Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 20 March 2009


It look like the Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral manager Mr Vinutharajan is trying to keep delaying coming out with the draft contract and gives excuses. In order to keep the residents informed of what is going on, I will post below reminders send to Mr Vinut by Ben.

Dear Andrew dated 20th March,09 Today.
My mail to Vinutharajan on 18th March making 1 final attempt for him to submit the draft contract by 20th March, which is today.

Letter of Reminder from Ben to Vinut dated 18th March,09
Dear Vinutharajan,

I have already sms you twice, with copy to John, requesting you to read your mail and respond but regretably till todate you have yet to do so despite promising to submit the draft on 8th March for the sub-committee's reading.

You are aware we wanted to submit the proposal to the main committee to have at least time to announce this contract at the AGM but your continued procastination have now make it very difficult to achieve the target. Nevertheless we still look forward to a respond from you within the next few days, hopefully before Friday, 20th March, 2009.

Thank you.
Letter from Venut Reply to Ben dated 4th March,2009
From: Vinutharan Nagulan <>Date: Mar 4, 2009 10:39 AM
To: Benjamin Phang <> Dear Mr. Benjamin Phang.I know i have delayed in the process of coming up with the draft of contract and im very sorry about it as it is not me alone handling the contracts but i have to get instructions on the contents of the contract from my superiors as well. I do understand your urgency in this matter and i strongly affirm you that the draft would be ready this sunday 8th March. Thank you sir.
Letter From Ben to Venut dated 2, March,2009.
From: Benjamin Phang <>To: Vinutharajan - KSS <>Cc: Steven Chia <>; Ng Seen San <>; Ong Hai Ching <>; Andrew Sum <>; Jacob Mathews <>; Nor Halim Ahmad <>Sent: Monday, March 2, 2009 9:41:45
To : Vinutharajan
cc : Security Sub-Com Members

I am not attempting to answer Andrew's question as you should be answering this question and many more questions that paying residents have been raising for quite some time. There are many grey areas that needed rectification. I am concern that Sentral's continued avoidance of the residents concern will eventually result in negative impact on your security services.

I have emphasized to you on the urgent need to come out with a contract including professional indemnity policies which will address many of the questions and doubts prevalent among residents. As explained, I am confident with a contract in place, Sentral will gain positively by way of more residents contributing to the security fees.

Your meeting with the security sub-com was postponed last Wednesday (25th Feb) to a later date but regretably till today, you have yet to provide the draft copy of the contract for our comments and then subsequently to arrange for a meeting. You are aware I would like at least have this in place before the coming AGM schedule this month end. Please place a bit more urgency into this.

Thank you & Regards


Jimmy said...

Shit men, why the delay. Surely a contract in place will benefit Sentral and legitimate your monthly collection of security services. Please do not test BB residents patience. Do it properly.

Ramli said...

Geram .....
Apahal? susahkah kontrak ini atau K.Sentral ada agenda lainkah? This is very unprofessional and if continue to procastinate will have serious ramifications later. Ben please follow up and insist K.Sentral comply or we residents would not be comforatable.

Rada said...

Its so shocking for KSS to delay the presentation of the draft contract for security services. Surely after so many years of services to Bandar Botanic residents, they would have had a similar contract in place. I heard some residents had signed the contract with KSS much earlier or are these just hearsay. Come on Mr. Vinutharajan, surely you could have place more emphasis to this vital document that would have given credence to your collecting the RM40 per month.

Patricia said...

Mr. Vinutharajan,
Please speak to your seniors asap and get the contract out, failing which you are giving residents excuses to terminate your services. A contract in place is mutually beneficial to both parties, KSS and residents. Do it fast to avoid further embarassment.

Lim said...

I just cannot think of any reason why Sentral would want to delay the security contract. They are providing the services and being paid adequately by most residents. Rada mentioned about a similar contract and I also heard from some KAC people about this contract though I have yet to see one despite paying for about 3 years already. BBRA must stand firm on this and ensure such a contract is in place for all paying residents, otherwise we could be party to "protection money".

Andersson said...

Did you speak to Mr. Vinutharajan of KSS to find out the reason for his delay in presenting the draft contract? It seem to me to be such a straight forward document which was used much earlier. KSS delay will raise doubts and with this publicity, many questions will be raise. Lets hope KSS address this issue prompt to avoid unnecessary repercusions. Most residents want the security service rather than none.

Andrew Sum said...
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Andrew Sum said...

Dear Andersson, good day to you. Ben is Head of the Security Sub-Committee and it is not correct for me to interfere into his portfolio. I believe Ben is in constant touch with Mr Venut and he has already expressed his dissappointment. We post it into the blog as we felt the residents need to know. It is also an SOS to the residents.(I have called and emailed Mr Venut on other things such as residents complaints. Even after 2nd reminder he did not reply. Then I call Medam Valathi to ask Mr Venut what has happened and then only he replied.) Medam Valathi says that there is also a Big Boss above Mr Venut and his name is Mr Raja who is the owner of KSS. However, Medam does not have Mr Raja telephone. I have told Medam Valathi to inform Venut the urgency of coming out with a contract as promised by Mr Venut.
I think there is only the prelininary making of such a contract 2 years before, and pressure was put on the KSS then but was given up, as during the that time the residents have not given their full support to BBRA. The burden falls heavily on a few committee members. There is no Link such as a Blog connecting BBRA-Resident. This time I hope the residents would throw their fullest support behind Ben and BBRA. He needs our help badly as this critical juncture. Again, with 300 members out of 3000 residents, what sort of help can we give. That's why the need for more residents to sign up and become a member, for this reason as well as others.

Andrew Sum said...

amend prelininary ... to preliminary..tks sorry typing error.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Andersson, okay I have just called Mr Venut(he is outstation again in Malacca). He explains that he has already given instructions to his HQ to prepare the draft contract, much earlier. Therefore, it is not Venut's fault who is delaying the contract but his HQ. Lets be correct and not blame the wrong person. I would apologise to Mr Venut. Since today is Saturday, the HQ is not able to pass on the draft to him. However, Mr Venut expect his HQ to pass over the contract to him on Monday and then he will be able to on-forward immediately to Ben. (Ben, I apologise for directly calling Mr Venut on Andersson's request, without informing you first. I overlook Andersson's request earlier in BBRAeNEWS No.81). Sorry for jumping protocol.

Rada said...

Andrew, once you have posted the matter into the blog, there is no protocol and you need not apologise. I am sure Ben did not feel offended. Anyway, I see passing the buck here by KSS. Vinut was responsible to pass over the draft contract, he did not, therefore the company did not. Raja the "owner" should have ensure his company did the right thing.
Andrew, I advise you to check your facts and do not be easily sway by unconfirmed information. Its important for you as blod administrator otherwise BBRA can be in hot soup for falsehood. If the company is known as Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral Sdn. Bhd. then they have a website and when I visited it, there was no Raja in the senior management of board of directors. Do not apologise so fast to Vinut. What did you do wrong? Always remember you are the blog administrator and you represent BBRA. Stick to your guns once you have posted an article.

Azli said...

Geram tak guna, tunjuk dengan tindakan yang wajar baru betul.
Why are residents paying? For services or out of pride. If for services, is it for a sentry to be station at the entrance to wave or salute every passing motorists irrespective of who they are or for the uniformed motorcyclist who just ride pass our houses oblivious of what is happening.

If it is out of pride (or sympathy) then I cannot comment except to state here that I have places to spend my RM40 per month. However if there is a contract detailing KSS responsibilities and obligations, then I may consider contributing my share for the general security of the neighbourhood. Its only fair and proper.

Andrew Sum said...

Thanks Mr Rada. Appreciated.

Banjit said...

Based on what is posted on Post 81 & 82 and the comments, KSS must come out and clarify all the concerns raise or its integrity as a security provider to Bandar Botanic residents will be seriously jeopardised. Mr. Vinutharajan or his boss, Mr. Raja must clarify quickly to calm and reassure residents, especially the paying ones.

Azli said...

Dear Andrew & BB Residents,

It is important to get our facts and sources right and ensure its accuracy before we post. This will avoid embarassment and having to withdraw or cancel the posts. Just simply posting without substantiating will invite negative elements not acceptable in a residents association blog.

I login and found the company's name as Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral (M) Sdn. Bhd., HQ at 76, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Tel 03-22603006 Fax 03-22605006
MD - Abdoll Razak Mohd Sultan
ED - Azahar bin Ngah
Branch Manager (Sel) - Mohd Isa
Klang Manager - Nordin Juraimi

No Big Boss - Mr. Raja who is definitely not the owner.

The correct abbreviation should be KKS and not KSS.

Banjit, you are 100% right to say that Vinutharajan or KKS has much to explain to residents.

I also visited category/guardpatrol and learned that security firms are licensed by the Home Ministry that oversee the Police Department.

I stand corrected

Ben Phang said...

Dear En. Azli,

KK Sentral had been running a bonafide business and providing security guards for sentry and patroling purposes. Residents esp the paying ones are intelligent enough and civic minded to contribute the RM40 per month for KKS to maintain the security services. Some shortcomings excepted, KKS has provided commendable services.
BBRA was trying to recommend a contract detailing KKS obligations, responsibilities and liabilities and in setting benchmarks for the nomber of guards versus the charges collected. I am sure with all this hue ha, KKS will come out with a draft very soon.
Thank you all for the positive comments. We have got to cool it a bit to allow KKS to respond.

Lim said...

Ben, while I understand your intention to maintain a cordial relationship with Sentral, all the comments I see are valid and in no way rude or scandalous.

Facts are facts. Sentral has a responsibility to come out with a contract and as a professional company they should be expedient and address this issue with their customers, the residents.

As a matter of fact, residents who are reading this BBRA Blog and have yet to voice their opinion should do so. Together and united we will see many problems being addressed rather than being set aside unresolved.

Saras said...

Why are we so quick to criticize and assume the worst? Why can't we give reasonable time for KKS to respond? Can we just simply forget the services they have provided to residents all these years? Can we ignore the intelligence of most residents who continue to pay for the security services? I pray that all the comments are coming from residents who are paying.
My husband and I are both working people and we feel comfortable paying the RM40 knowing that our family have some semblance of security protection when we are both at work. Unless BBRA have another alternative, please work out the details with KKS and let most of the paying residents have peace of mind.
Thank you from a working couple.

Andrew Sum said...

If you all will go to "BBRAeNews No.67-A Visit To The Security Guard", you will note that their Circular addressed to The Director of Enforcement, Majlis Bandaraya Klang, with copy to the Police, although the address is in Klang,the registration number noted next to the Company's Name is 476817-T, which is similar to the KKS in Brickfields.(If you go to Google and log in).

Rada said...

Dear Saras,
I can understand your concern over any disruption in security services. As a retiree, I am too, especially on those ill mannered younsters and criminals who have no respect at all for elders. We however must right what is wrong for the better good and that will involve some sacrifice. FYI, I am a paying resident.
I am sure after all these adverse comments, Sentral as a responsible company will place more emphasis on upgrading their services and correcting the shortcomings. That is normal of a company that may had become complacent and is now awaken by concerned residents, their customers. Over to you Vinutharajan/KKS.

Jimmy said...

As in many endeavours by BBRA, is this matter going to turn out the same, "hot and cold dish". In fact after so many "hot" comments, it will be sad to see the matter end up as another "cold" dish.

I started off the comment with a "shit" and I sincerely hope the matter will not really be another "shit" from the parties concerned. You can bet on it that my neighbours and I will not care a "shit" when the security man comes next month. He can take that plastic plate off my house and be "shit" with it.

Ben Phang said...

Hi Jimmy,
Please hold on there. It is advisable not to react in such a manner, at least not yet. I am mailing Vinutharajan and KKS, a final reminder and hope they will revert by latest 30th March, 2009.
I am sure there is sufficient time for the BBRA committee to meet before 4th April to collectively finalize a decision and revert to residents.

Rada said...

Ben, I agree with you to hold on until BBRA decide but in all honesty, a decision is long overdue. We blamed KKS & Vinutharajan for procrastination, how then do you describe BBRA's delayed decision?

Andrew Sum said...

If a ship approaches a Harbour, with good Pilots, I am sure she will surely go alongside save and sound. I sure hope BBRA have good pilots.

Selva said...

Accidents do happen and pilots are known to make mistakes but in this case, we are not talking about mistakes, are we? We are talking about commitments and obligations and we are referring to people who we residents placed our trust in - to protect and secure our homes and family members.
No point to wait for them or even the incoming committee. I propose that BBRA talk to some other more responsible security companies who appreciate our business.

Ramli said...

I agreed with Selva that BBRA look into the possibility of another security company that can cater to the residents needs, at least one that is more professional.


Lim said...

Sorry Ben,

I have to agree with the others on getting another security company, one that is more responsive to residents needs and value our business.

Enough is enough and come April, I will not pay for security services until some thing positive appears.

Ben Phang said...


Regretably and for reasons known only to Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral (M) Sdn Bhd and Mr. Vinutharajan, no draft copy of the proposed security contract was submitted to me or any of the sub-committee members as at today. You are all aware that this matter has been prolonged for more than a month and despite several assurances, nothing happened. I even spoke to Mr. Vera but nothing came out from it.

I have submitted my report to John and his committee members and made some recommendations. The sub-committee having completed its purpose is hereby dissolved. The matter is now with the main committee for its decision and or further action.

Azli said...

Betul & Benar atau BB
Up till now and despite my comment posted on 31st March, nobody took the trouble to correct what I have said about KKS. Did anybody from BBRA contacted KKS? I am sure not a single person did or they would have come out with some shocking findings.

Sunny Ho said...

Hi Ben,

May we know what is the recommendation that you made?


Andersson said...

I was privy to some information concerning the status of the current security company, KKS but as per my comment on 20/3, I opine that most residents want a security service rather than none.

I believe fellow blogger, Asli by his comments on 21/3 and today is similarly aware of the reasons why the draft contract could not be presented.

In order not to jeopardize the wise decision of the BBRA committee, I will not reveal this info for the time being but in acknowledging that 2 wrongs do not equal to 1 right, I hope the Committee will come forward with a decision soon or I will raise this problem at the coming AGM.

Banjit said...

Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral, where is your integrity? Despite so many adverse comments, you chose to remain silent. Mr. Raja and/or Mr. Vinutharajan, you really need to come forward and explain. Using a licensing arrangement is not uncommon in our country. What is important is the services provided and so far not much complains in this sector. As I see it, you need to open up to Ben and his sub-com and teething problems in the security contract can be overcomed. I am confident you will be able to resolve the matter. It is not difficult.

Azli said...

Memang betul dan benar!

Is it really that difficult to call and verify? I know Andersson did. Do not try to do some thing right the wrong way. It is advisable to do things the right way.

Since the matter is before the main Committee of BBRA, residents will have to wait for its recomendations and I hope it will be forthcoming soon.

Lim said...

Azli, thank you.

I called and I believe the BBRA Committee knows best what they are doing and lets hope they will come out with an acceptable solution or statement to the debacle with KKS.

John, as President, you are duty bound to reveal the facts of the matter to members and residents of Bandar Botanic. While the decision to pay for security services rest solely on each resident, BBRA's recommendation will be a helpful guidance.

Andrew Sum said...

John, as a paying resident, I called on Mr Vinutharan last week and he says he is not sure whether his management have email to Ben the draft contract or not. He says he will check and come back to me in the evening. But did not. Today, I call him again and he ask me when is the AGM meeting. I told him 19th April,09. He says he will come out with the draft these few days before the AGM.

Saras said...

Gentlemen & BBRA (Gentlemen also),

Did any of you took heed to my post on 22/3, "Unless BBRA have another alternative, please work out the details with KKS and let most of the paying residents have peace of mind". I guess not as you continue to enjoy indulging in petty sensation except resolving the problem on hand. Did any of you have another alternative security company on stand-by to take over?

Mr. John, as a competent leader, please resolve the problem as fast as possible for many paying residents will hold you & BBRA responsible if there is any disruption in security services. Take heed.

Andersson said...


Security has been a very sensitive subject from day 1 and it is imperative that you and your committee having re-started the issue, come out with a solution or recommendation on an urgent basis.

Ramli said...

Mr. Andrew,

Ini hari, April 1, do not be an April Fool in believing that KKS or Vinutharajan wants to come out with a draft contract. Apa susah? Only a draft and not a final contract. That also so difficult. Biar dia buat bodoh bodoh. Lama lama semua penduduk boleh tahu.

Azli said...

Ulang Lagi .... Repeat ...

Is it really that difficult to call and verify?

Mr. John, surely after so many comments and enquiries, your committee surely must come out with a statement.

Jimmy said...

Abang, tak payah cakap lagi.

I am no April Fool and effectively I stopped paying until BBRA clear the air.

Ben Phang said...

Sunny, I trust you have received my mail reply. As the report has been submitted to the Committee, its only right that we wait for BBRA's comment. It will be inappropriate of me to comment before they do.

John Lim said...

Dear Friends,

I am aware of the security matter. As the sub-committee had just dissolved and informed us a day after our meeting with the local authorities, we won't be meeting anytime so soon. But we have schedule a day to meet before the AGM, so we will discussed the report by the security sub-com.

KSS will continue its service as it is responsible to the paying residents. There should be no interruption nor stoppage of its service. Paying residents know their rights. The sub-com talk with KSS is to bring great transparency of its services and responsibilities to paying residents.

Nonetheless at this juncture, the committee needs to tidy up all the work done so that the handover to the new com will be smooth and there is continuity. We need to ensure that the implementation of the various responsibilities will be carried out in the new term. We dont want the new com to be in a kelam-kabut situation with regards to matters handled by this com. This is my priority.

We need security and the security also need us. Yet, we are unable to come to a win-win situation. I will try my best to check why the draft is not up as KSS agreed to and then bring it to the com to deliberate on the matter. All I can say is that we need security and we need to continue to engage the security company to bring the best out them for the residents even in the new term.

Jacob said...

Dear all,

We BB residents should be smart enough to handle/face our security issues. As Ben mentioned
"KK Sentral had been running a bonafide business and providing security guards for sentry and patroling purposes"

If we do not pay monthly RM 40, the sevice will further go down.Based on my past 2 years exposure with KSS as BBRA committee member, I am in a opinion that we pay and continue to fight for the security improvements. Our last option is to look for another security provider/s. As per the information that I received, most of the security compinies are running a bonafide business in Klang valley. I guess, we should try to work with known devil than the unknown devil.

We BB residents must unite to face the security challenges that we have. I see there are many views among our residents from different phases. End of the day, we need to make sure that we have some common suggestions for improving the security of our UNGATED BB residencial area.

Lim said...

John & Jacob,
It is very reassuring to hear both your views on the security matter and I believe residents will be comfortable to continue paying for the services. All along I agreed with Ben that we should not take any drastic action until we have a better alternative. Jimmy has now agreed with us to continue paying.

Having said this, BBRA whether it is the current or incoming committee must continue to pursue and resolve this matter on an urgent basis. This procrastination must stopped.

Dickson said...

With more than 3,000 houses in Bandar Botanic, that translate into more than 3,000 customer base and at RM40 per house, that is a potential RM120,000 income per month. Any responsible security company will love to get a hold of this business. Why all the fuss?

Of course not all are paying but surely if the company up its services and customer relationship (very lacking from KKS), the result will be rewarding. We need decisive people to call in a few security firms and study their proposals. A decision has to be made and frankly I do not see the current BBRA people capable of making that decision. Sorry.

Ben Phang said...

Dear Dickson,

You are right in the evaluation of the good potential in the security business in Bandar Botanic. There is no fuss really as earlier in November 2007, we guys in Phase 4 & 6 already decided to go ahead with a new security company but due to some threats to a fellow committee and after a police report was made, the matter was deferred. I was disappointed but as a team member, I had to abide by consensus.

It was in January this year after I resigned as a committee member that I was asked to head the Sub-Committee on Security and knowing that there was a change in management at KKS, I agreed to meet up and discuss with the new manager, Mr. Vinutharajan.

We had a 1st meeting on 11th Feb, 2009 and the discussion was cordial and all present agreed that we should work on a contract to be recommended to residents to sign direct with KKS. Mr. Vinutharajan said they have a previous contract and agreed to present the draft to us for reading before our next meeting on 25th February, 2009. Since then, no draft copy was presented despite several postponements.

As far as services is concerned, there is minimal complain against KKS. Personally I am comfortable with the standard and level of services provided but I will not vouch for the management's way of putting things into fine print. Definitely not their attitude in handling matters. Its unprofessional of them.

Whether to seek improvements, changes or termination, the decision have to come from paying residents and BBRA being a registered resident association was used as a platform to discuss, evaluate and determine the course of action to be recommended to the paying residents, ultimately the decision.

As the current committee's term will be expiring soon, it is best the matter is left to the incoming committee to determine the next course of action.

Selva said...

I believe residents who pay for security service, do so because of peace of mind. A piece of contract while having its virtue is only as good as both parties discharging its obligations. Many contracts are made just on verbal or even on a hand shake. I think what is important is the services provided and as long as residents think it is worth while and have peace of mind, they will continue to pay for the services. If KKS fail to provide adequate and acceptable services, residents will refuse to pay and KKS will "die a natural death". At the end of the day, common sense will prevail. Nobody need to feel uncomfortable under present arrangement.

Ramli said...

We all know why the draft contract could not be given as the current security is operating under the license of KKS and not actually KKS. Fine, it has been okay with residents and BBRA todate, so no fuss.

Vinutharajan and his boss should have been open. It is not that the residents are unaware of this arrangement. As Saras rightfully pointed out, residents would rather deal with an Ali Baba operations rather than none.

Many things can be overcome if you are sincere and open. It is the services and peace of mind that residents are paying for.

Rada said...

So after all the hue ha and opinions posted, where are we now on the security matter? If it is to be left to the incoming committee, then I suggest a resolution be put forth at the coming AGM to mandate the incoming committee to resolve the problem once and for all. We talked about procrastination, lets not be accused of practising it.

Patricia said...

My brother said pay but my nephew said no (pay) to security services. I intend to move in in May and the security guard has handed over the application form to me to start paying. What is the official stand of BBRA?

Lim said...

Dear Pat,
Please do your civic part and pay the security. Please refer to my comments dated 2nd April. In seeking solutions, lets not create problems. Eventually the security matter will be sorted out.