Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 30 March 2009


Following the submissions of more than 20 objection letters and emails against the 5 kindergartens and child care centers in Precint Jenaris, Majlis Perbandaran Klang had replied in a letter dated 19th March, 2009 (post marked 25th March, 2009) the contents as follow:-

Kindergartens and/or Child Care Centers.
1) Only 1 center, that is Tadika Krista of No.10, Jalan Jenaris 1 is licensed and has been operating for 3 years.
2) Pusat Perniagaan IQ MRC of No.2, Jalan Jenaris 2 has no license. Application under process but operating for 1 year.
3) Tadika Jaya Suria of No.51, Jalan Jenaris 1 has no license. Application under process but operating for 8 months.
4) Pusat Jagaan Kids Oasis of No.1, Jalan Jenaris 5 and No.1, Jalan Jenaris 6. Both operating for 1 month. Has a license addressed at Bukit Tinggi and in process of transfering the license to new address.
5) Tadika Senyum Manis of No.1, Jalan Jenaris 8 just completed renovation and not yet in operation. Claim to possess a license in a neighboring premise.

MPK confirmed that notices have been issued to the 5 unlicensed centers by Jabatan Perancang Bandar, Jabatan Bangunan and Jabatan Pelesenan.

MPK confirmed that the matter had been refered to Mesyuarat Semakan Setempat (OSC) on 5th March, 2009 and the meeting decided that all applications for kindergarten licenses (for those yet to be approved) is hereby rejected and court action will be instituted.

This is a strong decision and we must all be watchful that no politicians and/or interested parties quietly change the decision. For those who have submitted their objection letters, please remain adamant. To those who opposed these centers, please submit your objection letters. We need more objection letters to cement the decision for good.

BBRA will have to insist that all these unlicensed or yet to be licensed centers stopped all operations with immediate effect.
Monday, March 30, 2009 5:13 PM

This morning and again this afternoon, I went around the neighborhood in Precint Jenaris, Bandar Botanic, Klang and was shocked that all five centers were operating, albeit the recent one was opened for registration. IT IS APPARENT THAT ALL THESE CENTERS ARE NOT HEEDING THE NOTICES ISSUED BY M.P.K. AND IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT MORE STRINGENT ACTIONS NEED TO BE TAKEN BY M.P.K. TO IMMEDIATELY STOP ALL THESE CENTERS FROM OPERATING.

Despite highlighting these unlicensed and illegal centers in the press, The Malay Mail, the owners and operators of these properties and centers do not care a damn about the law and continue violating and circumventing our existing laws. Imagine what the children at these centers will learn so early in their life - challenge the authorities and violate the law.


John Lim said...

It looks like folks in Klang are not afraid of the summons - just pay and charge it to the kids afterward.

MPK is summons are not an effective means to enforcement, something stronger have to be used. Let Klangites know that MPK bite! Abit the lawful way.

Andersson said...

MPK must be praise for having done their job within the ambit of the law. Syabas.

Since BBRA have an official reply from MPK, can I suggest that you photostat some copies of the letter and request the guards to pass on to motorists entering Jenaris Precint. In so doing, many parents will be aware of the unlicensed kindergartens and child care centers. Those parents who send their children to these unlicensed centers will definitely rethink their decision. Without business, these unlicensed centers will eventually closed down.

Ramli said...

The law is the law and there should be no special treatment for these unlicensed centers. I fully agreed with Andersson's suggestion to distribute copies of MPK letter to incoming traffic. Parents who send their children to these centers cannot claimed that they are unaware that the centers are haram. MPK and the Education Department must continue to take harsher actions against the centers like confiscating all their furnitures, etc.

Saras said...

Have any representatives from BBRA approached the owners or operators to obtain their views and opinions?

Are you aware of the procedure in applying for a license from the Authorities, MPK & MOE? It is required by the applicants to set up the center, ensure that the building comply with Bomba requirements, then submit your application to MOE and MPK for approval. This procedure will take months and in the meantime, the owner or operator will incur losses but then again who cares?

Andersson said...

Owners and operators are fully aware of the procedures, delays and costs involved when investing in kindergartens and child care centers. Any businessman for that matter would be aware of the pitfalls prior to investing in the business.

While owners and operators have rights, they are fully aware of the sensitivity and requirements, especially the neighbours consents before obtaining their licenses or do they think they can just 'cow tim' and things will be okay. Well it is not. Residents in Jenaris Precint have send in so many objection letters that MPK has decided not to approve any pending applications. All the 5 centers must close shop and if they suffer losses, it just serve them right.

Ben Phang said...

Right is right, wrong is wrong. Its that simple. We are referring to kindergartens and child care centers. Surely we cannot ignore that these centers are unlicensed to operate and orders to that effect have been issued by the relevant authorities. Do we teach our young ones to break rules and compromise for convenient sake? We are all responsible for our actions and if we attempt to circumvent and violate rules and regulations for our selfish reasons, then .........

Dickson said...

To allow the unlicensed centers to continue operating day in day out is tantamount to sending a message to others that one can continue to violate the law and hide behind the tolak ansur attitude which is the reason why corruption is so wide spread. We are talking of teachers, parents and children and it is important that MPK and MOE send out a clear message to such centers that they must abide by the law. Do we wait until some thing untoward happen before tough action is taken? Come on! we are talking about 5 unlicensed centers within 200 meters of one another. Its ridiculous!

Patricia said...

We all know and MPK has mentioned taht all the unlicensed centers will have to stop operations as their application for licenses will not be approved.

We also know that regardless, these 5 centers continue to operate and what action can the MPK said. Nothing!

Ramli said...

BBRA should write a strongly worded letter to MPK and the Minitry of Education. We should not accept this complete disregard for the law.

Selva said...

If these 5 unlicensed centers can blatantly disregard the notices issued by MPK and continue to operate their centers in defiance, just imagine what will happened if the guards were to prevent their outside students from entering. Look at the cars parked on the road shoulder,

MPK has confirmed that ALL the 5 applications for license will be rejected. So now what?

Rada said...

It is a big shame that child care centers and kindergartens are exploited for financial gains and there is nothing MPK or Ministry of Education can do to stop these unlicensed centers. They blatantly continue to operate despite stop orders from MPK. Some sympathies have emerged to allow the centers to continue until the term ends on the pretext of, "for the sake of the children". This type of sympathy is grossly misplaced.

MPK, MOE or any governing authority must immediately stepped in and stop these centers from operating. The law must be seen to be effective so that everybody will abide by the rule of law. If these centers are allowed to circumvent the law, then we might as well forget about stopping motocycles or cycling races at the central park, etc. etc.