Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 6 March 2009

BBRAeNews No.68 - Improvements worth for considering.

To: Bandar Botanic Administration-Mr Peter Quah
A Letter to Mr Peter Quah
-edited by Andrew Sum
-Contributed by Tiam Hock (House Owner)

Dear Mr Peter Quah,
Bandar Botanic Township-Klang.

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Bandar Botanic. Recently I have received a letter from a good friend and also a house owner of Bandar Botanic giving the following recommendations.

I hope you will consider the followings to enhance the taman.

1) Plant more trees and flowers along the newly built dual carriage road. Its so bare.

2) Redesign the U-Turns to discourage illegal u-turns

3) Place more traffic and directional signages, such as to Kiara, Jenaris, Angsana, etc.

4) Level the areas underneath the high tension towers

5) Plant more trees and shrubs to cover hide the rear of houses along the dual carriage road.

6) Replant all the trees along all the internal roads. Many of them have rotted or chopped down by irresponsible residents. This is Bandar Botanic for heavens sake.

7) Maintain properly those little gardens in between phrases. They are neglected.

The developer will stand to gain for the above beautification works as they have future developments in Bandar Botanic, especially Phase 7 & 8 but above all its good name as a developer.



Rada said...

Dear Mr. Peter Quah,

If you are reading this blog, I hope you will give us residents and Harum Intisari customers some "after sales services" and let us know of the proposals put forth.

As a responsible developer with vast land yet to be developed in this vicinity, such proposed enhancements will not only beautify Bandar Botanic but will serve as a good platform to launch your balance products in the future. Of utmost importance is the good name of Harum Intisari of Gamuda Group.

Doing the right and proper thing with small investment now will be very beneficial to Harum Intisari in the long term.

Jimmy said...


You hit it right on the dot. Look at the bare new dual carriageway and it is shameful to called our taman, Bandar Botanic. MPK should have insisted on the landscraping plan and ensure the developer adhere to the conditions.

Look at Botanic Capital or Ambang Botanic and you will note the vast differences.

Patricia said...

Dear Harum Intisari,

The 7 items require are not the 7 wonders of the world but decent requests that any responsible developer ought to have done to maintain their integrity and good namesake. Please get it done and you will have the gratitute of your customers, the house buyers.

You have developed a beautiful township and there are much more development in the future. It will be to your advantage to maintain a good image and relationship with residents.