Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

BBRAeNews No.71 - Preliminary Notice of AGM.

The AGM meeting would most probably be held on the 29th(Sunday) March 2008 or 5th(Sunday) April,2009 subject to confirmation from the Committee, pending the finalizing of the auditing of the 2008 accounts. However, if the date of the AGM is confirm, the announcement would be 2 weeks prior the AGM.

Those non members wishing to participate in the voting are advise to register now as a member because your application will need to be first pass for consideration and subject to approval by a panel of committee in their next meeting (probably next week) before your application can be formally accepted. There is still time.
If they are accepted, then you are eligible to vote. If their application is still pending and not accepted before the AGM, these new member may attend the AGM meeting but not eligible to cast their vote. So there, non-members who are interested please do it fast, preferable by this week.

Those members who wish to exercise their voting right are kindly request to pay up all outstanding membership fee for 2008 and 2009 before the can cast their vote.

How to pay:
Those who are interested to pay up their outstanding 2008 and 2009 membership fee and also to those non members who are interested to be a member in order to exercise their vote may contact the following persons incharge:

1) Mr Jacob Mathews (Membership)
Address: No.1, Jalan Bungor 8,
Bungor Precint.
Handphone: 012-2020369

2) Mr Jacob Thomas (Treasurer)
Address: No.35, Jalan Jenaris 6,
Jenaris Precint.
Handphone: 012-3541252

The New Fees:

Registration Fee (One time only) - Malaysian ringgit $20.00
Annual Fee - Malaysian ringgit $24.00

Residents can also seek my help if they need.

Andrew Sum
Temporary Blog Administrator,


Sunny Ho said...

Dear all residences of Bandar Botanic,

Please join hands together so that we can make the change in Bandar Botanic, our beautiful garden and the place we call home.

Please register yourself so that you can vote, and choose the correct President for the association which will help you to make the difference.

Stop keeping things to yourself and help make this a better community. Bandar Botanic needs a good leader to make it one of the best place to live in else it will be another ordinary garden in Klang.

Contribution is not much, just some time to attend meetings, voicing out your frustration and etc.

Come one, come all. Let's vote for a better future and environment for Bandar Botanic.

Vanessa said...

Yes, dont forget the malays and the indians and the singhs brothers and sisters too. Bandar Botanis is also their home.

Sunny Ho said...

All are welcome to vote. Think carefully who you want for you Bandar Botanic President. Still got time to think and nominate. Choose a President and committee that is going to be transparent to all the residences where voices will be heard and things done can also be heard. Be a member, cast your vote and let's all together make this place a beautiful Bandar Botanic.

Rada said...

Baseless criticism is easy and so is empty talk. Even my 12 year old kid knows how to said bad things about his classmate but I hasten to teach him to always try to place himself in his classmate's position and see whether he can do better, before so readily passing a negative comment.

The right thing to do is to first become a member, attend the AGM and then vote the correct people as the office bearers. Better still, if the resident can contribute, he or she should volunteer. All residents irrespective of race should participate.

Sunny Ho said...

Dear Residences of Bandar Botanic,

As per Mr. Rada mentioned, do the right thing and the right way.

As for the contributions, I know all the residences will contribute if help is needed and activities are organized. We can see this by the POT LUCK activities and rukun tetangga activities previously organized. Not a major success but I would still say it is a success for the resident got together to do what they need to do.

Basically, there is no one association can work alone or in silo. No matter what, everybody needs to play a part; member, non-member, committee, non commitee, office bearer and etc. Many people might not have time to attend to things but with each contributing a little, it can be a success.

Look at some of the other associations for example, we get all the actions with everybody doing their tiny little bit, just by providing information and connection. At the end, whether things really do happen or not is another thing for we definitely cannot check, but from all the information circulated like photos and busy body comments, at least there is something positive that we still can look forward to ....... psychologically it affects our thinking that some things are being done and we do want this in Bandar Botanic.

My rational is, if there is no immediate result and things are still being worked out, if we all know about it, and there is progress, it is still acceptable. We all know nothing happens overnight. All we want to know is the afford put in, and if some areas needed help, at least we know where to help.

So please do your bit as a resident to vote the correct people as office bearers to govern your beloved garden.