Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 12 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.73 - More cops should be on patrol duty.

'More cops should be on patrol duty'
-edited by Andrew Sum
We the residents of Bandar Botanic request for Police Petrol cars into Bandar Botanic and Lake region often. As a resident, I have shifted into Bandar Botanic some 2 years ago and I have never, never myself personlly seen even a petrol car coming into the Bandar Botanic residential regions. It would be a great moral and happy signts for the residents to see Police Petrol Cars rounding the housing areas more often. Perhaps they have came or not I have not seen them.Dont they think petrolling Bandar Botanic residential areas is not important enough for them? We residents are paying the Taxes every year.Give us some protections which is rightfully due to us. Dont you think so residents? Cars parked haphazardly obstructing traffic?
I have found the following articles in the New Straits Times which may be of interests to you residents.
The New Straits Times 2009/03/12
TWO DAP members of parliament are not happy that most of the policemen recruited last year have been assigned administrative duties.

Loke Siew Fook (DAP-Rasah) and Chong Chieng Jen (DAP-Bandar Kuching) said they should be redeployed. "We fail to understand why the police need so many men in management. "More policemen should be put on patrol duties," Loke said at the Parliament lobby yesterday.He was commenting on a written reply by Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar that 4,363 policemen were recruited last year.
Of the number, 3,952 were placed in administration and 218 in logistics, among others.Chong said Malaysia's ratio of one policeman to 270 citizens was not far behind the Interpol's ratio of one policeman to 240 citizens."But, the problem is deployment and job assignment. Too many policemen are in administration rather than fighting crime."


Sunny Ho said...

Bandar Botanic has a very nice Police Station......there is also ASTRO, and once a while they do have some "kenduri" with karaoke...great isn't it?

Andrew Sum said...

You will be surprise. I went to the Bandar Botanic Police Station the other day to find out whether their Chief do have a email address or not so that I can also copy some of my emails to them on security, cars parking haphazardly, etc. To my surprise, they told me to refer to the Bukit Tinggi Police Station as they are not operational as yet. A sign outisde their gate also said the same thing.

Lim said...

BB do have a far more beautiful and better positioned Police Station than the one at Bukit Tinggi II and ours was ready much earlier. The difference is the bad attitute of BB developer, they have yet to hand over the station to the Police. We all know that the Bukit Tinggi II Police Station was handed over recently and with patrol vans and motorcycles donated by the responsible developer. This has encouraged a lot of police patrol and road block activities which is good for the community.

Since the Police is not committed and the developer have yet to hand over, why not suggest to the developer to convert the building to a security center.

Jimmy said...

Where is the Bandar Botanic Police Station? Ask this question to most BB residents (other than Cassia Precint residents) and you will see blank faces and open mouth. It is so well camouflage by the blue steel claddings, that most people who passes by the station would not realised there is a police station hidden behind. The lack of directional signs added to this inconspicuous building.

I agree with Lim if the Police are not committed, then they might as well don't waste tax payers money and stationed 2 men there. For what?

Sunny Ho said...

Ok, this is going to be interesting. If the Police Station is not handed over to the police yet, then why is there an Astro dish, and if I am not mistaken, they have 3 to 4 parties and kenduri in that premises already?

Lim said...

Hiyah! Sunny.....when things do not favour them, there will always be excuses, not yet hand over, yet to set a hand over date, but its already more than a year, why? Oh, they change the CPO, replied from TMO. U faham tak?

Why Bukit Tinggi II so fast hand over despite their building ready more than 1 year later than BB? Oh, they are called tinggi while we are botakni. Anyway BB residents can always call Bukit Tinggi II police if got problem. The personnel at BB Police Station got to watch Astro lah.