Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 20 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.81 - The Security Sub-Committee.

Mr Vera, Madam Malathi and Mr Vinutharajan of KSS.
Ben, Steven Chia, Jacob Methews, Ng Seen San, Vinut.
Ben,Jacob Methews, Ng Seen San, Vera, Vinuthrajan.
Ben, Jacob Methews, Ng Seen San, Vera, Vinutharajan
The Security Sub-Commission.
-edited by Andrew Sum.
-per kind favour of Ben Phang.

One of the two MAJOR most pressing issues today is the Security Matters. (The other major issue being the Contamination of the Lake). Today, kindly allow me to touch on the Security Issue, as I feel it is high time all residents need to know. Sorry, I have been holding on to this up till now. Sorry Ben. Sorry Residents.

Ben Phang is no longer a committee member effective 5th January, 2009. He is currently the head of the sub-committee on security matters. The sub-committee was set up in January this year to draft out a contract between Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral and residents who are paying for security services. Such a contract will detail appointment, termination, mutual obligations, etc. The sub-committee hopes to submit a final draft to the main committee for its decision to recommend to residents. The draft is still in its infancy stage.On 11th February,09 a meeting was called to discuss the Security Matters in general. The request for attendance was addressed to
1. Vinutharajan – Kawalan Securty Sentral.
2. Steven Chia-Committee on Security Sub Committee
3. Jacob Mathews-Committee on Security Sub Committee
4. Ng Seen San – Committee on Security Sub Committee
5. Andrew Sum-Blog Administer(as guest)
6. Presents were also Vera and Madam Malathi of KSS.
The meeting was called to order at 8.15pm

Explanation on the Purpose of Calling for the Meeting.
Tonight the sub-committee meet with representatives from Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral (KSS), Vinutharajan, Vera and Md Malathi who is in charge of KSS Control Center.

The meeting started with Ben explaining in detail the function and role of the sub-committee and it was expressly clear to all present that day to day security problems and matters should be resolved at each individual phase respectively. The aim of the sub-com is to commence anew and concentrate into coming up with a contract between KSS and residents endorsed by BBRA, a liability and professional indemnity policy and a benchmark detailing the number and quality of guards, the costs and collections, etc. Vinut of KSS will forward to us a draft by mail to all before 2 weeks for study and the sub-con will meet on Wed 25th Feb. Meanwhile all comments on the draft can be through mail before the sub-com meet.

During other matters, several issues were raise by Jacob Mathews and Steven Chia. All agreed that these issues to be discussed at the respective phase meetings with KSS individually. Vinut praise Phase 1 (Cassia) for a well organised team of road representatives. He hope other phases will follow this exemplary team thus providing better platform to iron out and resolve problems relating to security matters.

The meeting was adjorned at 10.00pm.

The Function of the Security Sub-Committee
-per kind favour from Ben

Dear Mr. Vinutharajan,

I have copy this mail to 1 committee member from each phase.

Please be duly reminded that the function of the Sub-Committee is to discuss and establish a good working relationship and understanding for security matters generally involving the whole of Bandar Botanic, presently covering Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. The Sub-Committee is not empowered to finalised any matters with KSS and is to recommend all matters for final determination by the main Committee of BBRA.

It is also important to establish that all day to day matters involving each respective phase is to be handled directly with the Committee Member of that Phase and their respective phase representatives. For your information, the Committee Members for the respective phasses are as follow:-

1) Phase 1 (Cassia) : Mr. Steven Chia 019-3570930
2) Phase 2 (Kiara) : Mr. John Lim 016-2730400
Mr. Ng Seen San 012-3995423
Mr. Charlie Lim
3) Phase 3 (Bidara) Mr. Ong Hai Ching 019-2318192
4) Phase 4 (Jenaris) Mr. Jacob Thomas 012-3541252
5) Phase 5 (Bungor) Mr. Jacob Mathews 012-2020369
Dr. Jayaraman 019-3816956
6) Phase 6 (Angsana) En Nor Halim 019-3172779

I list below the Agenda for the meeting between BBRA Sub-Committee and Kawalan Security Sentral
at No. 26, Jln Jenaris 8 at 8pm on Wed, 11th February 2009.


1) To finalise all earlier matters discussed and agreed.
2) To establish a Contract
3) Liability & Professional Indemnity Policy
4) Benchmarking - Number of Guards vs Collections
5) Other Matters

As space will be limited to a maximum of 9 persons, that is 2 from KSS and 1 rep from each phase (6) and myself, it would be appreciated that the respective phase email me the particulars of the person that will be attending. For KSS, I assume it will be your goodself and Mr Veera.

Thank you and Regards

Ben Phang
There has been totally no progress in the draft security contract as Mr. Vinutharan of Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral seem to be busy in Malacca lately. Despite assuring me he will send over the draft contract by 8th March, he has todate not done so and fail to respond to my mails and 2 sms.With the fast approaching AGM, I guess I will submit a no progress report to the main committee and sign off as the head of the sub-committee for security by Monday 23rd March. You can be sure I will make serious recommendations to review the security situation in Bandar Botanic.I am very disappointed over the poor attitute of Vinut/KSS and will leave it to the incoming committee to decide on the next course of action.


Lim said...

Are we dealing with a bonafide organisation? If the manager can't handle it, then go to their Board of Directors who will surely include some retired senior police officers. This matter is valid and cannot be prolonged. There is no reason to, except gross inefficiency by the people responsible. Residents should demand action.

Andersson said...

Lets stay calm and do not jump to conclusions or speculate. I am sure Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral as a bonafide organisation and having been the security company providing services to the whole of Bandar Botanic will respond in an appropriate manner. Andrew, please contact Mr. Vinutharajan or his superiors to tell them the draft contract matter is now in the BBRA Blog and open to the public.

Ben Phang said...

Just to clarify.....the sub-committee is made up of the following representative,

Phase 1 - Steven Chia
Phase 2 - Ng Seen San
Phase 3 - Ong Hai Chin - dna
Phase 4 - Benjamin Phang
Phase 5 - Jacob Matthews
Phase 6 - Nor Halim - dna

The sub-committee was initiated on 22nd January at the Committee Meeting and as the appointed head, I did called for a meeting and requested each phase to nominate a representative, not necessary from the main committee. Our 1st meeting with Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral's representatives was held on 11th February, 2009 in which was discussed matters raise in previous meetings by the main committee with KSS (under previous manager). Due to the fast approaching AGM, all present agreed that the sub-com should concentrate and come out with an acceptable contract to be recommended to residents to sign with KSS. Mr. Vinutharajan agreed to email the draft to all the sub-commiittee asap and prior to the next meeting set on 25th February, 2009. The said meeting was postponed as the draft was not ready and Mr. Vinutharajan email me and assured that he will present the draft by 8th March but till today, yet to receive.

Banjit said...

All along I refused to pay for the security charges of RM40 as it is wrong in principal. In the absence of a contract detailing mutual obligations, such payment is same as paying "protection money" and I cannot subscribe to such a thing.

Residents might as well contribute the RM40 to our good fellow officers at the Police Station and will definitely get better service in the form of patrol cars with 2 armed officers. Only problem is it is illegal to engage legal officers and the MACC may pay us a visit.

I will definitely pay the RM40 once I am a party to a contract.

Azli said...

Paying residents are a generous lot for contributing without any hesitation or questioning. Thank you.
Have BBRA held any get together with the police officers at the Bandar Botanic Police Station or the committee members or residents had any teh tarik outing with them to better know one another. Have residents contributed to the Police Welfare Fund? Lets also show our generosity to those uniformed staff that many of us depend on for protection or do we just take them for granted.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Azli, I have visited the Bukit Tinggi Police Station Opening Ceremony Day and have signed their Visitor's Book meant only for Police Officers all over the country. The BBRA President Mr John Lim also signed as I saw his name there in their honourable book, first on the list. However, I did not met him there. A kind Police Woman also help me take a picture (with my camera) while I was signing. I then have a chat with some of the Police Inspectors and personnels there. Later I was invited for Lunch.

Azli said...

Andrew, you miss the point I was trying to make. Attending the Bkt Tinggi Police Station opening ceremony and signing the visitors book is not what I meant. I am sure many other residents were there too.
Did you or John or any other committee members visited our own Bandar Botanic Police Station or mesra with the officers manning the station. May be we all better wait until the police here organise an opening ceremony day and lay out their visitors book. Get what I mean?
BBRA and BB residents should take the initiative and mesra with the officers, accept them as part of BB community and in return will enjoy much better co-operation and assistance from the officers. As it is the police seem to be isolated and in an island of their own, thanks to the close and unfriendly design.

Lim said...

Its a grand idea and BBRA must take the lead to organise a get together between residents of BB and their local policemen. Such a gathering will foster better understanding and co-operation between both parties. In all honesty, the people responsible should remove the unfriendly blue steel cladding surrounding and hiding the police station.

Lets stay focus on the issue in hand - the security contract. All paying residents must insist that such a contract be in place to protect against the negligence and or failure of the company in providing adequate services. It is only proper for residents to pay for services rendered and at the same time expect the protection and peace of mind.

Andrew Sum said...

Dear Azli, no I have not. Thanks for the good idea.

Sunny Ho said...

Hi guys, actually what Azli proposed is a good idea. I tried to get to know the police myself a few times, but when I was there, usually there is nobody there. Sometimes the front gate is locked. Maybe my timing is not right but then again...........

Andersson said...

Azli, Andrew, Lim & Sunny,

I fully agreed with you all that its a grand idea to have a get together between residents and personnel at the Bandar Botanic Police Station. They do have a nice compound and adjacent open area to hold such an occasion. I am sure Township Management will be most happy to be involved. Over to you BBRA Committee. It will not require much effort to organise such an event. At least one for the road ... ahem .. before the AGM perhaps!

Ben Phang said...

Dear Residents,

The sub-committe's report was submitted to the main committee on 29th March, 2009 and accordingly since an AGM is scheduled for 19th April, 2009 the sub-committee on security was disolved.

Thank you.