Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 26 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.86 - Beware of Strays Dogs.

Dear Residents,
Beware of Stray Dogs.
-edited by Andrew Sum
Please be aware of some stray dogs at around the Kiara regions. These dogs are becoming a nuisance obstructing traffic and frightening people with their fierce menacing look.

I was around there this morning to buy newspaper and on the way back I happen to see an old Uncle resident who is having trouble walking due to some back problems. I got down from my car, approach the old uncle and told him to be careful and be aware that there are a pack of stray dogs at the Jalan Kiara. He says he lives near that area. However, he is unaware of the presence of the dogs.

Any early joggers also please be careful and do carry a stick or something for protection.


Jimmy said...

Hello Animal Lovers of Kiara,
This is a good opportunity to show your LOVE for the animals. I am sure these stray dogs did not sprung out from no where, for sure they are from irresponsible dog owners. If we suggest MPK to come and take them away, we are worried that the animal lovers in Kiara will take offence to our treating god's creatures in such a disrespectful manner.
The animal lover who in his own words said animals are more faithful than men should take these stray dogs under his shelter prior to further arrangements. He might as well seek his good friend, the Vet to care for these strays or to be kind to them, put them to sleep.

Rada said...

iradaDon't bother about animal lovers' rights. We are human and we must first take care of humans rights and get rid of these stray dogs. MPK has a dog catching team and they should be send in to rid our neighborhood of all these stray dogs. What happen to these stray dogs after MPK catches them is MPK's business.

Ramli said...

Tangkap saja. Apa cerita lagi?

Selva said...

Please email the photos of these stray dogs to YDP MPK for immediate action. These dogs can be dangerous in a pack and are known to attack people irrespective of old or young residents.

Lim said...

We have cows, monkeys and dogs (those with owners) and now we have stray dogs. Did these dogs just strayed into our neighborhood or are these dogs that owners (those unfaithful ones) have abandoned?

By and large, I tend to agree with a fellow animal lover in Kiara Precint who said that animals tend to be more faithful than our human beings. These irresponsible owners are a shameful lot. They behaved as if the world around them only exist to serve their purpose. They live in good homes, drives nice cars and yet have no consideration for others, humans or animals. Our society must come together to put these people to shame and the best way is to highlight their shameful acts in the BBRA Blog for all their fellow residents to see who they really are.

Lets all send pictures of these acts to the blog administrator to post in the BBRA Blog.

Azli said...

I have written to MPK to request them to urgently send in their dog catchers and round-up these stray dogs. We just cannot afford action only after some innocent resident or child get bitten by these strays.

MPK has also been urged to come down hard on dog owners who do not have dog licenses or who let their dogs loose in the public park.

Ben Phang said...

Azli, thank you.

Bandar Botanic need more proactive residents like you. We all like to read comments from residents to gain a better insight of what is happening in our BB community. Likewise we also need residents to take up the issues by emailing to the authorities and the YBs directly. This is group participation and will take a lot of work load off the busy committee members.

Dickson said...

Well said Ramli, Selva, Azli and Ben. We all must do our part to email YDP MPK, Tuan Mislan but in our society, we cannot deny that an official letter from the resident association carries much more weight. Who in BBRA is responsible for liaison with the authorities? He must be more receptive and proactive to comments from the blog. I see not just procrastination from the security guy.