be much more pleasant, being acquainted with more resident friends and living in a calm and beautiful neighborhood. It is definitely possible!

Andrew Sum said...

Ben/Ramli, your suggestions valuable to me as I have now explore and discover a new way to re-edit residents comments should I find them in bad taste. However, I assure all residents that from now their comments would not be completely deleted but allow me a small leeway to re-edit them should I find it distasteful.

Jimmy said...

A friend once told me that,

"a person with a university degree cannot be called an educated man when he has no manners, no respect for others and behaved childish."

similarly, a gentleman is a person who acts honourably, considerately and politely to others.

We all pray that Bandar Botanic is blessed with many residents who are educated and gentlemen.

There is no need to be agressive or impolite to press our opinions across. We all want to do good and there is no need to ridicule or talk bad about others to manifest our good intentions and work. Residents are intelligent enough to recognise contributions by any party or person. Take this opportunity to make more friends rather than create enimosity.

God Bless Bandar Botanic & Residents

Saras said...

Why are you men so emotional and upset over a comment that did not even appeared in our blog? If you want to engage in a tit for tat, then would it not be proper to do it at the other blog?

We have a good thing going on in the BBRA Blog and it would be better and more cordial for all of us to concentrate on matters that require our energy.

Andrew Sum said...

When two elephants fights it is the grass that suffers - me the blog administer !

Andersson said...

Only bull elephants fight and it is only during the mating season.

We all want to be regarded as educated gentlemen and the way forward is to acknowledge both parties went over board. Let bygones be bygones and lets focus our energy on the many things that need to be addressed.

Sunny Ho said...

Many things have happened. Some good, some bad, but I guess it has also taught us a lot of things where some people are very emotional, some are very aggressive, and some are very gentlemen and etc. All these characteristics of people has their good in some ways. Let's all of us combine and use all this different characteristics to create a power of one, a united Bandar Botanic so that we are powerful in our own way in tackling issues.

Andrew Sum said...

Sunny you are absolutely right. Remember The Roman Senate?

Selva said...

Hello, hello, what did I miss?
or to be more exact what i did not.

From both side of the divide, all parties intend to improve the lot for Bandar Botanic residents. The approach is definitely different but as individuals that should be understandable and accepted by all parties. We must all learn to be more pleasant to one another and refrain from instigating the other party by impolite and uncalled for remarks that will lead to dissent and bad repercussions. Such action will only defeat the true purpose that we seek to create - harmony among the residents.

For those who want to continue indulging in such trivial matters, you will do everybody a favour if you were to fade away. Thank you.

Dickson said...

Ai yah why so messy and hock chap? It leads me to the saying, "Too many cooks spoil the soup" Who will want to drink you chap choy tong which seemed more blackish than the botanic lake. Where are the gentlemen? I see mostly boys arguing over nothing and at the end of the day, nothing will be achieved except angry residents.

Grow up before you attempt solving our Bandar Botanic problems. Sh....