Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Sunday, 15 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.77 - Is our garden being robbed ?

Is our garden being robbed? or Land Grab Under Our Own Nose?
-Edited by Andrew Sum
I have received a report from a Bandar Botanic Resident regarding Land Grab at a Resident's backyard.
Saturday, March 14, 2009 7:19 PM
From: "bhng"
Hi Committee members of BBRA,

Is our garden being robbed?
When I see this renovation by one of the residents in Phase 2 (Kiara Precint), I just cannot accept it.
Is this act legal? If this is not dealt with, I am afraid more will follow suit in future.
Please help to escalate to our beloved MPKlang through BBRA and act fast.
I would suggest the BBRA Committee Member of Kiara Precint Mr Charlie Lim and Mr Ng Seen San kindly does a check on this and quickly reports back to the President Mr John Lim, so that he can advise the residents what is going on and what are the necessary steps to take.
Would the President kindly log into this article and post your comments?


Jimmy said...


Ng, Charlie and for that matter, John are from Kiara. I am too. The photos are not recent ones. Take a look at that house today. You will not miss it if you take a walk in the lake garden through Kiara to the former sales office.

Earler some residents had raise their concern on the owner grabbing extra land and also over building. Some of those neighbouring semi-dees are suspected over built and do not conformed to approved building plans. All these claims though are yet unsubstantiated. Look around and I am sure there are many extensions that are illegal or do not conformed with approved plans. Please check your facts first as the owner can sue for deflamation.

Andersson said...

Well done Andrew. That house was completed more than 6 months ago and the photos much longer. Jimmy is right that the allegation on land grab is not substantiated. It is easy, the MPK guys or Pejabat Tanah or even the developer should be called in to do their job.

It is very clear though that the owner had taken it upon himself to change the landscape of the garden adjoining his house. It may not be wrong but it can lead to disorder if more owners whose houses adjoin the garden start their own individualism, the garden can turn out messy.

I opine that the planning and upkeep of the garden should be left to the developer and if it has been handed over, then MPK should take that responsibility.

Banjit said...

Hi Fellow Residents,

I am Baljit and I reside in Bidara opposite the shops in Jasmin. A few well meaning neighbours opposite the Good Taste Seafood Restaurant had created their own mini gardens on the patch of empty land buffer (about 30 feet wide) right in front of their homes. The problem will arise if each and every resident start creating their own garden or vegetable plots, we will end up with not just a disorder but messy garden.

Harum Intisari as a responsible developer should have undertaken to plant trees along this wide strip of empty land. Ideally the trees will act as a shade and separation between the residential houses and the shops.

Rada said...

Residents should not just alter the landscape of the gardens which are common and public property. Owners whose houses are fronting or adjoining the gardens should never regard the gardens as their private property and alter the landscape or planting. MPK must take action within the ambit of our laws and ensure errant owners pay for the restoration costs and the suitable fines for destroying public property. This action must be carried out without fear or favour.

As to land grab, such low down and selfish actions only manifest the ugly side of these owners and they should not be let off so easily. They are depriving other residents of the space duly enacted and required by a developer to provide when seeking approval from the authorities. We must together demand immediate actions by MPK.

Sunny Ho said...

In order to be fair to everybody, I hope the relevant authorities will work quickly.

Lim said...

Its day light robbery to grab public land and utterly selfish to change the facade of the garden to your whims and fancies. Its just not right.

The developer or the authorities must take transparent actions to recover the public land and take appropriate actions on the faulting owners.

Ang said...

Hi community members,

Referring to the pictures, I recently saw kids playing at the alphabet garden and with those construction workers carrying sand, sawing timber, carting rocks, bricks and so on. It is most irresponsible of that house owner and a potential banana skin should a kid fall or trip over the construction materials. What if nails or wood splinter hurt a child? Then what?

If such an accident happen, I hope a lawyer in BB can come out and offer his or her service and sue the owner and Harum Intisari for negligence.

Jimmy said...

It seems so many of us know the whereabout of the subject house and yet the authorities and the developer appear oblivious to the owner's action. They can't be that blind, can they?

Ang said...

Maybe it's time we 'cc' any comments to TMO to their group division. From the Gamuda website, they seem to have a Public Affairs division in PJ.

I believe it is Perhaps they might have some interest in their investment since the group is an international contractor - hardly believable right?

Vanessa said...

They practised shifting cultivation in their backyard in Ulu Jungle and now they strike it rich they practised shifting cultivation here in BB, also in their back yard. Old habbits die hard.
The developer has already left us to rot.

Andrew Sum said...

Jimmy, the Developer are not blind. They 'pretend' to be blind. They never, never reply to my protest e-mails to them. The next time I will cc to their HQ.

Jacob said...

Dear Andrew,

Today morning ,I have received a call from a BB resident complaining on the same subject.

we need to highlight to MPK and TMO

Rada said...

Welcome Vanessa and Jacob to our list of commenters. The more the merrier.

It will be a step in the right direction if John or Ong can issue a letter to TMO stating the residents concern over the "extra" land matter and the garden violation. TMO has the people to investigate and the documents to refer to. We hope TMO will clarify as soon as possible.

Sunny Ho said...

Hi fellow blog members. I guess most of the residents, especially in Phase 2, Kiara knows about this issue way before this blog article has been published. I too have brought this up to another party other then BBRA on the Sunday the 15th of March. Strange enough, until today if you go through the blog, there are many comments and opinions, but there are no comments from the relevant parties who can actually help. Come again, no even a simply comment by our association or representative whether they are looking into it or not or acknowledge the situation. Strange isn't it.

Lim said...

14 comments todate but not even one from committee members, past and present and Kiara is well represented. It sure is strange. Is it because it involves a very rich and influential resident?

Besides BBRA, we do have the vocal Kiara Action Committee and it is indeed very difficult to understand that such violations go unnoticed.

Andrew Sum said...

thanks very much for posting your small but valuable comments into the blog. Any comments however small is useful. But I know there are 2 Jacob in the BBRA Committee Family. Which Jacob are you. ha ha ha.

Andrew Sum said...

Banjit and BHNG are also new addition to our lists. Jacob I believe must be one of the Committee members of BBRA. There are 2 Jacobs. Good to have them in.

Sunny Ho said...

Hello, hello.......BBRA....where are you?

John said...

Aiya Sunny Ho, I am right here is BBRA means me (John Lim). Can also email me or sms. So many article to read and comment. Just miss this one.

Would the person in protest please write to us so that we can have a better picture of what the land was cleared for. Has anyone talk to the house owner?

Get more info and also call Mr. Ng and Charlie to discuss this with the house owner. If this is illegal we will make the complain.

Sunny Ho said...

Hi John,

No comment, if you think BBRA is only you one person....then I have no comment.

Also, isn't this blog setup to relay information, findings and issues to you and you team?