Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 2 March 2009

BBRAeNews No.65 - Lorries entering the taman.

Dear Residents,

Regarding the lorries entering the taman.
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Recently there are enquiries that at Angsana or Phase 6, at the end of Road 2, near the TNB substations there is a Petronas tanker parked almost every night. Also too are some lorries, and wonder how the lorries enter the taman.

In my opinion, the guards can stop a vehicle at the entry point to enquire where they are going or find out drivers details, etc but I do not think they have the authority to stop a vehicle from entering our taman.

Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral can call the Police, JPJ or MPK and you know their response.

All of us are aware, these vehicles came in directly through the main entrance but the guards are helpless to do anything.

To be fair, the guards, like us, also have their own family members to care for. They are not body guards or bouncers. The RM40 is a contribution and the guards’ main duties are patrolling and reporting & referring matters to the Police etc as soon as possible for their quick response. They cannot take the law into their own hands.

All this is only my personal opinion (not that of BBRA), would appreciate and please kindly point me out if I am wrong. I have officially written to the BBRA and they have yet to give me their professional reply.

I have written and put forward the above issues (on my own personal basis) to the Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral, and here is their response.

1) Reply from Kawalan Keselamatan
Friday, February 27, 2009 5:35 PM
"Vinutharan Nagulan"
Dear all.

Yea its impossible for the lorries to fly in to the neighborhood. Our guards have stoped them so many times and yet its still happening as they claim they are also a resident over there. We did call in the MBK and they have issued a few saman and yet they don't care. If Residents can issue us an authorization letter to stop the heavy vehicles from entering than we can act.

* * *

2) Reply from Kawalan Keselamatan

Friday, February 27, 2009 6:02 PM
"Vinutharan Nagulan"
To Residents,
Dear sirs,

Yea i do agree that these trucks be towed away but even the MBK have their limitataion's and its always a matter of "Ya Tuan" i beleive u understand . I do look forward to meet up with the sub-committee of your area soon so that we can work out things towards a better service from our side. TQ.



Ang said...

Dear RA,

Apart from the entry of these large and heavy vehicles, I would like to ask a very basic question regarding the security service that is provided by Kawalan Sentral.

For quite some time now, I have noticed that house alarms or even car alarms that trigger (at Angsana road 4) for a long and sustained period go unnoticed by the security guards.

Should there not be a standard procedure like after five minutes a guard should inspect and follow up with a courtesy call to inform the house owner that his/her alarm has been triggered?

Thankfully so far it has been either a cat or the heavy thunderstorm that triggered the alarm. I fret to think what if it was a burglar who could have all the time in the world knowing that the guards are slow to react.

Hope you could bring this issue up the next time there's a security meeting.


Lim said...

In Kiara, the patrolling guards are quite alert in the sense that on a few occasions that I forgot to close my gates, they alerted me. When my car alarm malfuntioned the guard on hearing the alarm did pressed my door bell and similarly alerted me of the problem.

Credit must be given when credit is due.

Lim said...

Lorries of any kind has got no business to be parked in a residential area. We can accept small lorries coming in to deliver goods but definitely not tankers.

We can understand that the guards may be powerless to take action on the lorries, so how about setting up a Rukunegara base so that residents are empowered to take affirmative action on people who come and disturb our peace.

Ang said...

Thanks Lim for the reply.

In the past (mid 2008) the guards did check if the alarm was triggered over a sustained period.

These days though it has been few and far between. I hope to bring this up to my area rep (whoever he/she may be) for the next meeting on security then.


Jimmy said...

To the Security,

Rules are rules. The law is law. Your job is to safeguard residents (those paying ones) and ensure residents or outsiders adhere to rules for the well being and peace of mine for those who pay.

You are not to compromise the residents safety.

John said...

Dear Phase 6 residents,

At this juncture, Phase 6 has only 1 rep Mr. Halim in the BBRA committee. Should any of you BBRA members have concerns in your area, you may approach him or me (John Lim). BBRA shall be having an election end of March and I would encourage members in Phase 6 to come full force to elect your phase rep. and also form your area sub-committee. Volunteers are needed in order to safe-guard our interest. As the committee level we will assist and help in the needs of the phases. Nonetheless, you may contact me if need be as I was there recently for a break in case. Thanks
John Lim