Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

BBRAeNews No.67 - A Visit To The Security Guards at Angsana.

Dear Residents,

Conversation with Security Guards at Angsana.

This morning, in my usual morning walk at 0630am around Bandar Botanic Housing areas, I paid a courtesy visit to the security guards at Angsana Precint. I noticed that 2 guards were there on duty. They were very polite and welcome me. I told him I am one of the residents.

I ask them what they will do in the event of a house alarm goes off. They said it is their duty to make a spot check on the house to see if there is anything suspicious. If the owners are in, they will call the owner. More often than usual, they said that usually if the owners are not in, they will call their Kawalan Sentral Office to report to Madam Malathy, who will then look into their records for the owner telephone and then contact the owner. Sometimes they cannot contact the owner because he has changed numbers or telephone cannot connect through. The security guards say they do not have the authority to trespass into a private property as it is against the law. That is why, it is very important for every household owners to write to the Kawalan Security Sentral to provide them with undated telephone/mobile numbers for easy contact. They are not to be blame if residents do not give them their telephone numbers or update them is their mobile numbers had been changed. They say that in most cases of house alarm is due to short circuit.

To another question as to why the Tanker is allow into the region, they said that the owner of the tanker is also a resident in one of the link house. The tanker owner has assured to Securities that he will parked his tanker at the far-end of the Angsana Precint, away from the residential houses and will not disturb the residents. He is aware of residents view and that is why he does not park it right in front of his house. As the tanker is his only means of transport and means of living, he has got no choice.

The security guards say that there is very much lack of friendly visits between residents and the guards. They say that sometimes some residents expect them to enforce strictly on certain things like not allowing tanker and lorry to enter. They said they do not have the relevant law or residents’ authorization to do so. They can check these lorries and take down their identity cards numbers and names and registration numbers, that’s all. Or the outsiders ruffians at the Lake. If they suspect anything wrong, then they will report to their Kawalan Sentral who will in turn, highlight the police.

The security guards say they themselves are also income earners and like the residents have family of their own. They are not bouncers or bodyguards. However they welcome residents to have a chat with them, and give them ideas and suggestions. They say they use to petrol their resident area and know what is going on. It is useful to talk to them to find out useful information from them sometimes and residents are welcome any time to pay a visit to them anytime they like. It will be a win-win situation between residents and guards. They also have 2 Supervisors, one for day shift and one for night shift. The residents can also visits the 2 friendly supervisors to find out more if the guards cannot offer certain information not within their means.

I have gathered some useful information for the residents from the security guards.
They are:

Office: No.5A, 1st Floor, Lorong Mohd Tahir 20A,
Taman Yakin, Off Jalan Raja Nong, 41200 Klang, Selangor.
Office Tel: 03-33748784

Commanding Officer: Mr M.Gunasegaran

Overall Manager: Mr Vinuthuran Nagulen (H/P: 016-2444594)

Operation Supervisor(overall) – Day Shift : Mr M.Veeramalai (PJK)(H/P:016-6176482)
Operation Supervisor(overall) – Night Shift: Mr G.Subramanian (H/P: 016-3195687)
Additional Operation Supervisor(Kiara) – Day Shift: Mr Sangayah (H/P: 016-2758974)

Office Control – Madam Malathy (24 hours) : Tel: 03-33748784 & (H/P: 012-6333521)

From conversation with the security guards at Angsana, they have as early as 26th November,2008 made an official police report to the Police as well as to the MPK on the lake being trespassed and misused by outsiders. Securities guards said that they have been threatened by these outsiders that cause havoc along the lake, with weapons and insulted with abusive words. I told them I understand their fragile position and it is prudent for them not to direct approach these unruly ruffians, in case they get hurt or be killed but to report to their Office Control who will report to the police. Therefore they also have their limitations. (Please see Kawalan letter).
I have also received an email reply from Mr Vinutharan Nagulan, as follows:
Re: House Alarms reply from sentral - vinod
Wednesday, March 4, 2009 10:24 AM
"Vinutharan Nagulan"
To residents,

Dear all, I have checked with my supervisors and call centre operator, the alarms have been atented frequently by them and our operator do call the residents to inform the status.In the event that they are un reachable by phone the guards would leave a note in the mail box and at times our operator would sms the resident. There are certain cases that we cant attend to as they arer not our subcribers. Thank you.
Vinutharan Nagulan.
*** *** ***

Residents, do you have anything to comment on my conversations with the guards?
If you have any suggestions, ideas for improvements, I would be most happy to pass them to the guards the next time I pay a courtesy visit to them, just in case you are not free to visit them.


Ang said...

Thank you for the update on the emergency numbers and respective persons in charge. Will also catch up with the guards more frequently when possible.

Rada said...

Dear Andrew,

Bravo! You have done a fantastic person to person discussion and presentation for BB residents benefit and understanding.

Hopefully with this open and frank talk with the guards, residents especially the paying ones will better understand and appreciate what the guards are contributing. To those yet to contribute, we appeal to you to do your duty as a resident and contribute so that we can see better improvement in the security services.

To those who complain and complain but yet remain adamant in demanding services first before contributing, keep your comments to yourself. It is better and more peaceful this way.

Jimmy said...

Residents need more of this first hand information to be more aware of the real situation in our neighborhood, the problems associated to its upkeep and maintenance requirements. Having such knowledge will prepare residents what need be done, what to expect and what they can contribute to make the difference.