Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS NO.104 - Filty Lake

Dear Residents,
We have received a contribution from a resident in Phase 6 and he would like to relate two stories pertaining to the up-keep of the lakes.

Hi Halim, President of BBRA,
I would like to bring to your attention these two stories that appeared this week, NST and The Star, which are about two housing estates in Shah Alam that have over promised their residents. One is in Pantai Sepang Putra and another in Taman Puteri Subang. The main grouses are similar to ours which is the pond. - buyers promised beautiful lake with pristine water- after a couple of years, poor maintenance turns the pond into a smelly and dirty retention pond - developer ignores plight of residentsIs it possible for us to publish the news or link to TheStar and NST for our readers to read via the BBRA blog? At the end of the day, we need to put pressure on the developer so that our pond does not end up like the two stories mentioned. At the moment, if MBSA cannot manage the lake, I have serious doubts that MPK can manage ours. Why not get TMO to educate BBRA on how to maintain the lake so that we are aware of the engineering/operations? Once handed over, it will be too late to get anything from the developer. Furthermore, the knowledge that we have can be for used as check and balance if MPK fails to maintain the lake. Hope you consider this. Thank you and regards,-- A Concern Resident(Phase 6).

Case A,
Streets (

Streets Mail: Promised post living in Pantai Sepang Putra a farce

M.I.K, Shah Alam 21-4-2009 10:12AM

WITH reference to your report :Lake of horror” (Streets, March 25), I am also one of the retirees who bought a small single-storey bungalow fronting a man-made lake at Pantai Sepang Putra in Sg Pelek, Sepang. There are five such lakes in this huge housing estates developed by a prominent real estate developer.

The marketing publicity and strategy by the developer at property fairs, in advertisements and in the website was convincing. Buyers were promised quality properties fronting pristine lakes surrounded by lush greenery. City dwellers, in particular public and corporate sector executives, were assured of a serene, comfortable and affordable retreat just an hour’s drive away from the pressures of city life.

The retirees were convinced that this was the haven for them to enjoy the rest of their lives as the Bagan Lallang beach is just a 10-minute drive from the housing estate. The buyers, young and old, were not gullible. They placed their trust on the name of the company which was a renowned one.

Today, the area reeks of the stench from the sewage due to the poorly planned sewage system. Buyers are trying hard to sell off their properties. The unoccupied houses are now surrounded by overgrown vegetation, an open invitation to snakes and rats.

Security has also become another issue. The silence of the developer to the hundreds of complaints from the residents, particularly about the non-functioning sewage system, is deafening.

The member of parliament for Sepang should take the developer to task.
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Case B,
The Star Online: Dream house turn into a nightmare. 4/21/2009 10:13AM

Tuesday April 21, 2009

Dream homes turn into a nightmare

When the residents of Taman Puteri Subang in Shah Alam first moved into the housing estate, they thought they would be able to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable lifestyle.

But a few years later, their dream homes have turned into a nightmare with serious problems affecting their housing estate. There are malfunctioning street lights, collapsed road and a poorly-maintained pond, among other problems.

According to the residents, they were made to believe that the pond was a scenic recreational site and most of them bought their units facing the pond, expecting a pleasant view.

However, after five years of living in the housing area, the pond is now in a sorry state.

According to residents association chairman Mohd Khairy Buyong, weeds grow wildly at the bay, turning it into a breeding ground for snakes and monitor lizards. Some residents have even seen cobras in the area.

“When it rains the pond overflows and a small pool of water remains at the bay when the water subsides. It contributes to dengue cases in our area,” Khiary said.

Part of a road in the residential area leading to a sewerage treatment plant has also collapsed.

Residents association committee member Ong Kong Soon pointed out that most of the streetlights at Persiaran Galaksi and Persiaran Angkasa were not working.

“The risk of being mugged increases when the area gets dark,” he said.

The residents also complained about the debris left behind the guardhouse. The developer has also not fulfilled its promised of building a surau.

“I have written a few letters to the developer but did not get any response from them,” Khairy said.

When contacted, an aide of Kota Damansara assemblyman Dr Nasir Hashim said he could help arrange for a meeting between the developer and residents to discuss the issues affecting them.

Meanwhile, the developer said the pond had been handed over to the local government.

“Now that we are aware of the condition of the road, we will rectify the problem.” A company employee said.

Shah Alam City Council (MNSA) public relations officer Shahrin Ahmad promised to look into the streetlights problem.

“We know that it poses a danger to road users. We will check if it is caused by a mechanical fault and act fast to rectify the problem.” Shahrin said.

Regarding the pond, Sharin said it was a retention pond.

“Since it is under our jurisdiction we will at the grass at the site and carry our maintenance work there.” He said.

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Ang said...

These two cases are indeed tragic as residents were helpless in both cases. No one wants to be conned and the developer indeed pulled cotton wool over their eyes by claiming to sell a quality environment and a pristine lake. At first read I thought it was our problem in BB. Luckily it is not. Though my sympathies go to the residents of both these areas, we better do something to ensure our township does not end up like theirs.

Lim said...

It is a sad case of irresponsible developers shirking their duties, both corporate and moral for quick profits and there is nothing the Minitry of Housing & Local Governemnt can do.

Owners of condominiums and apartments have faced these problems for decades, now such matters are surfacing in mixed developments. The Developers used and disguised such detention ponds as serenading lakes and gardens in their brochures and catalogues but once they have made their sales and profits, they confirmed the lake as a detention pond. They quickly hand over such facilities to the local authorities who are ill prepared to maintain such facilities. They do not even have a budget for such facilities. Meanwhile, the developer moved on to new places to bluff others.

What can the local authorities or even the Ministry of Housing & Local Government do? Nothing!

Sunny Ho said...

I guess this is more the reason for all of us as residents to work together as one to continue to put the pressure on MPK and TMO.

BBRA said...

Dear Concern resident,
Thank you for the articles and comments. We encourage more people to contribute whatever they can in helping BBRA to function and also making our place a better place to live. I hope that you and all residents are aware that a meeting with the MPK and TMO has been initiated on 28 Mac 2009 to discuss many issues concerning our neighbourhood, including the hot topic of the lake. we are now waiting for the follow up meeting to be called by MPK/TMO, if not the new committee will decide the next best step to take, either using political avenues or to get it highlighted in the media. we will keep everybody updated through the blog. Once again, thank you. Halim.

Ben Phang said...

Frankly, we are what we are and our environment reflects clearly the overall attitude of the whole neighborhood. If we residents keep waiting for the authorities and or township management to resolve the many arising problems, we will be in for disappointments after disappointments. We live in a growing community and with it comes the inherent problems. Such problems will be minimised if we as residents take a proactive part to educate the community and visitors that everybody must help to keep our environment clean and free from pollutants. The big question is when and how do we start?

LETS START NOW and through the efforts of the Bandar Botanic Residents Association, Klang or BBRA Klang. If as a resident, you should do your civic part by becoming a member. The entrance fee is RM20 while the annual subscription fee is RM24 (that is RM2 per month). Get your family members and your neighbors to join. With the full support of all residents, BBRA Klang will be able to fulfill many things and resolve many problems. All these will benefit residents of Bandar Botanic in general and enhance the value of our properties in particular.

Every thing, purpose and meaning start with us and what better time to start off NOW!