Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 20 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.100 - The New BBRA Team.

The New President & Committees Members.

At the BBRA AGM meeting on 19th April,2009 at 3.00pm, at the Multipurpose Hall, Bandar Botanic, the old president and his committees was honorable discharged. In his place, a new President and his new committees was graciously nominated and accepted.

The names of the new Presidents and new committee members are:

President - Encik Nor Halim, (HP:019-3172779)

Vice President – Mr Jacob Mathews, (HP:012-2020369)

Secretary – Mr Ng Seen San, (HP:012-3995423)

Assistant Secretary – Mr H C Ong, (HP:019-2318192)

Treasurer – Mr Jacob Thomas,(HP:012-3541252)

Ordinary Committee members

Phase 1 – Mr Sobanababu(HP: 012-3922911)
Phase 1
- Mr Jaya Kumar(HP: 016-2116400)

Phase 2 – Mr Choo Keang Wooi (HP:012-3826671)
Phase 2 - Mr Charlie Lim (HP:017-8803383)

Phase 3 – Mr Tamilmaran(HP:012-2090235)

Phase 4 – Mr Lim Chin Beng(HP:016-2022662)
Phase 4 - Mr Benjamin Phang (HP:012-3977999)

Phase 5 – Mr Hum Mung Sun (HP:012-2928368)

Phase 6 – Mr Nai Kun San (HP:017-6888268)
Phase 6 - Mr Vincent Lim (HP:016-2154171)

Ambang Botanic- Mr R.Selvaraj(HP:012-3822691)

Internal Auditor- Mr Au Pak Thong (HP:012-3236778)
Internal Auditor - Mr Hum Mung Sun(HP:012-2928368)
Ex President - Mr John Lim(HP:016-2730400)
Blog Administer - Mr Andrew Sum (019-4105145)

Note: The BBRA Suara Warta was adopted for 3 months issuing date.


Sunny Ho said...

Congratulations and kudos to the new office bearers. A new begining.
Just let me know if you need help. I will help if I have time and the timing is right.

Pillay said...

Lets hope we have a team that can serve out its 2 year term. While the residents support will be as usual, lukewarm but demanding, it is hope that the new committee members will stay the course.