Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS NO.102 - The Sad Illegal Kindergartens Affairs

Dear Residents,
The Illegal Kindergardens.
(MPK letters to individual residents to attend meeting with illegal kindergardens owners on 21-4-09 @ 2,30pm. BBRA purposely uninvited)
Last week, MPK send to the individual residents of Jenaris Precints a letter each asking them to attend to their MPK meeting between MPK and Residents on the 21st April,2009 at 2.30pm. But as they did not invite the BBRA. This matter was highlighted immediately to the BBRA committee President and members Ben Phang and Mr Ng Seen San.

On the faithful day of 21st April,2009 at 2.30pm there are a total of 4 cases to be heard. The Bandar Botanic Kindergarten is Case No.4 and the case only starts at 4.30pm. As predicted, non of the residents attended. Jimmy together with Ben Phang, Ng Seen San and John Lim make up to 4. The illegal kindergartens were represented by 10 representatives. The BBRA committee members put up a very strong case against the ill prepared cases of the illegal kindergartens owners. The Councillors were surprise at the sudden presence of the BBRA. They did not expected this.

According to the BBRA, they have no objection to the presence of the kindergartens as long as they are legal . What they are against is the illegal kindergartens and there are already too many. With regards to these 5 illegal kindergartens, there is a clear case of violation of local act in relation to operations of commercial kindergartens in residential areas.

The BBRA’s presence was very important. Had the residents not inform and highlighted to the BBRA, the illegal kindergartens would have been accepted as to operate as no residents attended.

The 4 persons who went are1. Mr. Jimmy from Kiara 10 a BBRA member2. Mr. Ng Seen San from Kiara 2 present BBRA Secratary3. Mr. John Lim from Kiara 8, ex-BBRA president4. Mr. Ben Phang from Jenaris 6, present BBRA committee.

In the words of Ben Phang, Committee Member of Jenaris, who attended:
A meeting was called by Pengarah Perancang Bandar of Majlis Perbandaran Klang by their letter dated 13th April, 2009 addressed to all residents in Jenaris Precint and the 5 kindergarten and child care center. The meeting was scheduled on a working day, Tuesday 21st April, 2009 at 3.00pm to deliberate 4 appeals of which our case was the 4th case.

Mr. John Lim, BBRA's Past President, Mr. Ng Seen San, BBRA's Secretary, Mr. Jimmy Lim a BB resident and BBRA member from Kiara Precint and I attended the meeting. The owners and operators of Pusat Jagaan IQ MRC (Tadika Junior Harmoni), Tadika Jaya Suria, Pusat Jagaan Kid Oasis (2 premises) and Tadika Senyum Manis attended and presented their appeal cases at the meeting.

MPK confirmed that all the above named centers are operating without any approved license and should therefore stopped operating. MPK further confirmed that since there is an approved license for Tadika Krista at No.10, Jalan Jenaris 1, they cannot approved any other kindergarten or child care center within 200 meter radius from the existing one.

BBRA maintained that rules and regulations are meant to be adhered to and that MPK must discharged its duties accordingly. While sympathising that there are children involved, we must however not divert from the issue on hand, that is unlicensed centers should not be allowed to operate irrespective. It may be a harsh decision but it is needed so that any owner or operator who intends to open up any center in any precint in Bandar Botanic must ensure that they follow the rules and regulations established for the setting up of such centers in a housing area. Residents in Bandar Botanic have their rights too.

For residents in Precint Jenaris who have objections to such centers being set up in your neighborhood but have yet to register your objections, please do so. We must protect our rights and the sanity of our neighborhood.


Ang said...

A big thank you to the BBRA team and resident who took time off to represent the community.

My only concern is how could MPK play the BBRA out by using underhand tactics? Can this be highlighted to YB Charles Santiago or his officers? Such dirty tricks should not be used at all.

I hope the new team can work cohesively with all parties to foster greater things for the township.

BBRA said...

Hi Ang, my apologies. No residents attended. The 4th person who attended is Jimmy from Kiara 10, a BBRA member.Rgds.

Ben Phang said...

It is only fair and proper for MPK to call a meeting based on the appeal by the owners and operators of the kindergartens and child care centers. MPK took it upon themselves to write to all residents in Jenaris Precint but overlooked to invite BBRA. Its not an issue as residents would have notified BBRA and they did.

Four of us attended the meeting where the appeals of the 5 unlicensed centers were heard. They had submitted their applications but were rejected by MPK. At the meeting, MPK officials confirmed that no center shall be approved within a 200 meter radius from an existing center. MPK further commented that unlicensed or those who have submitted applications cannot operate till a license is issued.

BBRA representatives concurred and requested MPK to discharge its duties in accordance to the rules and regulations required for the approval of such centers in a residential area. MPK must take appropriate actions to send out a strong message to all other owners and operators of unlicensed centers that they should not circumvent established rules and regulations.

Patricia said...

Based on the 200 meters guideline and the locality of the approved center, Tadika Krista, none of the 5 premises in which the unlicensed kindergartens and child care centers are situated, meet the criteria. All these premises are within the 200 meters radius. How can they not know? When you try to circumvent rules, be prepared to be disappointed when such rules are implemented to your detriment.

Right is right, wrong is wrong and MPK must not make any exception or else residents and others will view this affair in a negative manner. These centers must be stopped from further operating and should not be allowed to use the children as excuses.

Pillay said...

It when there are compromise and tolak ansur that arises suspicion of "kow tim". Hopefully for the 5 unlicensed centers, common sense will prevail and the owners and operators must cease operations immediately. MPK as the authority in charge must ensure continuous follow-up actions are taken to stop further violation of the law. said...

It is important that residents in Jenaris know what they want or rather do not want. The same can also spread to other precints in Bandar Botanic and it is equally important that residents are fully aware of their rights.

If you object but yet do not want to register your objection, how do you expect MPK to know. You either object directly to MPK or submit your objection to the BBRA.

Ben Phang said...

To Residents of Jenaris Precint,

If as a resident you object to the presense of so many kindergartens and child care centers in your own neighborhood, you should record your objection to Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) either directly or obtain an objection form from any of the committee members of BBRA. Their names and contact numbers are displayed in our BBRA Blog.

BBRA has taken up the matter with MPK and will continue to pursue this matter until it is resolved. MPK had mentioned in their reply to BBRA that none of the current 5 unlicensed centers will be approved and BBRA will continue to monitor the situation.

On your part, please submit your objection letter. Talk to your immediate neighbors and if they have not submit, please request them to do so. With more objection letters, BBRA will be on a better platform to register our protests and succeed in clearing our neighborhood of these unlicensed centers.

Charlie said...

Mr. Ben,

The owner came to me to solicit a no objection letter which I told her its a bit too late as she should have done it before setting up the kindergarten. She must be a "Pao Chin Tien" doing a "sin charm how sarm" - execute first, then deliberate.

We residents in Jenaris should come together one of this evening and "sin charm how sarm" on these kindergartens. These learning centers completely disregard the law, operating without license and are now trying to go around by getting no objection letters.

Jimmy said...

Whats so sad about the unlicensed kindergartens in Jenaris? Basically they are business concerns and if they run foul of the law, they must be responsible and be made to adhere. Using the children as a reason to continue operating even when ordered to stop is a really sad excuse.

Since the ruling of prohibiting a 2nd center within a 200 meter radius from an existing unlicensed center, it only mean that all the 5 unlicensed centers in Jenaris will not qualify. The other center at Kiara 2 is also within the 200 meter radius ruling.

Residents in other phases who are against kindergartens in their respective neighborhoods must be wary of this ruling and since prevention is better than cure, better send in their objections the moment any new center in violation of this ruling is being renovated.