Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Dear Mr President.

Subject: Seeking a Meeting with Gamuda Land COO
Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 6:14 PM
Dear Mr President,
Dear John,

I am trying to help out on the issues of Bandar Botanic.

As of today, I have managed to get Gamuda Land higher management involved in our fight to make Bandar Botanic a better place for us to live in. I have managed to contact Gamuda Land COO. This is not the Bandar Botanic Township Management COO, but the Gamuda COO. I have actually informed him about our situation here in Bandar Botanic.

Good news is, he is very concern about the situation in Bandar Botanic. He is also willing to meet up with us but I need to provide him information first. The information required will be those of Bandar Botanic Township Management commitments which are not fulfilled. If there are meeting minutes, and the rest of the information which could eventually supposed to be of Bandar Botanic Township Management responsibility but not fulfilled will be good information. I need to provide him all this info ASAP. Only with such info and after he do his homework, then only he will meet up with us. Are you willing to assist me in providing this information?


Sunny Ho
From: "Andrew Sum"
To: "BBRA-John LimPresident"
Cc: ""
Wednesday, March 18, 2009 9:47 PM
Dear Mr President John,

Mr Sunny is here to help us Bandar Botanic. Can you discuss with your Committee and come up with a list of things undone so that Mr Sunny can on-forward to Gamuda and an arrangements can be made as soon as possible.

Thank you very much,
Andrew Sum
Dear Residents,
Can we residents too, and committee members of BBRA, join hands together and list out what are the things that the Bandar Botanic Township Management commitments failed to do and are not fulfilled , so that one of our good resident Mr Sunny can present it to Gamuda Land Higher Authority. A meeting can then be arranged.
Let us all joint hands to help Sunny out.
Andrew Sum


Jacob said...

Dear Sunny Ho,

The few areas which we haven't get the support from our developer are:

1.Police station:

Getting our Police Pondok to become gazetted as Police station.If I am not mistaken, it was suppose to be a Police station as per the marketing broucher.

2. Botanic Park:

As per developer, the Botanic park already was handed over to MPK. As per MPK, they are only responsible for the landscape. The rest are still with developer. We residents actually never know who is really telling the truth.
Please remember the current dirty retention pond was a beautiful lake when the Botanic houses were marketed.

3. Cow issue:
It was our developer's responsibility to settle the cow issue before the land purchased for development. Since the case is going on in court, the victims are the house buyers in both Botanic and Bukit tinggi.

4.The access road to Jaya Jusco , Bukit Tinggi from Bandar Botanic:

The developer never showed any interst in BB residents access to Jaya Jusco. Earlier there was access one way road which the users misused as 2 ways ( created accidents). Now after the Dual road near phase 2,4 &6 is ready, the residents have no easy acccess to Jaya Jusco.

I guess nobody from the higher management of our developer is staying in Bandar Botanic.

Please check with BBRA files for support documents.John and Ong should able to assist.

Ramli said...

An Open Letter to The President

Dear John,

As a resident and member, I feel very embarass to be reading and knowing the differences between your committee and your blog administrator. Such negativity defeats the purpose of the BBRA Blog and is tantamont to washing your dirty linen in public. There are so many postings showing the conflict between your blog administrator and your committee and yet you remain silent. Its bad for the association's image and this must stop or we will be the laughing stock of Klang. Malu-lah.

Ben Phang said...

Sunny has taken the initiative. John and his committee have the minutes of earlier meeting with TMO. This is a good opportunity to follow through. Please follow through without hesitation.

Andrew Sum said...

Ramli, Saya susah tidor tiap tiap malam.

Andrew Sum said...
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Andrew Sum said...

Ramly, sometimes for the sake of PROGRESS,

It is better to say out something that caused pain,
Then choose not to say any thing at all.
Only then can we take the next step.
Choose wisely on the next AGM meeting.

Ben Phang said...

Andrew, sudah tidur belum? Kalau susah tidur, minumlah satu gelas susu panas, boleh senang tidur dan mimpi macam-macam boleh..hahaha.

I agree that in getting things done, one has to step on a few toes and even disappoint some body close. However one can ease the pain if one is more discreet. At this rate we may have very little choices at the AGM.

Don't think too much about it and you will sleep well. Sweet dreams but do not be naughty .. hahaha.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Jacob Mathews, Wonderful, Wonderful. I salute you. (Jacob Mathews is a Committee Member.)

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Doctor Ben, I will try your prescriptions tonight. muuhihihihi......thanks.

John said...


I have emailed you to look into the matter with committee. What Jacob has mentioned are some key issues. As most we can pass on a few more.

Perhaps, if the COO is so concern, we would like to meet him in person at his office. We can present a memo and hold discussion with him.

If you can arrange it would be fantastic. I am bit busy but would not miss this opportunity. And thanks for your help.

Thanks Ramli for your comment and I believe Andrew has taken note of it. We are still quite new at this blogging thing, at least I am, and will be able to get our act together as time goes by.

Lim said...

the access from BB to Jusco is acceptable. P1/P3/P5 residents can exit through our BB main entrance to go to Jusco while P2/P4/P6 residents can u-turn and access through Persiaran Botanic. Good traffic flow if include those from P9, the flats, apartments and traffic from Kesas Highway.

Its coming back from Jusco to BB that is a fiasco. Why did TMO block up the access from Jusco into our round-about at Persiaran Botanic. It totally cut off returning traffic to all phases. The people who plan and design this cut-off must be ........

Andersson said...

Lim, it cannot be denied that the construction of the round-about is design to stop Botanic residents in P1, P3 & P5 from direct access to Jusco and prevent returning residents or other motorists from easily accessing Bandar Botanic through the round-about. The developer has got its selfish reasons.

Azli said...

Hello Fellow Residents,

Any berita baik for posting. Hari hari berita buruk sahaja. Surely Bandar Botanic have many goodness to appreciate also. If not why you buy house here and pay more also.

Sunny Ho said...

Hi John,

Basically I am trying to setup a meeting, but in order to do that, I need to get all the issues first, than pass it to the COO, than only we can have the meeting. Basically it is simple, we want to have a productive meeting so we need for him to prepare as well. If he does not have the issues, meeting the COO will not bring any value as well where his answers will be, "I will check and come back to you". This is where the COO wants to avoid as well, unless I am wrong about it. There is no harm for us in compiling all the issues and send it over to him for now since all the things were not address for so many years already. So, do you have all the information, issues?

John Lim said...

Sunny, my reply is in your email.

Ramli said... the meeting with the COO on or not? Sunny Ho took the initiative to arrange a meeting and needed the issues. John already complied. So is the meeting on tak?

Lim said...

Yeh. What happened to the proposed meeting with Gamuda COO? There are two similar enquiries at Post 85.

John or Jacob, please dispense with protocol or whatever. Get the contact particulars from Sunny and follow through directly. We should not let such an opportunity passed.

Sunny Ho said...

Hi members,

Just to keep you updated on the situation.

First of all, I would like to say that I have not received any information yet. With this I cannot proceed with the arrangement.

By the way, if you follow both the BBRA and BBRCC blogs, a lot of things has been happening. BBRCC is doing the bit to help the residents and BBRA is also doing the same but just that we do not know to what the extend is.

From my side, since I have not received any compiled info, and the other day we had a meeting with YB Charles, YB Charles has actually taken up the initiative to act on behalf of BB residents. He will call and arrange for a meeting with Gamuda COO and MPK. All info and contact details of the Gamuda COO has been passed on to YB Charles already so that he can fax the letter to all parties.

The date is still not confirmed yet and once confirmed, I will inform everybody here.