Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 19 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.80 - A Brief History of BBRA Committees.

A Brief History.
-Edited by Andrew Sum
-Per Kind Favour of Ben Phang
(With Consultation to Secretary Ong)
Ben Phang is no longer a committee member. As to the other committee members, Charlie & Ng were recently seconded into the committee. Halim was responsible to set up the BBRA website until he later suggested blogging and that was when Andrew Sum came in as administrator. Steven is also seconded into the committee after the Phase 1 representative resigned. Ong is from Phase 3 while his partner, Raveen had resigned much earlier. Jabob Mathew despite his busy schedule overseas makes an attempt to blog in recently while his partner from Phase 5, Dr. Jaya is a lecturer and recently seconded in. Thana from Phase 6 after pursueing the security matter vigorously resigned due to some unforeseen circumstances.
There you have it ... from the original list,
1) President -
John Lim
2) Deputy President - Arumugam (resigned 2008)
3) Secretary - Teh Chuan Huat (resigned 2007)
4) Asst. Secretary - Ong HC (took over secretary job)
5) Treasurer - Andrew (P1) resigned immediately after elected March 2007
post taken over by CM-P6 Thanapalan resigned 2008
post taken over by CM-P4 Jacob Thomas
6) CM-P1 Richard Tan (appointed & resigned 2007)
7) CM-P2 Dato' Gopi (resigned 2007)
8) CM-P2 Rajan (resigned 2007)
9) CM-P3 Raveen (resigned 2008)
10) CM-P4 Benjamin (resigned 2009)
11) CM-P4 Jacob Thomas (appointed Treasurer)
12) CM-P5
Jacob Mathew
13) CM-P5 Dr. Jaya (appointed 2008)
14) CM-P6
Nor Halim
15) CM-P6 Thanapalan (resigned 2008)
16) CM-P2 Selvaraj - appointed and resigned 2008
17) CM-P2 Ng Seen San - appointed 2008
18) CM-P2 Charlie Lim (John's brother) appointed 2008
19) CM-P1 Steven Chia - appointed 2007(amended)

Of the original 5+8=13 committee members elected, only 5 remained plus the 4 newly appointed, the committee now only has 9 members.


Ramli said...

Alamak, so many turnover of the committee members can only mean 2 things, bad leadership or bad attitute of those elected or appointed. Big problem that warrants members participation at coming AGM. Bukan main-main. Mesti pilih baik-baik.

Ben Phang said...

Thank you Andrew for checking with the BBRA Secretary on the facts before posting the brief history of the Committee. I did mentioned to you in my mail to you that the information provided was for your information to help you in your blog work. Hopefully BBRA members will elect wisely this coming AGM.

Andrew Sum said...

Thank you very much Ben, you are very kind and helpful.

John said...

I believe Steven Chia was appointed in 2007 and not 2008. And I would like to commend him for doing a good work in Phase 1 abit alone.

I believe that at least 2 committee were asked to resign because they failed to attend meetings even though we have informed the consequences. It is not the committee's delight to do so but as a legal association, we need a quorum to pass the minutes and other things.

Yes, those whom are elected must accept this is a volunteering position and be prepared to serve.
We are a community and a friendly association. Hence, among the phases you can decide who will best represent your phase. Randomly choosing someone from the crowd may give the person the siok of being chosen but he may not be prepare to run the race until the end. Secondly, support the person from your phase by volunteer to be in the phase action committee. This chap cannot do the work alone without some support.

I am only suggesting and I leave it to the floor to consider this proposal. Adopting this will go towards strengthening the structure of BBRA. Mind you, the previous committee also have resignation. And the RA will suffer if elected one continues to resign mid-way.

Andersson said...

John, thank you for the openness. Better late than never. It appear to be tough being a committee as evident by the many resignations. Only 5 of the original 13 remaining. Other than the 2 who were asked to resign for failing to attend meetings, the other 6 must have valid reasons. Sorry to ask but you have implied that some felt "siok" of being chosen and then did not finish the term. It is only fair to those who have served under you but may have resigned for other reasons. Members may also want to know to avoid future occurences and prospective committee members will be better prepared when accepting the post.

Banjit said...

Andrew, what do you mean by "per kind favour"? Do you mean "contributed by" or "presented by"? Sorrylah, I have nothing more to comment, so take opportunity to learn.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Banjit, yes you are right. If anyone - a friend, a stranger, a resident,President,a committee member or sub-committee member wrote in to me, by email, an article, I will post them into the bloc as 'per kind favour' for the interests of the residents to read. The article could be contributed by them and sometimes it may be just an email presented by them. Therefore the credit should be due to them, not me. If you dont see any 'per kind favour' then the article is 100% thought of and written by me alone.