Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 6 March 2009

BBRAeNews No.69 - Example Objection Letter on Kindergarten & Child Care Center

Dear Residents,
In response to some residents who wrote in to inquire on how to write a letter in Bahasa Malaysia, Ben Phang has assisted in setting out a draft for you to follow.
-contributed by Ben Phang (BBRA Representative in charge of Security Affairs)
Following complains from some Jenaris residents concerning the mushrooming of kindergartens and child care centers in our Precint, BBRA had raise the matter with MPK and had received confirmation from MPK that only 1 that is Tadika Kristal has been licensed todate while 2 applications are pending.

It is now up to you as residents of this Precint to voice your objection in writing by addressing your letter to Yang DiPertua, Majlis Perbandaran Klang with copy to President, Bandar Botanic Residents Association. Your letter must include your full name and house address.
5hb Mac, 2009

Yang Di-Pertua,
Majlis Perbandaran Klang,

Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Botanic,
49, Jalan Kiara 8/KS6, Bandar Botanic,
41200 Klang


Per : Bantahan atas pembukaan Tadika & Pusat Penjagaan di Kawasan Kediaman

Dimaklumkan bahawa saya adalah penduduk di No. , Jalan Jenaris /KS6, Bandar Botanic, Klang dan saya dengan ini membantah pembukaan tadika dan pusat penjagaan kanak-kanak di kawasan kediaman dimana saya duduki ia-itu Precint Jenaris.

Diharap dapat pihak MPK menolak semua permohonan.

Terima kaseh.

Yang benar,

Name :
H/P No.:


Please forward your letters to the Guard House at Jenaris Entrance or to the undermentioned addresses,

1) No. 49, Jalan Kiara 8
2) No. 26, Jalan Jenaris 8

As it is a matter of urgency, please submit your letters not later than Monday, 9th March 2009.

Thank you & Regards

Alternatively, you can also sent via email to MPK and cc to Ben Phang <>, "BBRA-John LimPresident",
"MPK-Muhammad Hijaz b.SanusiDirector of MPK Park & Recreations"
"MPK-Haslinda binti Mohd Rantam" , "MPK-Khairi" , "MPK-Tuan Mislan"


Jimmy said...

Dear Andrew,

Are the objection letters for the kindergardens and child centers confined to Jenaris only. Why not pre-exempt such centers from being establish in our housing area by getting the objection letters from other phases as well.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Jimmy,

You are right. I will speak to Ben. My idea is the same as yours that is to get the objection letters from other phases as well for support. But you know lah, other phases residents...some may say 'oh that doesn't happen in my why bother lah..' you know this couldn't care-less attitude of many residents. Sadly speaking this attitude still exists today.

Patricia said...


Lets stop the negative thought and instead proceed with optimism to call on all residents to come together to do what is right and what we residents desire for our neighborhood.

Patricia said...

To The Committee Members,

I have been visiting your blog but it is surprising to note the lack of participation of the committee members in postings and comments.

It would be good for the blog if the committee members names, email address and if permissible hand phone numbers are posted on the blog. Residents and members will feel that you are reachable.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Patricia,

Thank you for writing.You are right. If the other Committee Members can read you and contribute, I would be most obliged. Other than Ben and an occasional one or two contributions article from John Lim - the President, I don’t get any contributions at all from the other committee members. Once in a while, I get into good luck when a good friend or two drop by and contributed an article. The other good luck is I also get good feedback from residents like Rada, Lim, Ang & Jimmy. I consider their feedback useful not only for me, but most important invaluable for all the residents, I want to share. I know there are a lot of ‘silent readers’ out there. There are others too on the list as anonymous but since the Committee does not prefer anonymous write-ins, I have been receiving less of these good residents’ comments. These anonymous writers are also helpful too. Of course I am doing this without being paid a single cent. I will swear this to God. The administrating of the bloc has taken up much of my time. If there is anyone who likes to take over from me, I would gladly hand it over. Anyway, my work is only temporary.

The names, emails and telephone numbers of the Committee members were already being posted into the bloc as early as BBRAeNews No.2 – List of BBRA Office Bearers. You can have a look.

Rada said...

Dear Andrew,

I think the committee is right in not allowing anonymous comments as being a residents association blog all concern should start off with sincerity and giving comments and hiding under anonymous will encourage negative elements.

I visited the BRCCC net and was surprised on the many comments under anonymous. Its quite all right for BRCCC as all comments are subject to approval before posting. However I am appalled that BRCCC allowed, approved and posted comments from anonymous ridiculing BBRA. I find it in bad taste and very cowardice of the writer.

The blog administrator should not have posted such negative things concerning a fellow association or fellow neighbours. A altruist is one who is unselfish and concern for other people's happiness and welfare.

As to the committee's particulars, may I suggest that you post them in the About Me column for that will be more visible.

Please keep up the good work and please do not keep mentioning that you are doing it for free. I am sure everybody is aware of it. Please also do not swear to God Almighty, it is not proper. Leave such practises to the politicians. Haha Hehe.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Rada,
I am not ashame to say that I am a good friend of George of BBRCC (and still is, if he wants it to be) and it was through me that I first talk to him also about the advantage of the Net-working to get through to the residents, instead of wasting time distributing flyers, which I did for his 1st Meeting. He went through my personal blog under and even put a friendly comment into one of the article. Hi hi hi. Then he started his bloc BBRCC.
I am surprise but happy that he started his blog as to me he is doing a good thing for the residents. In fact he is now, together with Teng Yong, doing a fantastic thing. I do not feel remose or jealous at all. On the contrary, I would really like to say thank you to George & friends for doing a good part for the Bandar Botanic garden and its residents.

Jimmy said...

As a fellow blogger, we have the right to visit blogs, digest its postings and leave some comments or just move on. Blog administrators have the right whether to post anonymous comments or not. There are no fixed rules, you decide for yourselves. If you find a blog content distasteful, bad or offencesive, move on.

I similarly visit both BBRA and BBRCC blogs and find most articles and comments interesting reading. There are some comments that I find inappropriate and personal but hey thats life. We get all sorts of characters and differing opinions. Thats variety of life and we have to enjoy its goodness and accept its disappointments. Lets continue to move on.