Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 13 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.74 - Vacant Houses with overgrown lallangs.

To: "Gamudaland-Peter Quah"
On Fri, 3/13/09, From: Andrew Sum
Subject: Vacant Houses with overgrown lallangs.
Date: Friday, March 13, 2009, 12:22 PM
To: TMO - Attn Mr Peter Quah

Dear Peter,

I take the opportunity to take some photographs of the many vacant houses in the Bandar Botanic area. Most of these house have over-grown lallangs and some even have trees.

Mr Peter, please have a heart and to call up or sent notice reminders to these house owners who just left their house vacant that their vacant houses are a source of breeding grounds for mosquitoes, rodents, snakes and what not.

The residents who lives next doors are sad and dissappointed that nothing has been done.

If you read the Star Newspaper dated 11-2-2009 written by Ng Cheng Yee, you will note that the local authorities now have the right under the Vector Control Act to break into a vacant house within 14 days notice.

In actuality, we residents are living amongst the jungle.

With Regards,
Andrew Sum,
Residents of Bandar Botanic.


Sunny Ho said...

By the way, all these houses, do they have owners? If they do not have owners, it is still the responsibility of the developer to maintain the house. Anyway, the developer will still want the houses to look nice isn't, so that you can sell them, right?

Andrew Sum said...
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Ang said...

Most of these vacant houses were sold to the sub-contractors or as discount to the public some years back. Many people thought that the price would peak as a property investment.

Like them, I was one of those who purchased at a discount for the final phase of link houses, phase 6. I remember driving round the area with the developer and I was repeatedly told not to worry about the unoccupied lots. Apparently they were sold but the owners were not interested to move in. After a couple of months and surveying, I found that in every area there are bound to be vacant lots.

The problem with ours is that the entire place seems to be in limbo. MPK doesn't know whether they are to come in or take full ownership of the area, or to continue and let the developer slowly hand over little by little.

From what I can see, when there's a new development or launch, you will see the developer cleaning or cutting the grass. At other times, they couldn't care less if the lights were out, drains damaged, trees uprooted, commercial lots turned into bird's nest businesses.

I would suggest that all home owners, who have paid a premium for a property here to be proactive and contribute towards a common cause. The developer has no interest in the area once there's nothing to sell. It is obvious and plain to see.

Working together to build and raise awareness and overcome issues is our only way. If you bought Botanic for investment, you would surely want to see the property increase. If you plan to live here, you would want to see a clean, healthy and safe community. Not unless most of the residents are renting in the area, then we are doomed to forever have a silent and apathetic majority!

Andrew Sum said...

I believe the houses have owners. Perhaps they live far away and have no time to visit. All the houses in Bandar Botanic has been sold out - thats what the Gamuda sales girls says. The Developer can do the houseowner a favour by sending them a notice to clear up the place. Three parties stand to gain. The houseowner, the neighbours, and the Developers.Also, dont forget us residents who use to pass by these houses. (What does any BBRA committee members have to say?

John said...

The semi-d houses in the pictures are from Kiara and they face the lake. To knowledge, they have been purchase by rich owner who can afford to let them rot.

The way to get the owners' attention is to get MPK to summon them for breeding aedes mosquito and off course un-kept premises. But these fellas will ignore the summons and could not be bother at all.

Owners such as these have money but no class nor civic-mindedness. Only through pressuring the authorities perhaps actions can be taken. Now if the local council is under an election system, things will probably move faster.

Coming back to Ang's comment and he mentioned commercial lots turned into bird's nest business, there is one looking like taking shape at No:8-1&2 Jalan Jasmin 8, the lot above the corner lot car wash. The windows were close except with small holes and renovation went on for 2 weeks in secrecy. Today, I saw a lorry with a tag "Bird's Nest Specialist" unloading stuff into these units. I am quite sure it's a bird's nest breeding ground. I am of the opinion that it is illegal. And when this is confirm, it is very bad news especially for the developer.

Well, looks like Malaysian boh chap attitude is getting uglier by the day. How to solve this? Residents must be angry enough to unite and protest.

Sunny Ho said...

If any of these Bungalows are selling really cheap, let me know.

I guess not also lah.....if it is cheap, you guys would have bought it already, right?

Ang said...

Thanks John on the follow-up.

Regarding the bird's nest business, what can we do besides protest? I think many in the community and country for that matter view protest as a hostile act that could lead to arrest. Knowing that the developer is close to the present day government, I would not be surprise if they get us all hauled to lock-up.

Is there any other options for highlighting our plight and making a case? Can we bring in the media with a message to MPK? Just throwing ideas as I too am not so keen on protesting.

I hope more residents will contribute to making our community the best in the area, if not klang.


John said...

The key player in Gamuda. MPK looks to Gamuda and in a sense depends on them. Gamuda has a weak spot i.e. selling houses. They have a bigger plan for Amband Capital City but had to scale down because of the low demand. Botanic is not getting good review as it used to have in the beginning. And with recession in the horizon, folks at the office are jittery.

Gamuda/TMO knows residents at BB are not cooperative and they like it that way. The more groups the lesser they would need to give their attentions. This is also their folly as the lack of developer-residents relationship is bad for long term business. Bukit Tinggi developer fare better in this aspect. I know their RAs chief.

Now, to get these illegal things out of BB is not difficult. They are illegal and the authorities can come in and act if they want. But they wait for Gamuda not BBRA or any other BBs... But Gamuda careless about its residents. It cares more about selling houses. So the more difficult they can sell houses they will stand up and listen who is making their "beautiful garden living" a nightmare. The answer: the residents of BB.

But are the residents of BB coming out on this aspect. No, they are talking in the Net. . . BBRA has over 400 members on its list. I dare say less than 100 are active paying members. The rest keep on harping what BBRA can do or not doing. Some after we have helped them says they dont even know BBRA exits. Aiya, if you really want to find out you can one lah. It a lame excuse.

But back to Gamuda disrespecting BBRA. What for they want to give to our letters. Unless we have members in the thousands and then I will shout loud, loud.

Gentlemen, we can write letters and tell the boys at the top but I know they will ignore us. I have been there. So, there is only lose-lose situation.

If Gamuda take care of us, we take of them. And continue in this way as long we both shall live.

After saying these, hope to see you boys at the AGM. I have some proposal for the floor to get the RA to the next level. Cheerios!

Lim said...

All these comments surely shows a lot of frustration. The developer does not care, the residents do not support and the authorities do not bother. All these we know, so now what?

What are the solutions? What can the residents do? We need answers. I suggest that BBRA relooked its position of continuously pleading for this and that. Lets start demanding for our rights, lets seek legal advise, lets get the politicians involved and create a presure group.

Andersson said...

BBRA should be proactive and be the pressure group. There are bound to be disappointments and frustration but the office bearers or rather those who accept the responsibilities as members in the incoming committee will have to be resilent and committed towards the cause. BBRA need dedicated residents who have the time and resolve to pursue, not those who seek the post for namesake and talk only. Current committee members who meet this criteria should continue to volunteer their valuable services as they would have had 2 years experience already.

God bless Bandar Botanic residents and association.

Ang said...

Agreed that we have to continue to do what we are doing. BBRA and BB is still young for that matter. But from the looks of it, we have the right attitude towards improving and realizing the potential of this area.

Many things can change, from my conversation with people affiliated to Gamuda, many of the problems here are only at the surface and never reached the ceo's office or even the group level. Hence the different standards found in the different townships. True or not I do not know.

Regarding the newsletter, I think the Warta BBRA should be distributed regularly. There should be a channel for complaints and not act like a loose cannon like that or Only highlighting the bad and not the good. If they are serious in helping everyone, they should sit down with the authorized channel to share their views. Hanging dirty laundry in public is really disgusting.

John said...

Agree with you Lim that BBRA has to be a pressure group. And I think we can start by voting in committed committee members - folks that will not quit half-way and also recruit more members.

I believe that the new team will improve on the work of the current team.

Jimmy said...

Lets not write off all the present committee members as we need some continuity. Remember the last change over where all the outgoing committee members decline nomination after the incumbent president, Elan lost to John. The Treasurer who was voted in never turn up and instead submitted his resignation at the 1st committee meeting.

John, I agreed that members should vote wisely and not for those who quit halfway but we have to be fair to them and understand why they quit. Similarly we do not need office bearers that stay for the sake of staying and contribute nothing or the committee members that hardly ever attend meetings.

If BBRA is to be a pressure group, it must first show relevance and residents support. Based on what I hear from senior members, on track record and achievements, the earlier committee outshine the present ones by a big margin. I appeal to some of the earlier committee under Elan to come forward at this coming AGM. BBRA needs your experience.

Andersson said...

Lets look around for some real committed leaders who can lead BBRA to another level and really function as a pressure group. I am sorry but to be honest, I cannot see the current team doing so. May be some of them can be retained but we need new energetic guys to be in the new team to add more spirit.

Andrew, Ang, Jimmy, Lim, Rada and Sunny, would you gentlemen like to volunteer your services or at least recommend some new people.

Banjit said...

I agree with Ang that many of the problems raise may not have reached Gamuda's CEO or group level. We should endeavour to meet up with township management people and seek direct communication with their senior management people who would want to ensure the good name of their company, especially with so many balance developments in Bandar Botanic.

BBRA should send out an olive leaf to those "renegades" at BBRCC and invite them to work together. They have well meaning people, besides more experienced blog presenters there albeit they could be going about their postings, "in a loose canon" sort of way. Together both parties contriutions will augur well for Bandar Botanic. If each party were to put aside their ego, many things can be achieved.

Raising all the bad problems associated with BB without equal if not more positive comments will be detrimental to BB especially our property prices and I know none of us want this to happen. Please consider this carefully before all of you incur the full wrath of the residents of BB.

Lim said...

These empty houses with overgrown grass and lallangs just show that our security guys are doing their job. In other housing estate, addicts and vandals would have a field day vandalising these houses. They would have been stripped bare.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Banjit, Andersson, quite earlier I have already emails and send out my (not BBRA) 'olive leaf' and even a 'peace pigeon' to the so call 'renegrades at BBRCC' but they choose to ignore me completely. I have no quarrels with them. Just as a Father would to his Podigal Son, or sons, I believe BBRA would wait for their return. This is my own opinion and not that of BBRA.
Yes, they have some good people down there too.

Ang said...

Dear Andrew,

I couldn't agree more with you on the 'olive' branch to BBRCC. Prior to discovering bbra website, I frequented BBRCC and each time I post a not so positive news to them, 'like why not work with TMO or bbra?', it is not published and even ignored. But when I say something negative about other parties, it is automatically published. Double standards and hypocrisy to the maximum. That is why I worry a loose cannon like that will hold everyone hostage, including us the residents of BB. Remember that our property value is at stake.

John said...

Just returned and very enlightened to read the comments.

To be it bluntly, BBRA has to radical in its approach to be heard. We have met the Gamuda GM, OCPD, MP rep., wrote letters and emails, etc. Others groups have also done. The reality, small improvement but not long term result.

Now guys, many of you dont want me to paint a pessimistic scene but rather give solutions to the problem. Let's be real, this guys dont give a s*** to us as I have said many times. They know BB has voices but not one voice.

For the in-coming committee, I would advise them to work on the structural problems of the association so that it would be strong and be seen.
1. Get an office and sign board.
2. Get men who will complete their term of office.
3. Get the President to dialogue with the members apart from the AGM.
4. Get phase rep. to be obvious to the respective phases.
5. Get only the needed sub-committee to be formed and work.

The present committee decided on continuing what were handled and after 2 years, I do not see the lack of results due lack of effort. There were,
1. The Family Day, Health Campaign
2. Car stickers for BBRA members
3. Annual meeting with TMO
4. Protest letters, etc.
5. Constitutions admendment

And membership-wise we have grown in excess of 400 but we do need more members. Bros., pls remember in virtual we can discuss anything but the reality out there is different. RPK used to lament on this because everyone agrees in the virtual but is absent in the real world.

The last EGM we have >30 attendees. We would be happy if we can get 60 people to come for the AGM. Oh, pls do not say why should we come becos the BBRA is doing nothing. At least come and vote in people whom you think can do something.

I ask you to come and get others to come. Memberships can be paid or renewed on the spot - on RM24. We are proposing to the floor to clean-up the membership roll. In short, start anew and get the structure right. BBRA is here for the long haul. Trying to put out fire here and there without strong foundation wont do. This what I am thinking after 4 years of service.

You may like to put forward some suggestions to strengthen the RA. One thing for sure, I will remain with BBRA and I will ensure my present committee remain regardless of our track record. Thanks.