Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 13 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.75 - The Roman Senate - A Letter to the President.

The Roman Senate – A Letter to the President.
-re-edited by Andrew Sum

Dear President,
The Roman Senate was one of the most enduring and powerful institutions in Roman history, during the days of the kingdom, it was little more than an advisory council to the king.

The word senate derives from the Latin word senex, which means "old man", and so senate literally means "board of old men. The senate's most significant task, outside of regal elections, was in its capacity as the king's council, and while the king could ignore any advice offered to him by the senate, the senate's growing prestige helped make the advice that it offered increasingly difficult to ignore.

The senate also had an enormous degree of power over the civil government in Rome. This was especially the case with regards to its management of state finances, as only it could authorize the disbursal of public monies from the treasury. In addition, the senate passed decrees called senatus consultum, which in form constituted "advice" from the senate to a magistrate. While technically these decrees did not have to be obeyed, in practice, they usually were.
The Bandar Botanic Senate
In BBRA Bandar Botanic, the residents and/as well as Committee Members who not only dare to comments and criticize but also offer their valuable views, recommendations and suggestions for improvements are the powerful senate. Then it is up to the Committee Members to act upon a suggestion and act fast. With regards to Blog Contributions, some of the committee members, during my term as Blog Administer, responded and assisted me in some ways or another. The other half remains silent as far as contribution to the BBRA Blog is concern. What they does, I have no idea. Perhaps they are silently helping the neighborhood in their own ways. Let give them the benefit of a doubt, shall we?
Likewise, the Bandar Botanic residents can have an enormous degree of power over the BBRA or any institutions, for CHANGE via their comments, views, suggestions and positive criticism, and any resident can be ‘senator’. Most residents fail to observe this and remain silent too. Outstanding Residents such as Rada, Jimmy, Sunny, Ben, Ang and Lim to name a few, are therefore very powerful resident senators. Believe me, they can change BBRA and eventually brings about changes to Bandar Botanic.
I sure hope BBRA can have more powerful senators who dare to do such honorable thing. These are the residents who dare to speak up and challenge for Change. Bandar Botanic needs ‘senators’ like that. The coming AGM is a good opportunity. Ladies, don’t be left behind. You can too stand for vote to be a Committee Member to bring about changes.
Residents do register you and GO FOR IT.
Mr President, do you agree with me?
By Andrewsum


Andersson said...


As you rightfully pointed out, the word senex meant "old men" more correctly wise old man. They are the king's advisory council or more correctly the emperor's wise men.

It is ridiculous to compare the senate and the emperor with BB residents and BBRA committee. It is completely out of context. Never prejudged the quiet committee members for they may be the silent and resolute people who go about resolving matters without seeking gratitute or rewards. They have achieved much but are not the glory seekers. The new dual carriage way, the guard houses, the broken pumps, etc. etc.

You must appreciate there are two school of thought. One the glory seekers who advertise and shout alot with small resolutions while the other are the silent ones who go about their duties, resolved many problems but do not behave, as one resident had earlier put it, "like tarzan of the apes, who or eee or and beat his chest everytime he achieve something" Would you like the committee members to behave like tarzan? God bless Bandar Botanic if we have so many half naked men running around in our retention pond. hahaha.

Lets give credit when credit is due but I believe nobody likes any self acclaimed egoistic joker like Tarzan the monkey man.

Jimmy said...

Just back from Ben's dinner where several of BBRA committee members attended. I found them intelligent and spoke well of the problems faced by Bandar Botanic and the positive steps and approaches taken to remedy the situations. I could relate to them and understand the many obstacles they have to go through to resolve problems.

All residents are encouraged to join BBRA and give the association the strength it need to demand the proper respect of the authorities, developer and politicians. It is only right and proper that those who chose not to be members should keep their comments to themselves and not attempt to sabotage the good effort of the office bearers. Those who talk so much but yet chose to hide behind as anonymous and stay at the side line should just keep quiet. Do not be spoilers if you can't contribute. Promote good neighborliness instead of bad mouthing your fellow residents.

Sunny Ho said...

Put it this way my friends. Nobody here is prejudging anybody but just putting their thoughts across in order to improve the management style of the association.

Doing work without seeking gratitude or rewards are a good thing and I thank all these people for the good work. Unfortunately working in silo and quietly is not an efficient way of going around in doing things. There are members who could actually assist and help, or maybe there are more better ways of doing things but all this are not brought out or discussed with the members. The discussions are always done among the committees only. If this is the case, why do you need members?

I have been a member for 4 years now. Frankly, until today, I do not know what is actually going on. As a member, I was not called to attend any meetings or share any thoughts to help solve problems. Sometimes I want to help but help in what? The only meetings I was invited to attend are those financial closing which I am not interested. What I am interested are the issues being tackle and the progress.

I do not know about all this guard house, broken pump thingy......all these are considered issues from day one, and 4 years later, to me still the same thing..... is it really resolved? I really do not know. Maybe it is resolved, but to my eyes, they are not. Maybe the committees have to really tell me what they have done so that I can pay attention to it.

What I am trying to say is, I am not looking for Tarzan. As a paying member, what we all would just like to know is the progress of things and also the issues being tackled. We know things does not happen or will not be solved overnight but with the progress meeting for members at least, from here we will know what to do and where to help. Committees do not really have to bare everything on their shoulders. We are a community and we are here to help each other and that is what the association is for. Nobody here can give a 100% commitment for everybody still needs to make a living, but with every little % help contributed, it can make a difference.

By the way, many committees resigned from their position through the years I guess is because they shouldered 100% of the work.

By the way Jimmy, thanks for your comment and statement. Good to hear that somebody is giving the thumbs up. I too will give the thumbs up if I as a member knows what is going on, the progress and etc. I need your enlightenment on the issues tackled and progress. If possible, bring back the newsletter so we all know what is happening.

John said...

I had written a very long reply to this article but when I posted my comment, it went bust. Maybe someone up there did not want me to be cheong hei.

Andersson have pointed that the committee have gone about doing their work quietly and that's true. The men who have stayed until today have gone to the ROS, OCPD, TMO, Balai, residents' houses, streets to try to solve residents' issues. To my knowledge we have not back away when residents approach us - some with very difficult situation. 2 residents became BBRA members recently after they came to seek me for help.

Jimmy correctly say that this committee are intelligent guys. Yes, they are and very gentlemen too to stay and complete their term of office.

Truth being told here:
1)MPK/TMO/Gamuda will not take care of the lake no retention pond no again it is a flood mitigation pond no again the biggest lonkang. Residents must coming together and hire companies that will clean it to the residents' satisfaction.

2)Sentral? Well paying residents must come together and pressure them to perform but first get a proper contract. Then look at fencing the perimeter and makes BB look like Ambang. But then residents must pay.

3)Cows? Cannot be solved. Even the Klang MP has written a letter to MPK and they have said they will catch and relocate, yet there seem more cows by the day. Now if we get to elect our local council perhaps things may change??

Let me shortened by saying that I salute these men in the committee for their staying power. Maybe more could be accomplished but we did what we can. At least now it is cheaper to become a BBRA member.

Well, this weekend Phase 1 will have a gathering, thanks to some donation from BBRA. Phase 5 had theirs last year.

To say that the committees are lame ducks after they volunteered their time to meet monthly, write letters, keep the accounts, see authorities, discuss residents' concern, etc is uncalled for. For, I salute them for their tenacity and spirit of volunterism.

Reading into Andrew's article, he is calling his senators to be counted. And I for one will welcome you guys to serve. And I will support you all the way as I always have supported this RA.

Our profile are out in the open. We can be contacted to help anyone who approach us. Also, if you want to know more call us up for teh-tarik. By all means come to my house for discussion if you will.

Sorry, cannot help but to be cheong hei a bit! Thanks.

John said...

Aiya Sunny Ho, you post before I did so here my answer to you.

1. Had you came to the EGM on 15 Feb., info. would have be disclosed to you. We have a dialogue with the floor.

2. Had you email, sms or call me or committee members for teh-tarik and we would disclose to you.

BBRA is a legal entity and the committee members are called upon to meet and be responsible for the association. Todate, we are trying to distribute the work load by forming sub-committees such as security and blog. And volunteers are needed because of their expertise. And now may I count on you to help out? Which one? Blog administrator?

3. We maybe seen as working silo but we are wired up. Email me if you need to connect with. I do not read all the blog articles and need the admin to highlight to me. And when he did, I will respond.

Anyway guys thanks for the comments. Will take note of them. And also Andrew's well intended article! Look at it this way, as least this article is getting people's attentions.

Andrew Sum said...

What is the purpose of setting up the BBRA Blog?

I assume that ALL the community members performed their respective job well and to 100% perfection. These are silent community leaders who do not shout like Tarzan of the Apes, for they may be the silent and resolute people who go about resolving matters dutifully without seeking gratitude or rewards. All right, Good and very good.

Why has the good and kind President decides to recruit me to run the blog? His purpose is to getting people's attentions, "raise awareness of what BBRA is doing".

Out of my 76 blogs posted by me, only 4 articles are from the Presidents, Ben, Ong & Steven. Ben & John log into the blog and posted several comments.If the remaining others remains silent and dont reveal what they have already done, can BBRA through their blog raise awareness?

I sure hope the next group of new Committee members should contribute by writing and assist the new Blog Administrator, whoever he may be. He sure needs your help. Dont remain silent and let the new Blog Administer strive along.

What is the purpose of setting up the BBRA Blog if everyone prefers to remains silent? Can anyone answer me?

Of course, we cannot compare the Roman Senate with BB residents and BBRA committees. That’s a very sure fact. But can both committee and residents try to achieve at least even 10% of the Roman Senate? There is a simple wise saying ‘NOTHING VENTURE NOTHING GAIN”.That is the moral of the story The Roman Senate. Surprise isnt it?

Ben Phang said...

We can all talk (express) until the cows come home (already here) and at the end of the day, there will be differing opinions on how best to approach or manifest the work of BBRA. It is a virtue and we must all respect one another for the diversity. Lets keep it healthy and non personal.

Andrew is right in that the purpose of the BBRA blog is to solicit comments and participation of residents. This will create interest through sharing of information and opinions among well meaning residents. We must all be articulate and courteous so as not to be seen "confronting" our fellow residents. It will not be good for everybody if we pick and attack one another's shortcoming. We must not forget to be polite?

Nobody likes to be called a lame duck, definitely not in public. If a general statement, however true, is made that some people in a group are lame ducks, then that statement invites challenges from many in the group for names and this will lead to many unpleasanties. It would have been better and certainly more sensitive to email to the President or speak directly to the committee members rather than making a general statement in public. Lets not go slam duck one another and create disharmony.

John must acknowledge that there are many grumblings from members for not being kept inform on what's going on. The committee must admit that they have failed to dissiminate information to members through the Warta BBRA, planned for circulation every quarter but only 1 was issued after almost 8 quarters.

I propose a resolution for the coming AGM, "that the Committee must ensure that the Warta BBRA be published and distributed to all members of benefit, at least once in every 2 months"

Members who support this proposed resolution, please voice your support.

Benjamin Phang
Membership No. 0221

Rada said...

Ben, you hit it right on the note. It is a basic prerequisite for all members to be kept informed of the activities of BBRA and what better form then through the Warta BBRA.

I fully support your resolution and if organise properly with a good team of sub-committee members, the Warta BBRA should be published and circulated once every month. This will keep the members informed of activities and new developments.

Once a resolution is adopted, the incoming committee will have to adhere to it.

Lim said...

I support the proposed resolution to be tabled at the coming AGM. Instead of once every two months, I propose to amend it to once every month. Information is a must. The lack of it will see the fall of the "Roman Empire".

Sunny Ho said...

Aiya John, sorrylah, what you said about me not attending the EGM meeting on 15th Feb is why I am not getting the info, I cannot accept lah. You have these meetings only once or twice a year, and if you schedule it on our wrong time, definitely we cannot attend lor.....

You know, these type of meetings, only 1 or 2 of the meetings I missed in the passed 4 years, even before the BBRA was established. And it is sad to hear that just because I missed 1 meeting, I will not get to know what is going on. Really sad.

I do recalled as well that we had a few teh tarik sessions, which at last minute people cannot turn up due to some other commitments. For me, no problem and no hard feelings for again, they have their priority and it is just a voluntary work. So we cannot force anybody. I understand all these my friend.

By the way, I know you reply my e-mails, thank you. I stopped writing to you directly because you addressed me to write to our phase representative. I have got no problem with that for I know you have a lot of things to attend to. Even if the representative does not reply, I also have no problem with it because these are all voluntary work and they have their own priorities. Furthermore we are all humans and we also need to work for a leaving. I understand all these and that is why I have no hard feelings towards anybody. Still, whenever I know something, I usually write. Maybe it is also my fault for keeping a little quiet for the passed half year or so due to my work until end of last year where I came back by attending the MPK and police meeting. (I know for this meeting, you did not attend). Also, I didn't know about this blog until BBRCC and BBRA was having some different oppinions. If the blog was there since the very start, then very sorry for I did not get the information.

You see, we are a community and being a member in BBRA is actually trying to enhance the relationship among the community so that everybody knows how to help and tackle the situations and issues together. Basically what myself, Andrew, Ben, Rada, Lim and many more are saying is, let the information flow so that everybody (especially the members) knows what is happening, when to help, and also that each individual can schedule their time to help when needed. Nobody is saying that nothing has been done. It is just lack of information flow. If you look at the blog itself, there is no real information. Again, all we requesting is for information flow.

From day one of BBRA, the problem is always the voluntary resources. If we know what is happening, we can schedule to help. I try to help whenever I am around. I am not perfect in this either but when I have the time, I will attend the meetings and etc.....Example when Phase 3 asked me to attend meetings, I attend and give my 2 cents worth.

Let's build a together-ness in this community. I believe this can happen by information flow. I am also confident that the paying members will increase if everybody is well aware of the fight BBRA is going through. I support any associations who are trying to make my home a better and safer place to live.

Andersson said...


From the many comments posted, it is clear that the lack of feed back of activities and actions taken by BBRA committee had created this perception that the committee members of BBRA have been inactive. While it may be too late for the current committee to address this shortcoming, it should be impressed upon the new incoming committee to remedy the situation.

I agree with Ben, Rada and Lim on the resolution to be put before members to adopt at the coming AGM, "that the Committee must ensure that BBRA Warta is published and distributed to members once every month"

Please ensure that the said proposed resolution is in the agenda of the AGM.

John said...

Yes, you may table a resolution to get the incoming committee to publish the Suara Bandar Botanic more regulary. However, to do so monthly or even bi-monthly we have to check the cost and the availability of a team to put the bulletin. And also the quantum of the people who read it.

Website, blog, email would be more cost efficient. Perhaps have more meet the people sessions etc. Keep the ideas flowing and I am taking note of them.

Jimmy said...

BBRA despite reducing members subscription from RM50 to RM24 per year is among the highest collector of subscriptions for a residents association.

The cost of publishing Suara BBRA say 500 copies per month will not be more than RM400 and it can be subsidised by advertisements. There are many printers who would be willing to assist. What is important is the impact and the current preference of readers on hard copies. I am a printer and publisher by profession.

Andersson said...

From the 2007 auditted accounts passed at the recent EGM, it is apparent that members fund has been building up. The committee has been thrifty but isn't the members contributions meant for purpose such as dissimilating information to them. We have the funds, may be not the correct people to do it. Members please take note. Attend the AGM and select the correct people for the incoming committee.

Patricia said...

I agree that the Suara BBRA should be distributed to members once every month.

In this respect, I support the resolution calling for the publication and criculation of the Suara BBRA every once a month.

Rada said...

Jimmy had rightfully pointed out that the printing costs can be subsidised by advertisements. If we come out with interesting articles which can reached out to all residents, advertisers will be interested and Suara BBRA can be a reality every month, not just to members, may be to all residents.

Finding out the quantum of people reading the Suara will come later. Meanwhile lets just be optimistic and seek the members support for the proposed resolution.

Andrew Sum said...

I too fully agree and support that the Suara BBRA should be printed and distributed to members every month.What more better, one of our member Jimmy is a printer and publisher by trade and profession.

Lim said...

It is good to see so many differing opinions being posted. Makes very interesting reading. There is however a concerted effort for 1 item where most followers have consenses, that is for the Suara BBRA to be published and circulated to members at least once per month. It just glaringly show the lack of information given to members who are now demanding it. Very Good.

Sunny Ho said...

I too support of this Suara BBRA or any information flow processes.

I just hope that it will not slowly dissapear like last time once it has been tabled.

Lim said...

Sunny, lets be more optimistic. If we bloggers put our words to practise, I am confident we will be able to achieve and ensure the Suara BBRA will be out every month. Just look at the many constructive comments recently and these are good materials for Suara BBRA to reach out to all members.

Sunny Ho said...

Hi Lim, OK.......optimistic.......let's gung-ho......