Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Tuesday, 31 March 2009


aka BBRA Klang
contributed by A Member

Bandar Botanic Klang has more than 3,000 double-storey houses in Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 and the gated Phase 9. Phase 7 & 8 has yet to be developed. Including the low and medium cost apartments, it is estimated, Bandar Botanic has more than15,000 residents and this figure does not include residents in Ambang Botanic, the shop houses in Botanic East, Botanic West and Botanic Capital.
A township of this size warrants a residents' association to take care of residents needs, resolve problems and mitigate issues with Authorities and the Developer. Above all, the association will be a common platform and gathering for residents to meet, voice their opinions and develop good neighborliness. Here in Bandar Botanic, we have the Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Botanic Klang or BBRA Klang or Bandar Botanic Residents Association.
In comparison with many other residents association, BBRA Klang can be considered a young one. It was established in the second half of 2005 by several dedicated residents and the 1st Committee was headed by Mr. Elan Perumal, a journalist. Mr. Elan and his Committee were instrumental in the formation of BBRA Klang and its Constitution. Many activities were undertaken and problems related to its formative years were resolved. In March 2007, Mr. John Lim, a pastor, took over the leadership and with his committee they continued with the association's work, albeit on a quiet manner. For there is no glory or reward in community work, just the personal satisfaction when results are achieved.

BBRA Klang will soon be having its 5th Annual General Meeting, tentatively scheduled on Sunday 19th April, 2009 where members will elect new Office Bearers and Committee Members to attend to the affairs of the association for another 2 years. Our Bandar Botanic community in general and BBRA Klang in particular will need delegated and responsible residents, past and present office bearers and committee members included, to fill in the following positions.

1) President
2) Deputy President
3) Secretary
4) Assistant Secretary
5) Treasurer
6) Minimum 6 Committee Members
traditionally 2 representatives from each Phase

Needless to say, residents must first apply to be a member of the association in order to attend the AGM and be part of the process in selecting the new office bearers and committee members. All residents of Bandar Botanic are qualify to be a member of BBRA Klang. There is still time to join as a member. Contact any of the current committee members for the application forms. If we care for our family, our community and our neighborhood, then it is only right that we show we really care and be part of the BBRA Klang Family.


Lim said...

Residents who are members already should ensure they attend the AGM and select the proper dedicated leaders to serve the community under BBRA Klang umbrella.


Banjit said...

Its thoughtful of the writer to post such a comprehensive write-up of BBRA's functions. All residents in wanting the best for our own township should join BBRA and be part of its programs in seeking solutions to the many problems that will continue to arise. My spouse and I will definitely apply to be members.

John Lim said...

Thanks Banjit for your positive respond towards BBRA. As we are going to here for a very long time so also will BBRA. And we need everyone's talent and involvement to make our home a pleasure to live in.

Sunny Ho said...

If the communication channel in Bandar Botanic is strong, the teamwork between the residents and BBRA will be even stronger. Let's keep the information channel open for all and with this, everybody will know how to contribute and help make this a better place to live in.

Andersson said...

Positive thinking attracts positive chi. Since BBRA launched its blog, there have been many positive responses and followed by positive resolutions. Though new to blogging, Andrew the blog administrator has improved, especially in the delivery. Keep it up.

Jimmy said...

Yes! Residents must not only talk but must contribute and support BBRA in tackling issues head on.


Andrew Sum said...

Sunny, you are correct.
Plants Needs Water,
Letters Needs Answer.
And BBRA Needs Residents' Feedbacks to act.

Dickson said...

just to add to your comment,
Plants need Water,
Letters need Answers,
BBRA need Residents Feedback,
(to act, this is a no no)
to immediately follow up
and respond back to comments.

Seriously, the occasion respond
from John and Jacob is not adequate, especially for a fast and improving blog. The tempo must be maintained or interest will wane. Where are the other committee members? Your names are posted in the blog. Come on!

Andrew Sum said...

Dickson, thanks for asking the correct million dollars question which John should be the one asking. "Where are the other committee members? Your names are posted in the blog. Come on!"