Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.90 - Back To Former Glory.

Back to Former Glory & Beauty.
Not Yet! Much has been said and done, it looks like the developer has finally heeded the residents' voices and revert the area back to its original beauty. However the concrete cement divider is still there.
Picture taken today. The grass has grown back.

Picture taken today.

A cruel picture taken few months ago, before the residents raised their voices.

In the words of Mr John Lim:

John Lim said...
Regarding to post 77, the entourage (Tour of central lake) stop to inspect the area. Earlier MPK had mentioned that they have ticked off the house owner and he has planted carpet grass instead. We told MPK that the concrete divided has to go because it give the image of private property. MPK will take action on this. The land is public area.


Ramli said...

Back to Former Glory - Not Yet!
Lets wait whether the owner is conscientious enough to respect his fellow residents. MPK need to be reminded of follow up action to rectify the wrongs and the concrete divide must go. Was any public land claimed?

Lim said...

There are laws against violation of public properties. In this case it is a fellow resident altering common properties adjacent to his house. It is not right to do so and he must be called upon to quickly remedy the situation.

Azli said...

Residents should contribute more pictures and articles of such selfish acts by a small minority of our community. It is through such posting of their shameful acts that will make these people realise the need to be considerate to their very own neighbors.

Rada said...

One swallow does not signal spring. Though we are now seeing some progress, lets not let this tiny progress go to our head. The road ahead is still long and winding but with the right leaders and support from residents, we will persevere.

Sunny Ho said...

I think as long as we as the residents play our role as monitoring officers, BB will become one of the best place to live in the very near future.