Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Sunday, 22 March 2009

BBRAeNews No.83 - Study Tour of the Central Park.

A Study Tour of the Central Park.
Dear Residents,
The Meeting on The Study Tour of Central Park of Bandar Botanic is confirmed for the followings:

Date: 28th March, 2009
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Bandar Botanic Central Park (Parcel A)

The following authorities will be present:
Officers and Inspector from the Police Department
Authorities from Jabatan Tanah
Authorities from Jabatan Bangunan
Authorities from Alam Flora
Authorities from Kejuruteraan
Authorities from Penguatkuasa MPK
Authorities from TMO

However, as this is a Close Door Meeting as confirmed by Mr Goo Chee Kang of TMO, only a limited number of selected BBRA Committee members are invited for the meeting at the TMO Office in Ambang Botanic, where all papers facts will be presented. Thereafter, all will be taken for a Buggy ride rounding the Central Lake region for a site tour and more physical facts presented.

After the meeting, TMO will then together with the other authorities and BBRA put out an Action Plan to pursue the relevant objectives.

However, I have spoken to Mr Goo Chee Kang this morning and an Open Dialogue Sessions will be held on another day with the residents of Bandar Botanic. This is due to only 5-6 buggies are available.


Ben Phang said...

John, Andrew,

It is a study tour of Bandar Botanic Central Park, thus I believe the more the merrier. Why not take this opportunity to call in the police officers from Bandar Botanic Police Station. This will be a good opportunity to mesra and bring out some related problems that required police actions.

The pump problem at the lake between Phase 2 and Phase 4 was rectified some months back after BBRA took it up with TMO but the pump is seldom on and when it is occasionally switched on, the flow of water is slow as if TMO had replaced an under capacity pump.

More trees should be planted along the lake in Phase 4 and 6 (at the site where the developer is developing some semi-dees). Even the main field between Phase 4 and 5, need more trees to be planted.

Rada said...

Keeping the Central Park clean must be the No.1 priority. The main padang where many residents and youngsters gather in the evening for gaming activities is always littered after such sessions. BBRA, MPK & TMO should embark on an educational campaign to rope in the residents and youndsters to help keep our park clean. More tong sample should be placed in this area to encourage civic mindedness among the users.

While doing the campaign, MPK enforcement officers should make their presense there, not to punish but to educate. We can also try to educate the motorists not to ride their motorcycles into the park and advise them to park their vehicles on the road sides fringing the park. We will achieve better results this way.

Selva said...

My neighbors and I will be there at 10am Saturday to meet the MPK people. We are not going to miss this opportunity to know them better and hear what they intend to do to solve the problems.

There are just too few trees in Central Park especially at the main padang, Phase 4 and 6. More benches at the main padang will be a good contribution for residents to sit down and rest. Think of the elderly. Hey why not seek the donations of concrete benches where the contributors names are mentioned on the benches?

Ben Phang said...

Residents do not need to be present at TMO Closed Door Meeting and many of us are already familiar with every inch of the Central Park and we are not interested in the buggy rides. I believe the buggy rides were what caused us to be in this predicament today. After the buggy rides, we decided to buy our house in Bandar Botanic .. hahaha.

Andrew, gather all interested residents at the two rest areas near the basketball court in Central Park at 11am to wait for those gentlemen coming on the buggy rides. A show of support will definitely instill a greater sense of urgency on those in authority.

Ramli said...
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George said...
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Andrew Sum said...

Jacob Thomas (BBRA Committee)is presently drafting the TMO Study Tour Close Door Minutes of the Meeting. BBRA Committee will go through it. And when TMO, MPK and Polis accepts the minutes BBRA will pass a copy to me to publicise it. Just for your info. Best regards to all.

Ramli said...

Selva's proposals of seeking private donations for concrete benches will be good for the whole community in encouraging more usage of our Central Park. Good Idea. Hope BBRA will take this as a project.


John Lim said...

We had a good meeting with MPK, TMO, Police, Alam Flora. Many issues were brought up for discussion under 4 main headings,
1. Environment
2. Security
3. Alam Flora
4. General

The point to note is that we are aware of who is responsible for what. As such, we can monitor the performance of the parties concern. As actions speaks louder that words, BBRA will ensure the implementation of the issues discussed.

To be fair to the various parties, they did do their share of responsibilities abit not publicized. Hence the solution to inform BBRA whenever actions has been taken. E.g. is the action taken against the unlicensed tadikas in Jenaris. We have been informed.

As been noted by Andrew, we shall disseminate the content of the meeting after the various parties have duly accept the minutes.

Sunny Ho said...

Dear BBRA,

Good to hear that a fruitful meeting was conducted. Now I am just a little anxious to know or to received the meeting minutes.

At the meantime, I hope you will keep us updated from time to time, so that the residents and members of BBRA can also be your eyes and eyes, to help monitor the situation.

Sunny Ho said...

By the way, since you have done the tour arond the lake, I guess you would have seen the house as per BBRAeNEWS No.77 - Is our garden being robbed ? Just a quick one, may we know what is the outcome of that?

Andersson said...


I can understand protocol that is you can only circulate the minutes after all other parties have confirmed it BUT this may take much time or until the next meeting.

Suffice to say, we residents are not interested in the minutes but a report of what transpired or was discused in the closed door meeting. That is definitely not against protocol and as a resident association, I opine it is your duty to let residents know. All parties that attended the meeting will understand and appreciate your disclosure. I guarantee you it will not be against the Official Secrets Act...haha

Andersson said...

I am equally keen to know whether any further development on Post No.77 but I guess John and his men are too busy preparing for the AGM.

If you can email me some of the photos of that house, I will be most glad to follow up with En. Mislan, the MPK President and the Land Office Pengarah.

I maintained what I commented in the blog on 15th March, that is, if every resident will to alter our common areas to their liking, we will have chaos in our neighbourhood.

Sunny Ho said...

Thanks Andersson. Thanks for taking up this action.

John Lim said...

Regarding to post 77, the entourage stop to inspect the area. Earlier MPK had mentioned that they have ticked off the house owner and he has planted carpet grass instead. We told MPK that the concrete divided has to go because it give the image of private property. MPK will take action on this. The land is public area.

There are so many things discussed that I also need the minutes to recollect. However for you info:

1. Environment: the lake is TMO to maintain until the propose handover end of this year. Landscape/grass cutting is MPK and we dish out the infrequency (contracted t do so twice monthly), clean up after cutting, replanting, maintaining of dead and dying plants, etc. MPK acknowledge that some of its contractor are not doing their job and BBRA is to be the watch-dog to inform them and contractor payment will be withhold. Amenities under TMO such lightnings, curb will be handled by them. Playground is under MPK and yearly they spent millions to repair in Klanf. Budget is tight but due to wear and tear, yes. Vandalism - tough lah. More tong sampah (40 I think).

Security: hording and blocks to prevent motorist from entering at 2 main points. Patrolling by the police - Pondok Polis to open end of April. Vacant land to get horded to, provision for lorries to park outside of the housing area, etc, etc.

Blocks to prevent illegal u-turn at the dual-carriage way. Open the road to and coming from JJ. Nursery entrance to be relocated. IWk to do the conceal drainage cleaning. Also the filters to the park now under TMO, MPK know the points and will handle after it handover. Notice, end of the lake at Phase 6, it is so clean. Used to have thick layer of oil and debris but TMO clean it up for our tour. Yeap, TMO boleh!

Gentlemen, too many things and I must thank the committees for handling the questions with me. We went into the specific and ascertain who is responsible for what. We do not want general or random questioning that go no where and no one is pin pointed as responsible. My colleagues concluded this is the best meeting with the authorities we have had. Now, action plan. With this minutes, if no implementation we will go to higher authorities.

Andrew Sum said...

Andersson, I do not have your email address. If you can email to me at ( I can sent it to you. No problem. For the Tour of the Lake Meeting, I used 45 pics to compile it into 10 x 15 A4 booklets. Therefore a total of 450 colour pics in 10 bookets.If you need the soft copy, I can email to you. I reckon it is the basis which BBRA presents their professionalism to TMO and the various authorities. The end results the Close Door Meeting lasted a solid 4 hours plus another 1 hour outdoor.

Sunny Ho said...

Thank you very much for all the updates. At least now we know what action has been taken and we know how to help monitor, and I guess everybody will be inline and synchronized to work as one.

Ben Phang said...

I understand that the central park and lake amenities are to be handed over to MPK, 10 years after complete development of Bandar Botanic. Phase 7 & 8 yet to start and even if you do not take this into account, the apartments were completed in 2008, thus the hand over should be 2018.

In handing over the minutes to TMO, Mr. Goh, could BBRA please officially write in to TMO copy to MPK to seek clarification in writing, if the above claim of hand over date is correct. This will put all the speculations to rest.

Thank you.