Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 16 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.78 - Gamuda, your Illegal U-Turns are becoming popular.

Gamuda, your Illegal U-Turns are becoming popular.
Monday, March 16, 2009 3:30 PM
"" To:
"Gamudaland-Peter Quah"
Cc: "BBRA-John LimPresident"
To: The Developer Gamuda Harum Initisari - Attn: Mr Peter Quah
cc: The President & Committee, BBRA
Dear Sir,

Re: Your Illegal U-Turns are becoming popular.
As a resident, I already notice that the newly constructed U-Turns on the highway between Bukit Tinggi and Bandar Botanic are becoming more popular nowadays. A lot of residents are taking the illegal U-Turns.

One resident, a lady driver who use to send his children to a Child Care Center in Bukit Tinggi complained to me that one day she almost got into an accident when a Mini School Bus loaded with school children, suddenly brakes in front of her car and change direction into the illegal U-Turns after Jenaris entrance.

In one afternoon, in just about 10 minutes, I parked my car and counted not less than 10 vehicles making the illegal U-Turns across the Jenaris Junction.

One of my friend, who now lives in Bukit Tinggi but still holds dear to Bandar Botanic as he still owns a link-house in the township says that once it was a beautiful town but now is deteriorating. One such reason as the Illegal U-Turns.

A Police Woman friend told me that the Traffic Summon for making an illegal U-Turn is $150.00 ringgit. A plea with the Police Inspector will help reduce the fine to $100.00. It is still not worthwhile to loose $100 ringgit just by not going further a few hundred yards for the next legal U-Turn.

Only the Developer can solve this by redesigning the U-Turns or by placing concrete block at the other half of the U-Turn to discourage motorists.

Can the Developer turn a blind-eye to this U-Turns?

With Regards,
Andrew Sum,

Dear Residents, Be careful because the next time it would not me stopping there and taking photographs of the Illegal U-turnings. The Next time, it would be the Long Arm of The Law.
It is therefore not worth while isn't ?


Sunny Ho said...

I am not surprised for I have also encoutered a lot of this illegal u-turn, unconsiderate people. What to do if the mentality of this type of people are so low. How much of time and money can you save?

I have also encountered people who actually build a place to burn the prayer papers in front of their house on the walk way, where he then we cannot park his car, and park his car on other neighbours areas. How inconsiderate of them.

I guess all this can only be settled by calling and enforcing the law on them whether it is MPK or Police.

Jimmy said...


Please get the Bukit Tinggi II police officers to nab these errant motorists and fine them maximum RM150 and the motorists will think twice before an illegal U-Turn. Forget about the 2 policemen in the Bandar Botanic Police Station.

Ang said...

Gamuda is supposedly the leader in highways, but when I look at BB roads I cannot help but think that it is a highly overrated statement. Pot holes everywhere, water ponds when it rains, awkward roundabouts, u-turns at weird locations, it's amazing. Look at the direct flyover from Kesas. First they say complete in 2006. Then 2007. Then 2008, now 2010. Honestly I do not know what to believe anymore.

Community members, did you also realise that for the last two weeks, Peter the township manager has not been replying any calls in office. Is he even here in BB? Who is in charge? Or has Gamuda quietly left Klang with tail between the legs? Sorry, but I really wonder who's in charge here. This evening on my way in I noticed that the Bandar Botanic entry statement sign has been vandalized. What is going on here?

Vanessa said...

The Developer Gamuda is only interested in making sales and no after sales services. We all have been cheated.

Rada said...

Dear Residents,

Are our comments reaching out to the correct people. With exception of John, no other office bearers are responding. As to the Gamuda or Township Management, I do not think they will bother. MPK and the Police more likely no.

It is our fervent hope that the Committee will take pointers from the comments given and take it up with the proper people. In doing so, some indications as to what, how and when should be posted in this blog to keep readers and residents aware.

Sunny Ho said...

Hello John,

What is the probability of seeking a meeting with Gamuda big boss in the next one week? Invite MPK as well?

Let everybody know about this meeting so that you will have a bigger audiences. We can then trash out all the outstanding issue here and then.

Andersson said...

This comment should ideally be at No. 76 - Notice of AGM but is posted here being the latest and hopefully more visible.

Where or Who are the candidates for coming BBRA AGM? Being a new member, I believe many others are completely in the dark as to who are the suitable people. For sure we may know who are the not so suitable candidates. Jimmy had in Post No. 74 appeal to one Elan and former committee members to come forward but surely we have new blood that can revamp and take BBRA to a higher level. Fellow bloggers, please check around with your fellow neighbors and recommend some new candidates for members to have more choices. We may end up having no choices at all at the AGM.

Mr. Ong, as secretary your Annual Report which will include the committees' reports are important for members to appraise the work of each committee member. Please ensure to distribute the reports to we members at least 14 days prior to the AGM, failing which the holding of the AGM will be questionable.

Andrew, I assume Mr. Ong may not be following the blog as no comment from him. Would you kindly forward this to him. Thank you.

Lim said...

I agree with you Anderson.

There must be more info provided by BBRA to members and what better medium than the Annual Report. For new members, a copy of the previous committee's report will be of immense help.

Andrew Sum said...

Mr Ong the Secretary do follows the blog very, very closely but chose to remains silent & mysterious, just as most committee members does. However, if you call him he is a very nice person and will speak to you non stop. hi hi hi. I just called him and he is still preparing the circular hopefully to be out by this weekend Sat or Sun. This circlar will also includes amongst othe items, the present committee portfolio, the number of meetings held and its attendance. From the attendance you will be able to appraise them, he says by their attendance. However, only 2 persons are always present at all meetings - the President and him as Secretary.

Andrew Sum said...

I all meetings, John and Ong are always present. The other committees took turns to be present on rotations. Not all committees members are present altogether in any meeting.

Andrew Sum said...

Yes, rightly said, the comments are there, but I do not know whether the committee members reads or not. All I know is John and Ben (who is now not a committee member but a sub-committee member on security affair) only posts their comments. The others chose to remains silent and mysterious. That is why I wrote the "Roman Senate" hoping to instill in them a sense of responsibility. If some choose to remain silent, how are we to know.

Ben Phang said...

Lets see the attendance list first before passing remarks. Anyway the attendance list should never be a benchmark to determine performance.

Just because committee members do not respond and comment on the blog do not necessary meant that they are non performers. Is it fair to assume they are not responsible. Who is the spokesman for BBRA? Is he the President or the blog administrator or somebody else?

The number of active bloggers todate is around 10 and compare to the 400 plus BBRA members or the more than 3,000 residents in BB, it represents a very very small percentage but its a good start. I am proud to be one of the bloggers and member of BBRA.

We must however be patience and give others some space and time to join in. Lets give others more encouragement to join us rather than commenting negatively about others, thus creating an uncondusive atmosphere.

Sunny Ho said...

Yes, attendance cannot be used to evaluate the performance of the commitees. Anyway, the meetings are usually among of committees only, so the attendances does not really bring value for us members to evaluate the performance. What is important is the progress of work. Frankly I do not care whether people attend the meeting or not. As long as there are meeting minutes, action points, and progress of work, I think that is good enough. What I always look at are results.

Banjit said...

Dear Blog Administrator,

With so many comments coming in, suggest you change the formate of the blog to list down current comments to avoid visitors going article by article. It will be easier for bloggers to click in on latest comments.

Ramli said...

All through out the comments in the blog, I hear about problems, issues and suggestions but very little initiatives and solutions offerred. Some did make efforts to email to the authorities and expect our civil servants to respond. Be realistic! If just by sending emails to our civil servants or even our Adun can resolve problems, then our Bandar Botanic will be a wonderful place.
I am not trying to pour cold water onto your intentions but so far I can see nothing coming out from all these comments except hot air and they are directed at the present committee who for all their shortcomings have make some progress.
We talk about voluntary work, yet some of us treat our volunteers with disrespect and openly ridicule them under the guise of urging them. We go around claiming having done this and championing that but before the results are in, we prematurely claim credit.
Hypocrisy is behavior which someone pretends to have beliefs, principals or feelings that they do not really have.
I salute and thank the present committee for their resolute in keeping silent under these adverse insults and by your contemporaries. I hope others will have some thought first before embarking to ridicule your fellow residents who had volunteer their time and effort but yet not seeking glory.

Andrew Sum said...

Thank you Encik Ramli as you are very concern about the committee members. You have a big heart. Yes, they are great volunteers and definately contributed in some ways or another. I believe what the residents really want from them are some informations on what they have done. I too, as a BBRC Blog Administer, really needs their help and contributions. I regret I received only from a very few, as the others have remain silent. Can you help me in any way to get some informations and contributions from them so that I can put it in the blog? I am so frustrated that I have got little information. Anyway, I have already tendered my resignation to the President. A Blog Administer needs information or else the Blog is doom.

Ramli said...

Being relatively new in Botanic, I am unable to assist you. It surprises me that you being the appointed one is unable to get the required support from those who appointed you. Why then are you sticking around and passing such negative remarks on your appointers? You said you are frustrated and already tendered your resignation. Your appointers are giving you the cold shoulder, yet you remain. Are you seeking reassurance or harbouring intentions for them to plead for you to continue? Be straight forward.

Andrew Sum said...

Ramli, welcome and thank you for joining in to blog and post your comments. I give it to you straight. There is nothing to hide. When the President John ask me to help him, after many, many times, I rejected. But after CNY, he again approach me and I agree to help him temporary to up-lift his blog. I really did not know the 'inside situation' of BBRA then, as I am not allow to attend any Committee meetings, as a resident. I know the committee members are great and that they are performing their job. But there is little information flow out from them which is very important. What I needed is some contribution from them in writing. A few did but I consider it is still not enough. I wrote to the President many, many times asking for his help, and I cannot foresake the President half-way. Since I promise to help him, I have to honour my word. What I am trying to tell the BBRA is that they have to improve so that the next new man who take over the Blog Administration would not be in such a difficult position as I am now. I promised John that I will continue to perform my duty to the best of my ability until the next AGM, then I will consider my work done. I am not pleading for them to feel sorry for me. Now after all these tirade, some of the committee members are beginning to log in to post their comments. A good few like Ben(who resign as Committee Member) is very helpful and I consider him the best. Then I know the 2 Jacobs they are doing their work alright, but seldom blog. Now Jacob Methews starts to do so which is very encouraging. I do gets a lot of phone calls from Mr Ng Seen San giving tons and tons of advice. But he says he doesnt know how to use the computer. Therefore no contributions in writing lah. The Presidents on and off helps in alot and put in a good number of contributions as well as blog comments.
It doesnt matter whether the comments in the blog are effective or not. I consider the most important thing is imparting of information to residents, good or bad. Without information, even you Uncle Ramli would not be reading this blog. If you go back towards February, you will find the blog is useless , not attractive at all. No one feels like putting any comments at all. Now, we have a lot of residents coming in and even new ones everyday. I consider that they are all "Roman senators" to a certain degree. Even you are a good ‘senator’ who can ask direct questions. Senators are courageous and strong people or else Rome will fall. With lots of information, who knows one fine day you will see a 'Gladator' who will rise up in Bandar Botanic and will truly 'fight' for our rights.
Again, as you say is correct, I am harbouring intentions for some of the committee members to change their attitude. The facts are all there. Out of 78 blogs articles, only 4-5 articles are contributed by the Committees & the President. Out of other 70 blogs articles, on and off, one or two articles contributed by my good friends & residents, who emails to me. If this is the meaning of good cooperation, I am really sorry for the next Blog Administer who will take my place.

Ben Phang said...

Sticking to the point here - the illegal U-Turns.

Did Peter Quah or the Police respond as to what positive steps they are taking to stop all these illegal U-Turns?

TMO could follow the example set by Bukit Tinggi II in putting up concrete blocks, on a temporary basis, to educate motorists to use the legal U-Turns. It work at Aeon Jusco.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear brother Banjit, each and every article is unique by itself and display a totally different issue pertaining to Bandar Botanic. Every BBRA article is a collection.If you have log in, then it will be more valuable to print out and collect for your future generations to see, that his/her grandpa is active in some way in the Botanical Garden. Do leave someting behind for your future generations offsprings. Coming back to the issue, I am afraid this is a Blog and not a Website. Therefore, I must very humbly apologise to you as I do not know how to do it as I am not a Web-master. Thanks for the good recommendation. Keep blogging.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Ben, each time I personally wrote to Mr Peter Quah of Gamuda, I always cc to his staffs Miss Cheong of Gamuda(she incharge of Phase 4, email cheong and Miss Seow YL (she incharge of Garmuda Marketing, email ylseow@ as 'triple insurance' and also cc to the President. Up till now, neither Mr Peter Quah nor his two assistants responded. The Police will carry out their surprise operations at night, as and when. During the day it is too obvious. I do not know whether the President or his committees received any reply from Mr Peter Quah or not.Anyway, its up to them to check and action. Somehow, I consider my duty as a Blog Administer to highlight this U-Turn problem is done. If I do everything, then might as well dont need a President and committees. Give them some work lah. ha ha ha...

Andersson said...

Persiaran Botanic might as well be called Persiaran Botakni as seen by its bareness. Bare of trees or plants. Don't tell me that this dual-carriage road has been handed over to MPK. Compare with Bukit Tinggi or Ambang Botanic where fully grown trees lined the center and both sides of the roads. No more houses to sell in Botak ni?

Azli said...

When is the developer going to complete the construction of the final portion at Phase 6. Coming back from work at Telok Gong through Kesas into Persiaran Botanik cannot turn into Angsana.

John Lim said...

Dear Friends,

I will be meeting with MPK and TMO to do the study tour of the central this Saturday 28/3. The meeting is finally confirmed.

I have met Sg. Mano who is the Chairman of the Community Policing of BK and BB. I will meet him and talk to him about the illegal U-turn to bring it to the joint council for which the OCPD and MPK President presides.

Things will take time to move. This is Malaysia lah - not everything is wired! And furthermore, have mercy on me. I do not have PA to record everything!