Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

BBRAeNews No.85 - The Highway of Emptiness.

Highway of Emptiness?
-re-edited by Andrew Sum

I would like to highlight the Highway build by Gamuda between Bukit Tinggi/Bandar Botanic.
It is sad that the developer has not live up to its responsibility of maintaining the good name and the trees that it planted to sell the houses. Maybe BBRA can have a word with the developer on the following,

1)Plant more trees and flowers along the newly built dual carriage road. Its so bare.
2)Redesign the U-Turns to discourage illegal U-turns.
3)Level the areas underneath the high tension towers.
4)Plant more trees and shrubs to cover and hide the rear of houses along the dual carriage road.

The developer will stand to gain for the above beautification works as they have future developments in Bandar Botanic, above all its good name as a developer.

A resident's comment: "Gamuda is supposedly the leader in highways, but when I look at BB roads I cannot help but think that it is a highly overrated statement. Pot holes everywhere, water ponds when it rains, awkward roundabouts, u-turns at weird locatios, it's amazing."

A resident's comment: "Persiaran Botanic might as well be called Persiaran Botakni as seen by its bareness. Bare of trees or plants. Don't tell me this dual-carriage road has been handed over to MPK. Compare with Bukit Tinggi or Ambang Botanic where fully grown trees lined the center and both sides of the roads.
Examples of Beautiful Highways in Bukit Tinggi, Ambang Botanic and Kesas Highway.
A picture of a beautiful highway in busy Bukit Tinggi.
A picture of a beautiful highway in Bukit Tinggi, near Giant Hypermarket.
A picture of a beautiful highway in Bukit Tinggi.
A picture of a beautiful highway in Bukit Tinggi.
A picture of a beautiful highway outside West Port.
A picture of a beautiful highway on the way to West Port
A picture of a beautiful highway on the way to West Port.
A picture of a beautiful highway on the way to West Port.
A picture of a highway on the way to West Port, behind Bandar Botanic.
A picture of the Kesas highway on the way to West Port.

A highway of a beautiful highway on the way to Ambang Botanic.
A Highway outside Ambang Botanic.
A beautiful picture of a highway at Ambang Botanic.
A picture of a beautiful highway on the way to Ambang Botanic.
A picture of a beautiful highway in Ambang Botanic.
A picture of a beautiful highway at entrance of Ambang Botanic.


Ang said...

I can understand if road works are still on going so that's why there's no landscaping yet. But still, they can open their mouth or distribute fliers to our mailbox informing of the progress and what are our alternatives - especially like now when the roundabout is totally closed from Bukit Tinggi side.

We are left in the dark every time, and it seems when anyone calls the developer, they use their super 'tai chi' skills and divert to MPK. Can someone please bring this up with MPK this weekend on behalf of us residents of botakni?

We really need a community centre where all aspects of works, guidelines, complaints, etc can be viewed or filed by residents. I am completely clueless as to when or if ever the direct link from kesas will open to us.

Jimmy said...

I refer to Post No.79

What happen to the meeting with Gamuda COO?

Rada said...

Yes. What happen to the meeting with Gamuda COO?

As to the landscrap plans for the Persiaran Botanic, MPK should have it. It just cannot be bare.

Andrew Sum said...

I believe Mr John Lim will give you a briefings on what happened soon. I did not attend the meeting.

Selva said...

There is no excuse for the dual carriage road to be so bare. It is definitely a requirement for the developer to plant trees and plants to beautify the road.

The extra earth underneath the TNB transmission towers must be levelled and the extra earth removed. The activities, cow breeding and nursery must stop before a bad accident happened, caused by cars parked along the Persiaraan Botanic.

Ramli said...


Thank you for posting the pictures of Persiaran Botanic. As the saying goes, "A picture says a thousand words"

For comparisons, may I suggests that you remove all the beautiful photographs of foreign highways and post some photographs more closer to home. Some photographs of dual-carriage roads at Ambang Botanic, Bukit Tinggi I and II will have a greater impact in telling residents what our famous developer is lacking.

Andrew Sum said...

Ramli, good idea. Please give me some time. thanks.

Lim said...

Dear Andrew,

Keep up the good work and the positive attitude. If we have more office bearers or residents like you, BBRA would have progessed into a much more matured organisation. Its never too lake and I hope your attitude will attract many more participation from more residents. Together we will all advance.

Lim said...

Amendment ... Its never too late, not lake .. must be thinking too much of our lake .. sorry, retention pond.

Any way, the Highway of Emptiness is quite appropriate for the committee members who seemed to be empty of many things and not using today's super highway of information. Sorry guys, you just cannot sleep along a highway, you have to do it at a lay-by and most of you seemed to be stuck there.

Jacob said...

Dear residents,

The dual carriage road work is still in progress under developer and yet to hand over to MPK. Developer is aware of all our issues such as illegal U- turn, landscape and entry/exit to Jaya Jusco, Bukit Tinggi from BB round about. Hoping to see actions from developer soon.

Refer to the activities below the TNB transmission towers, there are 3 parties are invloved.
Land office

MPK gives licence for business , Land office(Klang) gives the TOL for land and TNB( Bangsar) take care of the transmission cables and towers . MPK has taken note of our problems and will write to land office to address our concerns. TNB is aware of our issues from News Paper and our emails.

Refer to cows in our BB areas, we are no position to address them as the legal case is in the court between the developer and the cow owners.

Hope the above information is useful to those who regular in our BBRA blog.

Jacob Mathews
BBRA committee member

BBRA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew Sum said...

Dear all, I have removed all the foreign beautiful pictures of the highways and replace with some more closer to home. Wow, mine or mine, these local highways are much, much more beautiful than the foreigh ones. Immediately after noting Ramli's request, I took a drive to Ambang Botanic, the Kesas highway to West Port and back to Bukit Tinggi and took a lots of pictures. Thanks Ramli for helping to clear some dusk away from an old man's eyes. Much appreciated.

Ramli said...

Bagus! Syabas! Terima kaseh.
Andrew, thank you for being receptive to my suggestions. As can be seen, the new pictures of dual-carriage roads in adjacent areas are truly representative of what our developer should do. While Jacob had enquired from the developer that the construction is on going, needless to say the early planting of trees and plants will ensure faster maturity. Lets hope Harum Intisari use mature trees.

If the land office was involved inthe issuance of TOL documents to the land claimants, then it would be proper for BBRA to write to the Land Office and seek confirmation.

Azli said...

Dare I dream ... I guess so.

This morning I stopped by to look at construction works at the Persiaran Botanic round-about and noticed that they are constucting for the access from Jusco into the Botanic round-about. I thank the developer for finally realising the sensibility of this access and also for listening to the wishes of residents in Bandar Botanic.

If this is confirmed, then banyak terima kaseh kepada Harum Intisari Sdn. Bhd. for such a wise decision.

Sunny Ho said...

I would say thank you to all the people involved including BBRA for making this happen. Well, do expect an increase in traffic.... :-)

Andersson said...

Well, we can't have it both ways. What is important is the access will benefit residents in Phase 1, 2, 3 & 5 and hopefully bring in some businesses to the empty shops in Bandar Botanic.

It proves that the developer is receptive to constructive comments and feedbacks from residents. Good job BBRA and keep up the blogging.

Ben Phang said...

Thanks Jacob for the clarification.

If I am not mistaken, all activities on land under TNB transmission cables strictly comes under the jurisdiction of TNB. I had a problem with TNB and was given a letter from TNB when my company occupied such land in North Port Industrial Area for parking our lorries. We were asked to move out.

Surprisingly, TNB has yet to comment and they should as residents in Bandar Botanic are their customers and we are talking about CR.

Banjit said...

It is only proper that the extra earth that Harum Intisari used to 'supercharged' the ground should be removed. The man-made higher gound underneath the towers should be levelled off. Its not only an eye-sore but an obstruction to better view.

As to the trees and plants, come on Harum Intisari, surely you can do it the same as what you did for Ambang Botanic. You do have more developments in Phase 7 & 8 besides your good reputation. This is Bandar Botanic as in botanical!