Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.91 - They Dare To Dream.

They Dare To Dream.
Andrew Sum
On 30th March,2009 a good resident Encik Azli ask in the BBRAeNEWS No.85 whether he dares to dream about the Persiaran Botanic round-about opening up.

Well, it is no longer a dream any more. It has become a reality and the developer after the BBRA-TMO-MPK-Police Tour of the Lake Meeting on 28th March,09 , has finally realize the sensibility of this access and listens to the wishes of the residents of Bandar Botanic. This morning I took some pictures of the excess from Botanic to Jaya Jusco. The road from the Bandar Botanic to the Jaya Jesco has been opened. The excess from Jaya Jusco to Botanic round-about would be opened up after some road constructions. This was one of the issue discussed in the Meeting.

The Tour of the Lake Meeting started at about 1030 am in the morning at TMO Office at Ambang Botanic with a Close Door Discussions. After the Close Door Discussions which ends at about 1.30pm, TMO provided some buggy rides to all the participants from 1.40pm to 2.30pm to visit the various sites discussed. The meeting was a success.

This time, for the Tour of the Lake Discussions, BBRA Committee came fully and professionally prepared, with me preparing in advance (10 booklets x 15 pages each) containing a total of 45 pictures each booklet of the Bandar Botanic regions, each with a brief descriptions besides each picture. As I cannot attend the meeting due to my unapproved annual leave, this is my small contribution.

The followings were discussed and brought up. In the words of Mr John Lim:
John Lim said... We had a good meeting with MPK, TMO, Police, Alam Flora. Many issues were brought up for discussion under 4 main headings,
1. Environment
2. Security
3. Alam Flora
4. General
The point to note is that we are aware of who is responsible for what. As such, we can monitor the performance of the parties concern. As actions speaks louder that words, BBRA will ensure the implementation of the issues discussed.To be fair to the various parties, they did do their share of responsibilities abit not publicized.

Environment: the lake is TMO to maintain until the propose handover end of this year.

Landscape/grass cutting is MPK and we dish out the infrequency (contracted t do so twice monthly), clean up after cutting, replanting, maintaining of dead and dying plants, etc. MPK acknowledge that some of its contractor are not doing their job and BBRA is to be the watch-dog to inform them and contractor payment will be withhold.

Amenities under TMO such lightnings, curb will be handled by them.

Playground is under MPK and yearly they spent millions to repair in Klang. Budget is tight but due to wear and tear, yes.

Vandalism - tough lah. More tong sampah (40 I think).

Patrolling by the police - Pondok Polis to open end of April. Vacant land to get horded to, provision for lorries to park outside of the housing area, etc, etc.

Blocks to prevent illegal u-turn at the dual-carriage way. Open the road to and coming from JJ.

Nursery entrance to be relocated.

IWk to do the conceal drainage cleaning. Also the filters to the park now under TMO, MPK know the points and will handle after it handover. Notice, end of the lake at Phase 6, it is so clean. Used to have thick layer of oil and debris but TMO clean it up for our tour. Yeap, TMO boleh!

Gentlemen, I must thank the committees for handling the questions with me. We went into the specific and ascertain who is responsible for what. We do not want general or random questioning that go no where and no one is pin pointed as responsible. My colleagues concluded this is the best meeting with the authorities we have had. Now, action plan. With this minutes, if no implementation we will go to higher authorities.

(Committee Member Mr Jacob Thomas is still processing the Minutes of the Meeting. It will be handed over to the various authorities for acknowledgement and acceptance. Once the Authorities acknowledged, BBRA will post it up immediately.)


Ramli said...

Its good to hear of the on going activities of BBRA and with the participation and support of residents, it is proven that many problems can be resolved and in an amicable manner. It just show that one need not be aggresive or offensive to resolve matters and issues. Keep it up, Gentlemen.

Lim said...

BB has a Police Station at Cassia which is manned by only 2 staff and we are talking of another Pondok Polis to be opened in April for police patrolling?

"Vacant land to get horded to, provision for lorries to park outside of the housing area, etc."
Please explain, Which vacant land? lorries to park outside of housing area? specifically parked at Jln Rhu 2, Kiara Precint? Nothing done to those lorries parked daily here. Suggest burnt them!

Banjit said...

Of course, we dare to dream, otherwise would we have invested in our homes in Bandar Botanic. We did pay that bit extra for the beautiful lake, the garden and infrastructure. Can we expect less from the developer?

The opening up of the access from Jusco into Persiaran Botanic round-a-bout is only sensible as it will direct more visitors into the shops at Botanic East& West, besides providing an easier return route from Jusco for residents.

Since TMO is still responsible for the lake and lightings, it is hope that the pump facilities, fountains and lightings will see better maintenance and upkeep.

MPK's contractors for grass cutting, landscape maintenance, cleaning, replanting, etc will now come under the watchful eyes of residents and they better shape up or be ready for withholding of payments due to them. This can however be a double edge cutter for irresponsible contractors will continuously lament on late payments, thus deteriorated services.

The Police will have to play an active part to cut dowm on the vandalism and destroying of public properties by those scoundrels.

Azli said...

Yes, I dare dream about a nice house surrounded by a beautiful park with a lake of clear clean water with flowing water and fountains. Trees abound on well cut grass with facilities such as football field, badminton courts, childrens' playgrounds and many rest places. Lets not forget the many varieties of plants and flowers for the eyes to gaze. Last but not least, the friendly and caring neighbors in a place I call home where my family and I reside.

Is it so much to ask or dream? Is it too much to expect or is such simple needs so far beyond all of us? I believe not, if all of us think more of our neighbors rather than just ourselves. If we care more for the community rather than our own selfish esteem, we will be able to realise our dreams. Isyallah.

Ang said...

Good job on the meeting and thank you for the enlightening post. Finally there's some respond from the individual parties involved who can make this township better.

I hope BBRA will follow up and play the watchdog role for the community, especially on the cleanliness and security.

Sorry I must digress on something that has been bothering for a while.

One issue I would like to ask is on stolen drain covers? From early 2008, when steel prices were up, I had personally informed TMO and to their credit, they replaced those along the main roads but not within the individual phases. I believe phase 1 and phase 6 (the path to the lake at the last row of houses) still have many missing drain covers.

Hope that the phase 6 rep can take a look at this and revert.


Rada said...

It just show what the current committee is capable of had they avail more time and effort to pursue outstanding matters with the respective authorities. Many of the problems could have been addressed through consultations and discussions.

The BBRA Blog has proven to be a very good platform for residents to post their views and comments. The response from office bearers and committee members though still lukewarm at the moment has shown that through such exchange of comments, much progress can be made. I hope that the incoming office bearers can take this blog to another level.

Andrew Sum said...

Lim, I believe John is referring to the same polis pondok at Cassia.

Andrew Sum said...

The original title ‘They Dares To Dream’ is actually from a book written on an extraordinary English nurse name Florence Nightingale who was behind the legend of ‘The Lady with the Lamp’, during the 21 years of the Crimean War where she quietly moves around amongst the wounded soldiers and tending to their care. The book relates the difficulties and frustrations she had endured. She is a bona fide heroine an earned her place in history.
I apply it appropriately to this issue of BBRA. In many similar ways, the committee members together with the joint effort of the residents, like Miss Florence Nightingale moved quietly, slowly but surely with earnest intention to get results for a better place to live in. The response was good.
hi hi ih...

Saras said...

Go ahead and enjoy yourselves by your indulgence and resolution but do be a bit cautious when treating sensitive issue, like security. As Andrew had pointed out, "They Dare (no "s") To Dream" is about an extra 'ordinary' lady who cares for the wounded soldiers (men).

Sorry, Gentlemen of Botanic, I care very much for the security of my family and I will rather have an 'Ali Baba' security rather than none at all. You wise men must realise that paying residents like us are aware of the status.

Sunny Ho said...

At last something has been down and it is time for us to follow up on things. I appreciate what BBRA has done in starting up a platform for us to monitor. NOw it is up to all of us as residents and members to help monitor the issues and progress. I would double appreciate it if BBRA could regularly keep us all updated so that we can also be the eyes and ears for the committees and BBRA.

Andersson said...

Hi Guys,
Our lady resident has voiced her concern and I concur with her that until and unless a better alternative has been arranged, we must respect her concern.

Andrew Sum said...

Saras, you are one good 'Florence Nightingale'. Do log in more often and be a lady with a 'lamp of enlightenment'. More ladies should also log in like you to give their views.

Ben Phang said...

Dare We Dream? Of course! Azli has put it nicely and poetic. Together we can all make our dreams come true or at least close. We have a good bunch of residents ready to share ideas and experience and its a positive start.

Dare We Decide? Its a bit difficult but with honesty and sincerity from residents we should be able to come to decisions that are beneficial to our community.

Dare We Ensure? Here is the tough part. We need the commitment of the majority of residents to ensure all decisions made are supported and implemented. Just like the security issue. In order to pursue the matter further, residents must mandate it to the association, in this case, the Bandar Botanic Residents Association (BBRA) to decide on the matter. Only then can any issue or problem be resolved conclusively. Dare We?

Lim said...

Everybody dare to dream but as you rightfully mentioned, dare we ensure is a completely ball game. Dare anybody take appropriate action to remove those 4 lorries parked in front of my house every night and on weekends. They blocked my view to the gardens and despite many appeals, that resident remains adamant and could not be bothered. What can an old man (65+) do except to dream and hope some young and strong men come along and put some reasoning to this difficult neighbor. Is there any 'Godfather' that I can approach for assistance? Dreamlah.

Dickson said...

JPJ and LPKP are quite responsive when residents association write in complains concerning commercial vehicles parked in residential areas. If the vehicles are the de-controlled type, that is BDM of 5000kgs and below, it comes under the jurisdiction of JPJ but if the BDM is above 5000kgs, the lorry or tanker requires a commercial A or C permit and their licensing comes under Lembaga Pelesenan Kenderaan Perdagangan (LPKP) at Putra Jaya.

It is a prerequisite of LPKP that an application for a commercial license must be accompany by a confirmation of where the lorry will be parked. Applicants normally need to seek MPK to verify and confirm the parking arrangement prior to LPKP accepting the application. Thus a complain accompany by photos and the lorry/tanker particulars may result in the cancellation of the permit and the owner of such vehicles will dread this action.

Andrew Sum said...

Hi, Uncle Lim, do go ahead and dream. In BBRA, do you know that dreams can turn into a miracle, dreams can become a reality? Of course, it takes time lah. Banjit dare to dream. Azli’s dream of the Botanic-JJ entrance became a reality. He now further dream of his house surround by beautiful park with a lake of clean and clear water and cascading fountain. Ben occasionally dream of a very beautiful distant paradise, Saras dream of more KKS security guards patrolling her house I too dream of a Fully Gated Community for everyone…why not? hi hi hi….Uncle Lim, I hope you dream may come true.

Patricia said...

Too much dreaming is bad for health and most things will remain unsolved. Better to be realistic and tackle the problems that are easily resolved.
When I purchased my dream house in Bandar Botanic, it was a reality that I paid with my savings and bank borrowings. It is a hard fact that all the expectations were given or rather assured by the developer in its marketing talk and catalogues provided.
It is more of a nightmare rather than a dream when I find so many shortcomings and false promises. The only hope is that the developer is receptive enough to come forward and rectify some of those shortcomings. Special thanks must be given to the residents and office bearers of BBRA for pursueing these matters.

Selva said...

Dreaming is a part of our process and hard to control. Having dreams give rise to hope and fulfilment. However, Patricia has correctly put it in perspective. Hello, we paid and quite handsomely for our dream homes. Most of us got to toil for the next 10 to 20 years to pay off our loans and when the developer neglect or fail to live up to their responsibilities, we buyers have every right to demand for rectification. It is not a dream but a right to demand that what is promised to our dream home must be fulfilled. Its that simple!